Can You Freeze Fruit Pies? – How To Freeze Baked & Unbaked Fruit Pies

Can You Freeze Fruit Pies: Fruit pies are a wonderful winter staple that many people find difficult to live without. Consider baking fruit pies ahead of time and freezing them if you have a lot of fruit on hand. But is that even doable?

Look into the article and know can you freeze fruit pies along with some other information like how to freeze fruit pies and defrost them in this article.


Can You Freeze Fruit Pies?

Yes, you can freeze fruit pies for up to four months. Unbaked pies can be stored in a freezer bag for four months. A cooked pie can also be frozen for three months; it is best defrosted overnight at room temperature.

Do Fruit Pies Freeze Well?

Yes, fruit pies do indeed freeze extremely well. In general, pastry freezes exceptionally well because of its low water content and saturated flour. Because pastry is dense and the flour is saturated with the pastry’s fat content, it won’t absorb moisture too rapidly and won’t freeze as well as other flour-based foods.

How To Freeze Fruit Pies?

You have the following top choices for freezing fruit pies: They can be frozen either baked or unbaked:

Freeze Baked Fruit Pies

Making sure a cooked fruit pie is completely cool to the touch is the first step in making sure you can freeze it well and for a long period.

  • Transfer the pie to the tin into a freezer bag once it has completely cooled. We suggest using a gallon-sized freezer bag because it will have plenty of space to spare around the pie itself for an average-sized pie.
  • Press out any extra air before securing the bag, taking care not to harm the pie or the pastry.
  • You won’t know what kind of fruit pie you’ve frozen until you clearly label the bag with the information. After that, put it in the freezer, where it will keep for three months.

Freeze Unbaked Fruit Pies

If you want the aroma of freshly made pie to linger in your home in the future, this is a terrific approach for freezing fruit pies. This procedure also lowers the possibility of scorching the pastry.

  • To prepare a pie for freezing, just put it together as if you were preparing to put it in the oven. Pies are typically made with a pastry case, fruit, and a pie top with a crimped edge.
  • Use an egg wash to smooth the pie’s top. Egg washes continue to freeze really nicely.
  • Transfer the entire assembly—including the pie dish—into a freezer bag.
  • Carefully remove any extra air from the freezer bag without harming the pie. After that, completely seal the bag and label it with the contents, including the fruit variety of course.
  • Put it in the freezer, where it will freeze and remain edible for up to three months.

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How Long Can Fruit Pies Be Frozen?

Whether you bake fruit pies before freezing them will affect how long you can store them in the freezer. Before the crust gets too soggy from freezer burn and condensation, a pie that has been baked before freezing can be kept in the freezer for three months.

Since baking can dry up the pastry, an unbaked pie can be frozen for a little while longer. Therefore, you have a total of 4 months to freeze an unbaked pie.

How Can Fruit Pies Be Defrosted?

Your best bet for defrosting an unbaked fruit pie is to place it directly in the oven after being frozen. Your oven should be preheated at about 425F/220C. After about 20 minutes, lower the heat to 375F/190C and continue baking the pie for an additional 40 to 45 minutes.

A baked pie should be left uncovered overnight on the counter at room temperature to defrost. It will effectively defrost as a result of this, and any condensation or meltwater will evaporate.

Can Fruit Pies Be Refrozen?

Fruit pies can indeed be refrozen. Refreezing presents a number of challenges, chief among them the possibility that the water content would expand and weaken the structure of other components. Although there isn’t much water in a fruit pie’s pastry, there is a lot of sugar in the fruit’s juice. Ice-related swelling is therefore not a major problem.

Tips For Freezing Fruit Pies

The following tips will come in handy while freezing fruit pies.

  • Make sure the bag is tightly sealed. Condensation and frost will enter the bag you’re sealing the fruit pie in if it isn’t entirely sealed. This would be detrimental to the pie since the pastry would absorb the moisture, creating a mushy pastry case—not ideal for any pie, but particularly unfavorable for a homemade one.
  • Don’t stuff the pie too much. It can be dangerous to overfill the pie pan because the pie may end up being too big to fit inside the bag you have on hand. So, until you get the swing of things and understand the general correct size for the bags you’re using, be a little conservative.
  • Prior to baking it, wait to cut slits in the top. By making slits in the crust, you can transfer moisture from the pie’s interior to its exterior. This would be detrimental since it would result in a soggy crust, which is undesirable in any pie you would consume.

FAQs Related To Freezing Fruit Pies

1. Can Fruit Pie Crust Be Frozen?

Dough for pies can be frozen. The dough should be rolled out into a circle as usual. After a little dusting of flour, wrap with cling film. Once it has been wrapped, carefully bag it and put it in the freezer, making sure it stays flat.

2. Can Fruit Pie Fillings Be Frozen?

You can freeze the filling if you don’t want to freeze the assembled pie. With your preferred spices, stew apples, rhubarb, or plums before letting them cool. After cooling, portion out, seal, and store in freezer bags.

3. Can Store-bought fruit pies be frozen?

Yes, the majority of fruit pies purchased from a store can be frozen. Check the box, though, as some may specify that the pie is not appropriate for home freezing.

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