Can you Freeze Stewed Apples? – How to Freeze Stewed Apples? – Defrosting Stewed Apples

Can you Freeze Stewed Apples?: Yes, you can freeze stewed apples at your home. If you are one among those who ended up with a large sum of peeled, stewed apples in your kitchen without having the slightest idea about what to do next. This article shall prove to be a savior for you!

In this article, we shall discuss the steps involved in this freezing process, tips to keep in mind while freezing, how to defrost it after it has been frozen, and lastly some frequently asked questions that will add to your knowledge.

Can you Freeze Stewed Apples

Can You Freeze Stewed Apples?

Yes, stewed apples can be frozen for roughly six months provided you have followed the correct procedure. There are some easy and simple hacks to freeze stewed apples. So, whenever you have in excess of stewed apples in your kitchen, do not fall into a fix, it can be frozen.

Best Ways of Freezing Stewed Apples

The very first thing to do while freezing stewed apples is to allow them to cool to room temperature. Once they are cooled to room temperature it helps in better freezing as the temperature of heated foods alters the internal temperature of the freezer. Now, follow the steps below to freeze the stewed apples the right way.


First things first, decide how much you can consume in one sitting and accordingly portion the stewed apples. Place them inside zip-lock bags for convenience of consumption.


While placing these zip lock bags inside the freezer, try to spread the stewed apples as they might accumulate on one side while placing them inside it.

Label and seal

Label the zip lock bags carefully with the date and contents inside, remove excess air from the bags, and seal it.


It’s the ultimate step to freeze the zip lock bags containing the stewed apples. Make sure not to place any heavier stuff above the zip-lock bags.

Tips For Freezing Stewed Apples

There are easy quick tips to keep in mind while freezing stewed apples.

  • Pick fresh

Always pick the freshly stewed apples for getting the best results and avoid older ones. As the unused stewed apples attract a lot of contaminants and thus it is wiser to pick the fresh ones only.

  • Portion judiciously

Never think of refreezing the stewed apples as they cannot be refrozen in the same texture. Hence, plan your palate quantity with a proper estimate to minimize the loss.

  • Flavor it

Flavor the stewed apples with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, etc. This will add to the longevity of the food and provide a great experience altogether when you consume it.

Do Know

Shelf Life of Stewed Apples in The Freezer

Stewed apples can be frozen as long as for six months. Beyond that, it losses its nutritional value and taste too. But, we advise that you consume it as early as possible to experience a good taste and texture too.

How To Defrost Stewed Apples?

Defrosting stewed apples is best when done slowly. Place the frozen stewed apples in the fridge overnight and they shall be ready in the next 12 hours. If you are running short of time, place the frozen stewed apple bag inside the water at room temperature, this will quicken the process of defrosting.

Can We Refreeze Stewed Apples?

Practically it is possible to refreeze the stewed apples but they will lose their texture completely. If you are planning to use the same for something like a smoothie, pie, or yogurt, it can be fine. But for other dishes where texture is important, it is not possible to retain the same after refreezing.

Do Stewed Apples Freeze Well?

Yes, stewed apples do freeze well and stay frozen for almost 6 months. The only concern is during the defrosting stage when you plan to bring it for use and it might lose its texture and might turn a bit mushy. But stewed apples are already mushy and soft.

Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Stewed Apples

1. How long can stewed apples be kept in the fridge?

The stewed apples last well for 1 week in the fridge.

2. Is it better to freeze apples cooked or raw?

It entirely depends on the purpose of your freezing. If you like to consume it raw, it is perfectly fine to freeze it without cooking it. In case you want a ready-made dish, it is better cooked and than frozen.

3. Can you freeze stewed apples with sugar?

Yes, you can freeze stewed apples containing sugar. Sugar acts as a natural preservative and it crystalizes quickly. When you take out the same for defrosting, place it overnight in the fridge for getting the best results.

4. Do apples lose nutrients when frozen?

The lower the temperature, the lesser the enzyme activity, hence fruits when frozen retain their freshness and nutritional value for a specified time period

Wrap Up

So, freezing stewed apples is no big deal for you now. As we had stated, the process is fairly simple and can be followed easily. Get a large stock of apples from the market, the share of apples that you want to preserve for future use can be stored in the safest way now. Also, the taste and texture of the apples remain uncompromised within this freezing process. Good luck with your next batch of stewed apples that you have planned or planning to buy.

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