Can you Freeze African Peanut Soup? – How to Freeze African Peanut Soup With Vegetable And Chicken?

Can You Freeze African Peanut Soup?: The African peanut soup is a fantastic blend of seasonings and herbs. It is the ideal soup on a chilly winter’s night to warm you up. What is better, it is also filled with protein.

Peanut soup can also be considered a healthy lunch alternative when you are on the go. In this article, I will explain to you precisely about can you freeze peanut soup, and how to freeze African peanut soup so that you can relish it all year round.

Can You Freeze African Peanut Soup

Can You Freeze African Peanut Soup? How Long Can African Peanut Soup be Frozen?

Yes, the African peanut soup can be frozen for almost 5 months. Mostly African peanut soup is cooked as a vegetarian dish. So it is completely safe to freeze. But, if you are adding chicken you will have to abide by a few more precautions.

How To Freeze African Peanut Soup

The African peanut soup freezes extremely well so the good news is that you can have it all year round. Here are the steps to follow to freeze the soup to maintain its best flavor.

  • When the soup is cooked, cool it down to room temperature (it might take 2-3 hours). Transfer it to another large bowl with a proper surface space and set it aside, so the soup cools fast. Use a paper towel to cover the soup while it cools down.
  • After the soup has cooled down, separate it into needed portion sizes. If frozen as one batch, the entire batch needs to defrost. So this is perfect when scooping it out for the lunch.
  • Use freezer-safe bags or any good-quality containers for the soup. Use two freezer bags or cover the containers with plastic covers to prevent the soup from taking odors from the freezer.
  • This also ensures the preferred flavor of the soup is maintained. If concerned regarding space, then maybe use individual bags and then put them in a container letting them freeze.
  • After separating the soup into the needed portion sizes, make a note on the containers or bags by adding the date. Place them in the freezer letting them freeze for the needed time.

How To Freeze African Peanut Soup with Chicken

When chicken pieces are added to your African peanut soup, then you can observe the exact steps summarized above. But, make sure to move the soup to the freezer within four days from the date of cooking.

Soups that contain only vegetables can stay in the fridge for almost a week before freezing. Whereas to confirm the meat is preserved safely, you must move meat-based food time to the freezer as fast as you can.

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Tips to Follow When Freezing African Peanut Soup

Since you have learned the steps to freeze peanut soup, I have got a few tips that I firmly suggest observing  to get the best results while freezing African peanut soup:

  • Garnish After Thawing

When cooking African peanut soup with the intent of freezing it, then it is the best idea to skip the herbs aside. It can be added when reheating it. Herbs might go bad when you freeze them, so add the herbs later to obtain the expected taste from the peanut soup.

  • Even Distribution

While separating the peanut soup into different portions, ensure to ladle all the ingredients present in it evenly. So all the divided portions are as delicious as the following!

  • Vegetarian Soup

If the peanut soup is a vegetarian version, it can be in the fridge for almost a week before moving it to the freezer. This is perfect when planning to consume it within a week. So, you need not worry about freezing and the thawing process. But, any food with meat, must be moved to the freezer within four days.

How To Defrost African Peanut Soup?

When defrosting the African peanut soup the best way to follow is by removing the needed portion you like to defrost the previous night from the freezer and placing it in the refrigerator.

It can be then reheated once it has all melted down. If in a hurry, it can be defrosted either using the microwave on defrost settings or on the stove on low heat to heat it.

If the recipe has chicken, take a few extra precautions when defrosting the peanut soup. Never let the chicken peanut soup thaw on the counter. If using the microwave to defrost, be aware to consume the soup immediately after thawing.

If the soup is left in the refrigerator to defrost, it usually takes a whole day to soften, so give it enough time. It can be left in the fridge the previous day enjoying it.

Can African Peanut Soup be Refrozen

Yes, it is completely fine to refreeze a vegetarian African peanut soup. Yet, to prevent bearing to refreeze peanut soup, ensure you divide the peanut soup into needed portions before putting them in the freezer.

Also, it is safe to refreeze chicken peanut if it has been thawed within their shelf life. Just make sure to refreeze chicken-based dishes that have been defrosted only in the refrigerator.

FAQs on Can You Freeze African Peanut Soup

1. Can You Freeze African Peanut Soup in Tupperware?

To ensure spillages do not happen, then using Tupperware to freeze the peanut soup is the most promising method to follow. But, the unfavorable part here is that it might take more space in the freezer when compared to freezer bag use.

2. What type of Peanut Butter to Use?

Noth smooth and crunchy peanut butter can be sued, but stick to raw peanut butter without additional ingredients for the most promising results.

3. Can I add different veggies?

Yes, vegetables like zucchini or courgette can be added, but the classic recipe tends to incorporate collard greens. So, simply just swap out a few veggies which is no big problem

Key Takeaways

We hope that the article gives you enough information on whether can you freeze guavas. As seen above, African peanut soup can freeze really well. Also, it does not need any special attention or process to obtain the most satisfactory results.

Just allow it to cool down and pack it in separate portions to enjoy it all year round. For more interesting articles like can you freeze stuffing, and many more, you can check out our website.


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