Can you Freeze Gooseberries? – Process of Freezing Gooseberries – Tips for Thawing Gooseberries

Can you Freeze Gooseberries?: Of course, you can freeze gooseberries not for months but for 2 long years if only you freeze them well. As the fruit is seasonal and is available for purchase for a limited time period, many prefer freezing it. So, we present you with the best method to freeze gooseberries.

The article states the various steps involved in freezing gooseberries, tips to freeze them properly, whether can they be refrozen, and much other information that will prove useful for freezing gooseberries at home.

Can You Freeze Gooseberries

Can You Freeze Gooseberries?

Yes, gooseberries can be frozen for a longer duration. If you plan to buy a large batch of gooseberries and store them for the coming season, it is the right time to settle for the same. Due to their long lifespan, it becomes easier to store them for years. We will elaborate on how well gooseberries can be frozen by following the process and shed light on the other aspects of freezing too. So, let’s get started with the topic now!

Process To Freeze Gooseberries Perfectly

Freezing gooseberries is one of the easiest and most productive options to get desired results. The first thing to consider before starting the freezing process, collect fully ripened gooseberries for freezing. Once you are settled with the ripened gooseberries clarify for what purpose you are going to use the frozen gooseberries. If you plan to use the same for desserts, you can probably skip some steps.


Wash and rinse the gooseberries thoroughly. Allow them to dry on a towel or a clean cloth. This step will remove the excess moisture present on the surface of the gooseberries.

Spread on a Tray and Freeze

Spread the dried gooseberries on a tray leaving gaps in between each of them. Now place the tray containing the gooseberries inside the freezer. This is done to prevent the gooseberries from getting stuck to each other. Keep the tray inside the freezer for about 1-2 hours.


Once the gooseberries are frozen, portion them into separate bags. It depends on how many gooseberries you require for your use. Accordingly, portion the frozen gooseberries into separate ziplock bags.


Label the ziplock bags with the date and contents to keep track of the usage of the gooseberries.


After labeling the zip lock bags, place them again in the freezer for final freezing.


Shake the zip lock bags after an hour to ensure the semi-frozen gooseberries are intact, frozen, and separate from each other.

Tips To Follow While Freezing Gooseberries

Certain tips and hacks make the process of freezing easy and convenient. Here we bring in some vital points that should be kept in mind while freezing the gooseberries.

Freezing twice

It’s quite important to freeze the gooseberries twice as it prevents the sticking of the gooseberries together. The first freezing is done soon after drying and thereafter the complete freezing after portioning the frozen gooseberries.


Labeling the portioned gooseberries in the zip lock bags is quite essential to check the physical condition of the frozen gooseberries. It also helps in restricting mixups with other products.

Shake before freezing

After the gooseberries are placed for freezing, they are shaken after some time to ensure that they are separate and do not stick to each other.

How Long Can You Freeze Gooseberries?

Gooseberries can stay well for almost 2 years if frozen properly and meant to use for the preparation of pies. They should be frozen in individual resealable bags. Otherwise, when they are rolled in sugar for inclusion in a snack, they are consumable for a year.

Thawing Process of Gooseberries

Keep the frozen gooseberries overnight in the fridge and they are good to use by the next morning. In case you don’t have much time to go through the entire process, place the frozen gooseberries in cold water until they are ready to be used. While using them for smoothies, cakes, or pies, use them directly from the freezer.

Can You Refreeze Gooseberries?

Yes, gooseberries can be refrozen as and when needed but as a word of caution, we recommend avoiding refreezing them. The more they have undergone the process, the more they become mushy and lose their texture.

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Do Gooseberries Freeze Well?

Gooseberries freeze really well, but the effort should be put to freeze them in the best way possible so that they can be brought to use after freezing. We have given the entire process of freezing the gooseberries in the section above.

Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Gooseberries

1. Can you freeze gooseberries uncooked?

Yes, gooseberries can be frozen raw as it doesn’t involve any additional steps to cook or blanch before freezing it.

2. Do you wash gooseberries before freezing?

Yes, wash gooseberries before freezing them. Spread them on a baking tray and freeze.

3. Do I need to top and tail gooseberries before freezing?

You can freeze whole gooseberries without topping and tailing if you want.

4. Are Frozen gooseberries good?

Yes, frozen gooseberries are good if you follow the right freezing process.


Freezing gooseberries is a simple yet tactical process that needs a good knowledge of the freezing process. The important points that one should bear in one’s mind before freezing have been detailed above. If you have planned to stock gooseberries for the coming year or more, go ahead with your planning as we shall be mentoring you to get your desired product.

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