Can You Freeze Spring Greens? – Here’s the Method for Preserving Spring Greens

Can you freeze spring greens?: Spring greens are the first cabbages of the year and are typically available from late winter to early summer. You often need to use spring greens within a few days while they are still fresh, whether you grow them yourself or purchase them from the grocery store.

But how can you keep them around a little longer? Read this article to know whether spring greens can be frozen and if yes, ways to freeze them.

Can you freeze spring greens

Can You Freeze Spring Greens?

Yes, spring greens can be frozen. You can enjoy spring greens from the freezer for around three months. Before placing the spring greens in freezer bags, they need to be first prepared and subsequently blanched.

How To Freeze Spring Greens?

The first few months of spring are the ideal time to make the most of spring greens, just as their name suggests.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of people gather spring greens themselves or buy them when they are available. They store them in the freezer so that they can be used all year round.

If you follow the instructions indicated below, you will be able to successfully freeze spring greens.


To start, give your spring greens a good cleaning and then remove any wilted or damaged leaves. Since spring greens, unlike other types of cabbage, do not have a tough center, preparing these greens is a little bit less difficult.


Put some spring greens in a pot of boiling water, then bring the pot to a boil. After blanching them for one to two minutes, place them in an ice bath to complete the process.


After they have been blanched, allow your spring greens to cool to room temperature and then dry out completely before using them. You can also use paper towels to dab them dry, which will

help to move the drying process along a little more quickly.

Place in bags

Put the spring leaves you want to preserve in bags that can be frozen. It is up to you to decide how many different types of greens to put in each bag, but make sure not to overfill them.

Additionally, before you seal the bags, you should press as much air as possible out of them to prevent freezer burn on your greens.

Label and freeze

Before placing the greens in the freezer, make sure that the front of the freezer-safe bags is labeled with the current date and the date that they should be consumed. Keep in mind that you can enjoy spring greens from the freezer for approximately two months.

3 Tips for Freezing Spring Greens

Now that you know how to freeze spring greens, we’ve got the three top tips that we strongly recommend implementing while freezing spring greens. This will ensure the best results:

Take care in your selection of spring greens

You must be careful to select the leaves with the healthiest nutritional value whether you are gathering or purchasing spring greens.

The spring greens that you buy should be crisp and fresh. If the leaves are already wilted, you shouldn’t bother freezing them and should just toss them away.

Blanching is an Essential Process

Before you put your spring greens in the freezer, you have to first blanch them in boiling water. The enzyme action of the greens is stopped or at least slowed when they are blanched.

This prevents the loss of color, nutrients, and flavor. If you choose not to blanch your spring greens, you will find that they have a less-than-desirable flavor when you decide to eat them.

Freeze Quickly

After being plucked, spring greens have a short shelf life in the refrigerator, typically only a few days. Due to this, if you want to preserve their quality and flavor by freezing them, you should do so as soon as possible, preferably on the same day that you procure them or purchase them.

How Long Can You Freeze Spring Greens?

It is possible to store spring greens in the freezer for approximately two months.

After being collected or purchased, spring greens can be blanched and stored in the freezer for up to two months. This can be achieved if they have been cooled and eaten within a couple of days.

If you leave the spring greens out at room temperature (or even in the refrigerator) for an extended period, they will become less appropriate for freezing.

How Do Spring Greens Defrost?

You can utilize spring greens right out of the freezer. They do not need to be defrosted before cooking. This applies whether you are going to put them in soups or prepare them as a side dish to go along with your main course.

On the contrary, if you want to defrost spring greens, you can do it by moving them from the freezer to the refrigerator. Leave them there for a few hours while they thaw. This is the best method for defrosting spring greens.

Can You Refreeze Spring Greens?

No, it is not a good idea to refreeze spring greens because doing so results in the formation of ice crystals during the freezing process.

If you put them in the freezer more than once, you may notice that they get mushy. This will effectively render them unusable. Before you cook spring greens from frozen, you should only freeze them once. This will ensure the finest possible outcomes.

Do Spring Greens Freeze Well?

Yes, spring greens are among the many crops that thrive when frozen. Before freezing them, it is essential to prepare them by blanching them first. This ensures that they keep their original flavor and consistency.

It is entirely safe to freeze spring greens for a couple of months, provided that you follow the instructions outlined above. Doing so is an excellent method to buy and preserve this delightful vegetable while it is still in season.

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How Do You Store Spring Greens For A Long Term?

It is imperative that you correctly store your greens if you want them to retain their freshness for an extended period. The following are some suggestions on how to go about doing this:

Keep in a Cool, Dark Place

Put your greens away in a cool, dark area to store them. When grown in warm or bright conditions, green leaves tend to have a shorter lifespan.

Store Separately

Always separate the spring greens from the rest of your diet. It is not safe to store greens in the same area as meat, poultry, or eggs.

Keep in Airtight Containers

When storing the spring greens, use a container that won’t let air in. Do not allow any air to enter the container before it has been opened and thoroughly inspected.

Level of Moisture

Check the level of moisture in your containers once per week or so, and make any necessary adjustments if the contents become either too dry or too wet.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Spring Greens

1. How do you freeze spring mix greens?

Boil a large pot of water add greens into the pot and boil for 90 seconds. Remove greens from the pot and place in ice water for another 90 seconds. Lastly, drain the leaves and freeze them.

2. Can you freeze fresh greens without cooking them?

Yes, fresh green leaves can be frozen. The greens must be blanched before freezing if you want the leaves to remain whole or if you prefer them sliced into larger pieces.

3. Do spring greens need to be refrigerated?

Yes, spring greens need to be refrigerated. After being collected or purchased, spring greens can be blanched and stored in the freezer for up to two months. If you leave the spring greens out at room temperature (or even in the refrigerator) for an extended period, they will become less appropriate for freezing.

4. What greens can be frozen?

All edible greens, including spinach, kale, sorrel, swiss chard, collard greens, beet greens, and others, can probably be frozen.

Conclusive Thoughts

You do not need to worry about wasting the spring greens even if you have brought more of them than you can consume because they will still be edible. You have a fantastic choice accessible to you in the form of frozen spring greens that have been prepared.

However, we strongly recommend that you stick to the correct technique to keep as much of the food’s nutritious worth as possible.

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