Can You Freeze Fresh Turmeric? – 4 Tips to Freeze & Benefits of Freezing Turmeric

Can you Freeze Fresh Turmeric?: Turmeric is not simply a normal spice used in our meals to add color to our food. Moreover, turmeric is a sort of medicinal element that has its benefits.

Most of us either buy a packet of turmeric powder from the market or have roots available. However, at times we require fresh turmeric for cooking certain meals.

In addition, raw turmeric is also helpful for the skincare routine. To make all these occasions easy and the availability of fresh turmeric handy, we can think of freezing them for months.

Looking into the article, we have provided complete information like whether can you freeze fresh turmeric, how long can you freeze it, and many more.

Can You Freeze Fresh Turmeric

Can you Freeze Fresh Turmeric?- How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Turmeric?

Yes, you can freeze fresh turmeric for several months. However, in any case, if you want some fresh turmeric for recipes, it is better to keep them in pieces rather than the whole.

The slices of frozen turmeric will last for three months. You can also keep fresh turmeric for usage in the fridge and use them within 2 to 3 weeks.

So, if you have fewer fresh turmeric roots for usage, prefer keeping it in the fridge only. You can definitely use them within 2 weeks and can get the required color and flavor.

How to Freeze Fresh Turmeric?

Usually, turmeric preservation is easy by making it a paste or pickling it for use. However, if you need the same color and texture as fresh ginger, freezing them helps. Follow the below simple steps to freeze fresh turmeric easily at home.

Clean: The first step towards freezing fresh turmeric is to clean the roots of the turmeric. It is important to clean the roots because there will be bacteria in the roots along with the dust, which can disturb the freezing process. Any sort of root vegetable you freeze needs to be cleaned well.

Dry the Roots: Once you are done cleaning the roots with water, gently trim off the thinner layer of the turmeric roots. Now that you are done with the trimming process take some kitchen wax paper to dry the roots. Drying out the roots before freezing helps in keeping the frozen items intact.

Cut some slices: It is possible to freeze whole turmeric roots for months. However, it is always recommendable to cut them into slices for better results. It is beneficial to slice them before freezing because you do not have to defrost the whole root when required. For simple recipes, you simply require one or two slices of fresh turmeric.

Wrap it up: After making the slices, wrap the fresh turmeric slice with foil paper. The foil paper will prevent the frozen turmeric from causing a freezer burn. Freezer burn will change the taste of the turmeric along with its texture.

Place it in a bag: After applying the wrap of foil paper, place the covered turmeric slices in the freezer bag. Press out as much of the air as possible and then seal it.

Mark the date: During the final step of the process, label the packet with the first date of freezing. Use up the frozen fresh turmeric slices before the due date.

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What are the Tips for Freezing Fresh Turmeric?

Now, You are already aware of the freezing process of fresh turmeric. However, there are additionally a few tips that should be carried forward along the process. These tips will help in bringing out the best output. Check out the points below.

  • One of the helpful tips is that you can also choose to freeze turmeric paste with freezing fresh turmeric roots and slices. Turmeric paste can last up to 6 months when placed in the freezer and up to three weeks when kept in the fridge.
  • You can choose to place the paste in the ice cube tray for the initial freezing process. Once the cubes are frozen, you can shift them to a freezer bag to make some extra space for other things in the freezer.
  • You can instantly use up the paste turmeric cubes for any recipe you make.
  •  If you have less amount of fresh turmeric for cooking at home, choose to keep it in the fridge rather than in the freezer. It is because fresh turmeric can last in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.
  • If you do not have foil at home for wrapping up the cut slides of fresh turmeric, choose to wrap them up with a paper towel. This alternative is very beneficial for freezer burn issues.

How to Defrost Frozen Fresh Turmeric?

Well, the defrosting of frozen fresh turmeric is very easy. It is possible to use fresh frozen turmeric directly in most of the recipes without allowing them to defrost.

However, if you want to defrost a huge amount, you can allow the portion to rest in the fridge from the freezer for a good amount of time. Once the slices or whole fresh frozen turmeric roots are soft for usage, it is good to go.

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Can you Refreeze Fresh Frozen Turmeric?

No, we do not recommend re-freezing the turmeric.  If you keep on refreezing fresh turmeric, again and again, it will get its structure and taste spoiled.

Moreover, the color of the fresh frozen turmeric will become pale when refrozen. Therefore, it is always suggestible to take out only the required slices from the freezer bag at once.

What are the Benefits of Freezing Fresh Turmeric?

Here are some of the benefits that we have provided about freezing fresh turmeric.

  • As turmeric only grows in the winter season, freezing helps you to use fresh turmeric throughout the year.
  • During the off-season days, the cost of turmeric also increases due to the preservatives they use to keep them fresh. So if you have enough frozen food, you do not have to buy them at a high price.
  • Additionally, freezing turmeric also helps in solving health issues. Turmeric is used as a medicinal element for improving skin care. You can also use turmeric to increase the antioxidant progress in the body. Apart from these, turmeric comes with several other benefits for fitness.

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FAQs on How To Store Fresh Turmeric In Freezer

1. Is it an ideal choice to freeze fresh turmeric?

Yes, you can always end up freezing fresh turmeric for usage. You can chop them into slices for a better freezing result.

2. Should you peel off turmeric before freezing?

Yes, peeling off the turmeric before freezing is important. This is because the bacteria in the skin of the turmeric roots will disturb the freezing process.

3. Is it possible to freeze fresh turmeric juice?

Yes, freezing fresh turmeric juice is possible for 6 months. Simply make sure to shake the juice after defrosting it. The freezing process for the juice will make it thick, and all the crunch particles will settle down. Therefore, mixing all the elements well before drinking is important.

4. Is it possible to eat raw fresh turmeric?

Yes, raw turmeric is healthier than cooked ones. It comes with several fitness benefits for your body. Turmeric comes from the same family as that ginger, and therefore, you can consume it raw as well.

5. Is turmeric good for the skin?

Absolutely yes, turmeric is good for any type of skin. Turmeric brings a glow to your face and therefore is considered a natural cosmetic for brides.

Key Takeaways

Well, turmeric being a spice and a root plant is used not only for cooking but also for other aspects. The article has lined up all the ways that can help you to freeze fresh turmeric for further usage. Frozen turmeric will help you save time, energy, money, and so on.

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