Can You Freeze Starfruit? – How To Preserve Star Fruit In Freezer?

Can You Freeze Starfruit: The unusual and delicious starfruit is one of the most popular options available for those seeking a tropical hit. In addition to its gorgeous color and shape, this fruit is exceptional among fruits for its mild, tart flavor. But if you have bought more star fruits to home on sale, you may get one question in mind how can you keep it stored for a long time? can you freeze starfruit?

In this article, you will get all information about freezing starfruit, defrosting them, and much more about starfruit.

Can You Freeze Star Fruit

Can You Freeze Star Fruit?

Yes, star fruit can be frozen for up to three months. The star fruit can be frozen after being sliced into slices. You can move them to an airtight container when they have frozen solid. As an alternative, you might make a paste out of the star fruit and freeze it in ice cube trays.

Does Star Fruit Freeze Well?

Starfruit does, in a certain sense, freeze well. Slices of star fruit keep well in the freezer and can be kept for up to three months. However, they cannot be frozen again after thawing. Star fruit paste freezes very well and keeps for up to three months when kept in an airtight container. When divided into cubes, it freezes nicely and can be used in smoothies or other blended drinks to add a fruity, intriguing flavor.

How To Freeze Slices of Star Fruit?

This is the method to use when freezing star fruit if you want to utilize huge chunks of it in desserts:

  • The star fruit needs to be cut into pieces first. Thankfully, the fruit doesn’t require peeling, so you can simply cut slices from the fruit’s actual flesh. Try to aim for slices that are two to three centimeters thick.
  • Make sure that no two slices of the star fruit contact as you spread them out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or tinfoil. It would be incredibly frustrating if the slices started to freeze together if they were in contact.
  • Place the baking sheets in the freezer with the star fruit on them, and let them freeze for about four hours. It shouldn’t take more than four hours for them to complete.
  • Slices should be completely frozen before being transferred to an airtight container. After doing so, the slices will last for around three months. To prevent the star fruit from absorbing the freezer’s plastic flavor, the container needs to be airtight.

How To Freeze Paste Of Star Fruit?

If you want to only provide the flavor of star fruit in a dish such as a smoothie then star fruit can be made into a paste and frozen into cubes using the method given below. 

  • Firstly, slice up the star fruit and put the pieces in a blender. Pulse until there is a rough pulp and then blend until a smooth paste is formed.
  • Pour the paste into a tray of ice cubes and leave a little space to accommodate the expansion of the liquid as it freezes so that it does not spill.
  • Transfer the cubes into an airtight container after they have frozen into hard ice. They will stay usable for three months.

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How Long Can Star Fruit Be Frozen?

Star fruit can be frozen for up to 3 months. Though the star fruit is stored in an air-tight container it still has some air in it. The air causes freezer burn after three months. However, star fruit can be frozen for more than three months if it is vacuum sealed. But as the hardware required for vacuum sealing is expensive and not available readily, it is not advisable.

Tips For Freezing Star Fruit

The following tips will come in handy while freezing star fruit

  • Keep the frozen star fruit paste or slices in an air-tight container as starfruit can absorb any odor and hence can catch on the plastic odor of the freezer.
  • Slices that are touching one another should not be frozen together because this could cause them to become stuck, which would be very annoying afterward.
  • If the fruit is ripe, try not to pound it around too much since crushed flesh can give your other slices of star fruit in the airtight container a bad smell.
  • Keep in mind that star fruit doesn’t require deseeding or skinning. Before freezing it, if you do either of those things, you are merely squandering the fruit that you are discarding.

How Is Frozen Star Fruit Defrosted?

The ideal approach to defrosting frozen fruit is to be careful with it; if you are too hasty or rough, the fruit will lose its texture and the result will be inferior. The fruit should be put into a plastic bag that can be sealed. Once it is in the bag, submerge the bag in warm water that is yet cool enough for your hand to be comfortably submerged. Until the star fruit has thawed, change the warm water at an interval of twenty minutes.

Can Star Fruit Be Refrozen?

No, star fruit slices cannot be refrozen, however, star fruit paste may. This is due to the fact that star fruit slices have a lot of water in them, and as the water freezes and thaws, it ruins the texture of the slices, making them less tasty. This issue doesn’t arise with star fruit paste because mixing has already ruined the texture. Therefore, even if the refreezing process was tried, it couldn’t harm the star fruit texture.

FAQs Related To Can You Freeze Star Fruit

1. How long do star-fruits keep in the refrigerator?

In the refrigerator, star fruit will keep for about a week. For a maximum of 2 to 3 days, they can also be left out at room temperature in a fruit bowl.

2. How can frozen star fruit be used?

Star fruit that has been frozen and then defrosted won’t work well in a fruit salad, unfortunately. Instead, include them in smoothies, pastries, or as a drink garnish.

3. Can star fruit be refrozen?

Yes and no. If your star fruit is frozen as slices it can’t be frozen again after defrosting but if the star fruit is frozen in paste form it can be refrozen. This is because refreezing the slices will destroy the texture of the fruit completely.

Key Takeaways

Hope we have furnished enough information about whether can you freeze star fruit and how to freeze star fruit. If you need any more information feel free to comment below and our expert team will address your query shortly. For more information on freezing fruits and vegetables like can you freeze rambutan and many more can visit our website


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