Can You Freeze Breadfruit? – Top 10 Breadfruit Freezing Methods – How To Store Breadfruit After Frozen?

Can You Freeze Breadfruit: A kind of flowering tree related to the jackfruit and mulberry families called breadfruit is said to have its origins in New Guinea, the Philippines, and the Maluku Islands. Another variety is the African Breadfruit.

It can be candied, sautéed, mashed, pickled, fried, and roasted. It is quite adaptable. What should you do with any remaining breadfruit, though? And how ought one to keep it?

This article is about whether can you freeze uncooked breadfruit or cooked breadfruit, how yo.freeze breadfruit, how to defrost breadfruit frozen, how to cook frozen breadfruit, etc. Read on.

Can You Freeze Breadfruit

Does Breadfruit Freeze Well?

Yes! Breadfruit does freeze well and stays for 6 months in the freezer. After which it can be thawed and put into use. However, make sure to cook the breadfruit before freezing to preserve it well. With breadfruit, you may prepare delectable and nourishing meals that can be frozen and consumed later.

How To Freeze Breadfruit?

Follow the given steps to freeze breadfruit.

  • Cook Breadfruit: Your breadfruit can be cooked, steamed, fried, or added to a recipe where it will be cooked all the way through in some way
  • Cool Completely: Before freezing your breadfruit or breadfruit meal, it is imperative that it cools completely. Any heated object put into a freezer will experience a drop in temperature, which can have an impact on other foods.
  • Take a Tray: Place the breadfruit pieces on a prepared baking pan if you are only freezing individual portions.
  • Flash Freeze: Flash freezing should be done for a few hours with the tray in the freezer.
  • Bag: The frozen breadfruit pieces can now be placed in containers or airtight freezer-safe bags. You can also use cooked breadfruit if you’ve prepared a dish using it.
  • Freeze: Place the bags or containers in the freezer, where they should be kept for three to six months.

Can You Freeze Raw Breadfruit?

No, freezing raw breadfruit must be avoided to avoid a sappy-like flavor when thawed. The breadfruit must be cooked, steamed, boiled, or fried before freezing.

Can Breadfruit Be Refrozen?

No. Breadfruit cannot be refrozen. If the thawed breadfruit is frozen again all the taste and texture deteriorate and become spongy and unpleasant to eat. When you have some frozen breadfruit, start thinking of some meals that could make creative use of it because it is best to use it up sooner rather than later.

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How Long Can Breadfruit Be Frozen?

For a period of three to six months, breadfruit can be frozen on its own. This may be cut short if you’re including cooked breadfruit in a dish because it relies on the other items you used. Always mark the breadfruit or dish with the date you have frozen it so you know how much time it has been stored in the freezer.

How To Thaw Frozen Breadfruit?

The best way to thaw frozen breadfruit, whether you consume it alone or in a dish, is in the refrigerator. Breadfruit slices or a container should be taken out of the freezer and put in the refrigerator. If using separate pieces of breadfruit, let it thaw overnight to make sure it is completely defrosted before adding it to any recipe.

How To Use Thawed Breadfruit?

Fried: After drying, the thawed breadfruit is sliced extremely thinly. The slices are cooked similarly to how potato fries or plantain chips are done. They need around 10 minutes to become nicely crisp (the frying time depends on how thick the slices are).

Boiled: After being cleaned, the pieces are put in salted, boiling water. The breadfruit may need 15 to 30 minutes to soften thoroughly. The pieces are strained, rinsed, and served after becoming soft. Similar to how boiled potatoes are used, boiled breadfruit can be mashed.

Breadfruit pie: You must prepare and boil the breadfruit before making breadfruit pie. When soft, it can be mashed similarly to how boiling potatoes are. Add flavor and seasoning to the mashed breadfruit, sprinkle cheese on top, and bake until the cheese has melted and a gorgeous golden crust has formed.

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Tips For Freezing Breadfruit

Following are a few tips that come in handy while freezing breadfruit.

  • Don’t freeze uncooked breadfruit as it might take on a sappy flavor when thawed after freezing it raw.
  • It is best to steam the breadfruit as steaming deactivates enzymes in the breadfruit that otherwise digest important nutrients and antioxidants when the fresh fruit ages.
  • Freezing breadfruit after steaming is beneficial as it locks nutrients as a dip in temperature slows down the breakdown of nutrients in the fruit.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Breadfruit

1. Can breadfruit be frozen raw?

No, breadfruit must not be frozen raw as it leaves a sappy unpleasant flavor on the fruit. It is best to steam the breadfruit or else cooking, frying, or boiling is advisable.

2. Can frozen breadfruit be fried?

Frozen breadfruit can be fried but only after it has defrosted fully in the refrigerator.

3. Can frozen breadfruit be defrosted in the microwave?

No, it is advisable to thaw the frozen breadfruit in the refrigerator and not in the microwave or over the counter. Thawing the breadfruit in the fridge ensures that the flavors are sustained.

4. How to preserve uncooked breadfruit?

You can store uncooked breadfruit using the drying method. All you have to do is peel and cut the 1cm thick-sized slices of fruit and dry them in the sun or in a food dryer for 4 days at 120°F. You can even preserve them in the refrigerator. Chilled or frozen bread fruit can soon deteriorate if left at room temperature so make note of it.

5. How to preserve fresh breadfruit?

You can preserve fresh breadfruit in two methods. One is drying as explained before and the second one is fermentation.

6. Can you freeze uncooked breadfruit?

No, freezing uncooked breadfruit can lead to changing its flavor to ‘sappy’ after defrosting.

7. How long to boil breadfruit?

The whole breadfruit can be boiled for up to 30-40 minutes or till the breadfruit wedges are fork tender.


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