Can You Freeze Harissa Paste – How Long Does Harissa Paste Last In The Freezer?

Can You Freeze Harissa Paste?: If you love spicy things, try Harissa paste, the traditional North African hot sauce. Well, yes, you can freeze the Harissa Paste. It has a spicy heat, a savory taste, and a crisp scent, and it is just outstanding. It is improbable that you will consume an entire jar of Harissa in a short time.

You may be interested in the answer to the question: Can harissa paste be frozen? Read on to find answers to this question as well as some other interesting things about Harissa paste.

Can You Freeze Harissa Paste

Can You Freeze Harissa Paste?

Yes, it is possible to freeze harissa paste without altering its texture or flavor. Since you usually integrate Harissa into a dish, the fact that the consistency of your Paste may fluctuate slightly when frozen is unimportant.

Because you will frequently incorporate Harissa into a recipe. The good news is that the flavor will not be dramatically altered, which is one reason freezing harissa paste is feasible.

How To Freeze Harissa Paste?

A dish for ice cubes will be useful here! However, it would help if you were careful that the deep red pigment in Harissa has the potential to stain your ice cube tray, so use an old or inexpensive ice cube tray rather than a silicone tray with decorative shapes:

  • Make ice cubes: Place a small amount of harissa paste in each compartment of an ice cube tray. After they are around 80% full, put a few drops of olive oil on top to complete the dish. You merely need to ensure that the lid is well shut. Therefore, your Harissa will be secure.
  • Wrap and Freeze: First, cover the tray with clingfilm, and then place the tray in the freezer.
  • Remove the cubes: After the ice cubes have completely frozen, they can be removed from the tray and placed immediately into a freezer bag. This will free up space in the tray and extend the cubes’ shelf life.

Tips For Freezing Harissa Paste

Follow these three procedures when freezing harissa paste for optimal results:

  • Cover With Oil: Adding a thin layer of olive oil to the top of the ice cube before freezing the harissa is one of the best techniques to avoid the harissa from becoming contaminated with air. This will eliminate the problem of Harissa’s paste going bad.
  • Utilize an Outdated Ice-Cube Tray: If you use harissa, your ice cube tray will be discolored and damaged. Because it will have a strong odor, you shouldn’t use it to take out ice for your favorite cocktail in the future.
  • Do not let it thaw: To use harissa in a tagine, stew, or soup, simply add a cube of frozen harissa to the meal you are creating.
  • It will almost immediately begin to melt. By following these tips, you will be able to store/freeze your Harissa paste in the best possible way.

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How Long Can You Freeze Harissa Paste?

The Harissa paste, or, roasted pepper paste is blended with native spices, the exact quantities of which may vary from household to household.

Every household has its unique recipe, which may have been fashioned out of personal preference or may utilize the pepper and seasonings that are readily available. Cumin, coriander, black pepper, garlic, and caraway seeds are frequently employed spices.

You can keep this paste in the freezer for up to one month. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t freeze the entire jar of harissa paste at once. Instead, portion it out into smaller servings and freeze it so that its unique characteristics, such as flavor, texture, and freshness, are preserved.

It is essential to keep in mind that the harissa paste must be kept in airtight containers when it is being stored. When stored in one batch of firmly covered, refrigerated containers, it will maintain its quality for a period of seven days.

How To Defrost Harissa Paste?

It is as easy to defrost Harissa paste as is to freeze it. If you need to use it thawed, such as in a yogurt dressing, you must allow it to defrost overnight in the refrigerator before using it.

If, on the other hand, you wish to include it in a dish you are preparing, such as a stew, you may place a frozen cube directly into a hot pan without letting it thaw first. It will just only a few minutes to reach room temperature!

You can also refreeze it, but you may notice that the flavor changes somewhat faster and the color becomes slightly less vibrant. Therefore, we recommend that you utilize the ice cube approach so that you may easily defrost and use a part of the frozen food at a time.

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How To Use Harissa Paste?

Harissa paste can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the most common and popular uses are listed below.

Egg Dish

Many individuals favor the use of harissa paste in any egg dish. Add as per your taste and wish to your scrambled eggs, egg burritos, or egg sandwiches. You can add it to mayonnaise or ranch dressing to give your sandwich, wrap, or salad a little more kick.


Both on its own and when coupled with other marinades, harissa paste performs admirably. Due to the absence of salt in this recipe, the amount added to the completed dish is entirely up to you.


Simply diluting harissa paste with olive oil makes it suitable as a sauce base. You can also make a creamy Harissa sauce by adding it to cream that has been heated over low-to-medium heat and then stirring.


One of the most popular applications for this spice mixture is as a condiment in Mediterranean cuisine. You can easily pick some up with your pita bread; some yogurt sauce would complement the main dish. Yum!

How Long Does Harissa Paste Remain Good After Being Frozen?

Use your frozen harissa paste within three months after the first freezing date is recommended. There is a risk that the flavor will diminish if you leave it refrigerated for an extended period.

Harissa with no discernible flavor should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, it is crucial to include the date that the jars of frozen harissa paste were frozen on the labels so that you know when they must be consumed.

You can refreeze it, but you may notice that the flavor deteriorates considerably more quickly, and the color becomes slightly less vibrant. Therefore, we recommend using the ice cube method to quickly defrost and use a portion of the frozen food at a time.

FAQs On Freezing Harissa Paste

1. How do you freeze harissa paste?

Harissa paste can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Fill the openings of an ice cube tray with harissa and let it freeze. When the ice cubes are frozen, remove them from the tray and store them in a freezer-safe bag.

2. How should you store harissa paste?

Place in a cool and dry area. To keep its freshness for up to six weeks after opening, the product must be refrigerated.

3. What additional ingredients complement harissa paste?

The spice of the harissa pairs particularly well with sweet vegetables such as squash, carrots, and fennel; mix the chopped vegetables with the paste and then season with harissa before roasting.

4. Is harissa the same as harissa paste?

Simply put, harissa sauce is a version of harissa paste to which additional olive oil has been added to create a more liquid-like consistency.

5. Is it safe to ingest harissa paste on a daily basis?

The presence of antioxidants in harissa endows it with an abundance of health-enhancing qualities. In the manufacture of harissa, chili components, including the antioxidant capsaicin, are utilized.

This molecule imparts the spicy flavor of chili peppers and is helpful to one’s health.


Keeping harissa paste fresh is relatively easy. Coat the top layer with olive oil and store it away from light, air, heat, and moisture before you put it away.

Also, ensure that it is protected from light. If you adhere to all of these recommendations, you’ll be able to continue using Harissa for many more months.

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