Can You Freeze Strawberries? – Explore Methods & Tips On How To Freeze Strawberries?

Can You Freeze Strawberries?: One of the richest and healthiest fruits is the strawberry. People love to eat strawberries for breakfast or snacks or in the other way too. When you are obsessed with freshly harvested strawberries and want them to eat every day? Sometimes it’s not gonna happen.

Here comes the helpful solution ie, preserving strawberries for a longer time. Now you may think of how to freeze strawberries fresh, is it possible? We got you covered and researched on the same. So, here we have come up with our report on Can you freeze strawberries which includes everything about it.

Can You Freeze Strawberries

Can You Freeze Strawberries?

Yes, you can freeze strawberries and their shelf life gonna increase when you do that. As we all know that strawberry is a seasonal fruit and everyone enjoys it as much as they can in that period of time. Sometimes they felt missed to have them in other seasons as well but not anymore because there is a way to preserve them for other seasons as well.

Also, you can see almost all grocery stores preserve the strawberries in their freezer section. So it’s obviously perfect to freeze strawberries. Now, you have to gain knowledge about how much time strawberries can last in the freezer, What are the best ways of freezing and defrosting strawberries. Continue your read!!

How Long Can You Freeze Strawberries?

The answer to How long do fresh strawberries last in the freezer? is likely for about one year. Yes, you can enjoy frozen strawberries for a year but sometimes they may go under freezer burn. The reason for the freezer burn is not freezing them properly or sitting in the freezer for a longer time. For enjoying better & fresh quality frozen strawberries, make sure to eat them before their shelf life.

If you want to know How Long Do Strawberries Last In All Possible Ways then check out this informative article without fail.

How to Freeze Whole Strawberries Fresh?

One of the most standard methods of freezing strawberries is going to explain here in the steps. Let’s follow them carefully and enjoy the strawberries in the off-season as well:

  • Prepping the strawberries is the first step. After store-bought, wash all strawberries and remove the greens (hulls). Now, pat them dry means taking a cloth and placing the berries evenly and covering them with a paper towel to absorb the excess water and leave like that for 30 minutes. Check if they got dried nicely or not after half an hour if not, do it for some more time or clean the water with a paper towel by yourself before freezing.
  • Flash Freezing or Pre freezing is the next step. To do that, take a baking sheet or cookie sheet and place the berries in a layer individually without touching each other. After that, keep the sheet in the freezer for an hour or till they get frozen solid.
  • Storing & Freezing is the last step. Once they get frozen solid take them out and transfer them into freezer-safe bags or containers. Leave some space in the bag and seal it tightly. Also, remove the air from the bag before sealing and label the date on the bag or container. Finally, keep the strawberries for freezing in the freezer for upto a year.

Can You Freeze Strawberries

Steps on How to Freeze Strawberry Puree?

However, you have gained some knowledge about strawberries freezing now it’s time to learn how you can freeze strawberries puree. Let’s start:

  • Firstly, the prep and cleaning process of strawberries is the same as you do in whole strawberries freezing.
  • Now, take the dried fresh strawberries into a blender and blend them smooth like puree consistency.
  • With the help of a freezer-safe container, you can freeze the strawberry puree for about a year.
  • Finally, you are done with the freezing process of strawberry puree.

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What happens when you skip pre-freezing the strawberries?

If you miss the flash freezing steps then your strawberries will freeze in a clump and become difficult to scoop as many berries as you need at that time. You have to defrost the whole frozen strawberry bag at once. So, don’t skip the pre-freezing step while freezing the strawberries. Want to study how to thaw strawberries? Check the below module.

How to Defrost Frozen Strawberries?

There are three main ways to thaw your strawberries which are frozen in the state. They are as explained below:

At room temperature on the counter:

The last recommended method to defrost strawberries is letting them thaw at room temperature. This is an optional way because there is a chance to grow bacteria very easily. You can opt for this method of thawing when you are okay to use all the frozen ones at once. If you do it all at once then you can good to go with this approach.

In the fridge:

The most commonly used method to defrost every food item is keeping the frozen one in the fridge. Hence, you can also leave your strawberries to defrost in the fridge for hours or overnight or until they are ready to use. The recommended time is to refrigerate them overnight and use them in the morning.

In a cold bath:

One more method to defrost the strawberries is to toss the freezer bag in the cold water pot and wait for some time to thaw. This process is somewhat acceptable compared to letting sit at room temperature. Also, it thaws faster than at room temperature.

FAQs on Can you Freeze Strawberries Whole? | How To Freeze Strawberries for Smoothies?

1. What is the best way to freeze fresh strawberries?

The best and easiest method to freeze fresh strawberries is explained on our page explicitly. Just spend a moment to open and know what it is for enjoying fresh fruit after freezing also.

2. How do you freeze strawberries without them getting mushy?

Flash freezing is the recommended method to follow for freezing strawberries without getting them mushy after thawing. Need to know how to defrost them with better texture check out the instructions explained on our page.

3. Is it better to freeze strawberries whole or sliced?

Yes, it’s better to freeze strawberries whole or cut them. But mostly freezing them into two halves works best and can easily thaw and use them when you wish. Note down to remove the greens before freezing strawberries.

4. Do you wash strawberries before freezing?

Everyone gets confused when it comes to this question ie., Should strawberries be washed before freezing them? Our suggested answer is Yes, washing and drying strawberries thoroughly before freezing helps to avoid accumulating ice crystals in the freezer.

Final Outcomes

Strawberries stored in the freezer work well for preserving them for a longer time. The process of freezing strawberries is split into two ways whole and sliced. You can pick any of the methods as per your desire. After that check the steps to defrost them and enjoy the fresh strawberries whenever you require. Need anything else about strawberries freezing, prepping, defrosting, etc? you can always reach out to us via the comment section below.

We are glad to listen to your queries, feedback, suggestions, and everything related to Can You Freeze Strawberries and other fruits to improve our content quality and help needy people. If you are really excited about checking out our other food articles regarding freezing techniques do visit and find the latest updates on freezing & thawing food items.

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