Can You Freeze Lychees? – How To Preserve Lychees In The Freezer? – Tips to Store Lychees

Can You Freeze Lychees?: Absolutely yes, lychees can be frozen with a little precaution and adherence to certain steps which will yield desired results for you. It is a well-known fact that lychees are one of the most loved fruits on this planet. But, sadly it is available for a limited time in the market, hence you can stock a large batch of lychees or as per your need for future consumption.

Through this article, we shall walk you through the important facts that will be of great use when you lychees at your home!

Can You Freeze Lychees

Can You Freeze Lychees?

Yes, the juicy, succulent, aromatic, and sweet fruit can be stored by freezing. The necessary steps involved in freezing lychees are explained in this article. Some related information regarding the freezing process is also covered which will be beneficial to freeze lychees at home.

Overall, if the right method is followed for freezing lychees, you can expect desired results with less wastage and savings of time and money too.

How To Freeze Lychees?

Freezing lychees are easy and convenient too. Follow the steps below to freeze them well in the right manner.

  • Always pick the best ones for freezing. Remove and clean the fragments of twigs, leaves, and other plant matter but ensure not to peel off the skin.
  • Once your lychees are ready to be frozen, portion them into ziplock bags. Remove the extra air present inside the bags to retain the freshness of the lychees for a longer period and prevent the bag from bursting.
  • Finally, the lychees are ready to be frozen in the freezing chamber. Do not place anything above the lychees to keep them in good condition till they are consumed.

Tips To Freeze Lychees

There are some important tips to be followed while freezing lychees, below are some of the listed:

  • Do not slice

The most important part of freezing lychees is to avoid slicing or cutting the fruit. It results in loss of moisture and is not recommended as lychees contain a huge seed inside them that is encapsulated with the lychee.

  • Thaw before use

Once the lychees are frozen, thaw them by storing them in the fridge overnight. Through this, you can get a softer texture from the lychees instead of consuming it directly.

  • Retain the skin

Never ever remove the skin of lychees when you are planning to freeze them. The skin retains moisture and holds the entire fruit by providing a shield from other elements.

How Long Do Lychees Last In The Freezer?

Lychees can be frozen for 6 months to the maximum. They contain a lot of water within them and that way it becomes easier for the infestation to occur. But we advise consuming the frozen lychees as early as possible as the quicker it is consumed, the better it tastes. Also, the texture of lychees is in the desired shape.

How Do You Thaw Lychees?

It entirely depends on what are you planning to do with the lychees. Frozen lychees can be thawed overnight to be consumed raw. Another way is to peel off the skin and remove the seed to use for smoothies and juices too.

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Can You Refreeze Lychees?

Refreezing lychees is usually not recommended as it leads to making the fruit soggier. The best choice would be to portion the lychees as you need them. This will make the wastage down to zero and prevent further refreezing of lychees.

Do Lychees Freeze Well?

Yes, lychees freeze really well and can stay frozen for almost 6 months. But the right process of freezing lychees should be followed. Also, don’t be surprised if you find the outer skin of the lychees turning yellow after freezing. Once you remove the peel, you will be surprised to find the inner part completely fine and juicy to eat.

Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Lychees

1. How long do lychees last in the fridge?

The fresh lychees will stay good for 1 week in the fridge.

2. Can you freeze peeled lychees?

Yes, you can freeze peeled lychees, but it is likely to get dry after some days. And you will not get the desired texture as you wanted.

3. What does frozen lychee taste like?

The frozen lychee taste like fruit-flavoured ice cream.

4. How do you preserve lychees?

Keep lychee in the refrigerator at 5°C. Store them in a plastic bag and place in the fridge.

Key Takeaways

Now, freezing lychees will no more be an unknown fact. The dos and don’ts given in the article if correctly followed can give the best results. So, whenever you plan to freeze lychees at your home, do not worry if you can undergo the steps given. This will turn your time and efforts into productive solutions.

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