Can you Freeze Curry Paste? – Top 2 Methods to Freeze Curry Paste

Can you Freeze Curry Paste?: We’ve all had curry, and we can easily say that it is one of the best dishes out there. It is spicy and rich, and jam-packed with flavor. If you have made your curry paste at home, or if you have store-bought curry paste, you might be wondering how to store it so you can enjoy it for longer.

Well, we have just the option for you. You can freeze it! Yes, you heard us right, freezing is one of the safest options to extend your curry paste’s shelf-life. To learn how to freeze your curry paste as well as other related information, do keep reading this article.

Can you Freeze Curry Paste

Can you Freeze Curry Paste?

Yep, as we said, you can definitely freeze curry paste to make it last longer. The detailed procedure on how to freeze your curry paste will be explained below in the next paragraph.

How to Freeze Curry Paste?

Follow the steps below to freeze your curry paste with ease!

  • Prep the ice cube tray: To avoid staining your ice cube tray, spritz some cooking oil into it carefully.
  • Fill tray: Fill each lot in the tray with adequate curry paste.
  • Flash freeze: Pop your ice cube tray into the freezer for a couple of hours. This will ensure that your cubes do not stick when you put them into a bag next.
  • Pack into bags: Remove the tray from your freezer and take out all the frozen curry paste cubes. Then, put them into a freezer-safe bag or container, and label the bag with the date.
  • Freeze: Place the bag into your freezer and enjoy!

Tidbits For Freezing Curry Paste

  • Use plastic wrap: If you do not wish to use your ice cube tray, then you can use individual sections of plastic wrap and place a dollop of curry paste into each section. Then, wrap the cling film and store it in a freezer-safe bag that can be placed into the freezer.
  • Don’t use onions and garlic: Want to freeze your curry paste? Then, we recommend that you do not use garlic and onions in your curry paste. These ingredients will make your curry paste bitter in the freezer. But do not worry, because you can always include them later.
  • Skip the defrosting: You do not need to thaw your curry paste. You can simply pop a frozen cube of curry paste onto a pan and start cooking.

How Long Can You Freeze Curry Paste?

Your curry paste can be frozen for up to 3 whole months. While it might be safe to freeze it for longer than 3 months, we recommend that you eat it within the 3 months so you will not lose the exquisite flavor and quality of your curry paste.

Remember, the longer you freeze your curry paste, the more flavor it loses.

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How To Defrost Curry Paste?

You do not need to defrost your frozen curry paste cubes. You can just pop them into a pan and start cooking immediately.

However, if you need to thaw your curry paste, then we suggest that you move how many ever cubes you want from the freezer into the fridge, and let them defrost there for about 5 to 6 hours. Then, you can take them out and use them in your cooking.

Can You Refreeze Curry Paste?

We do not recommend refreezing your curry paste because doing so will ruin the vibrant taste and texture of the curry paste. It will end up being diluted and flavorless. For this reason, avoid refreezing it, and always try taking only your desired number of curry paste cubes from the freezer to cook.

Fun Facts About Curry Paste

  • Great source of anti-inflammatory compounds, that reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases.
  • Strengthens the heart by improving the function of blood vessels, and blood flow.
  • Rich in antioxidants that decrease the dangers of oxidative stress that is caused by free radicals in the body.
  • Maintains the level of blood sugar in the human body.
  • Might reduce the chances of cancer by suppressing different kinds of cancer cells in the body.

FAQs on Can you Freeze Curry Paste

1. How long does curry paste last in the fridge?

Curry paste will last for 2 weeks to 2 months in the fridge.

2. How do you defrost curry paste?

Move curry paste from the freezer to the fridge, and it will thaw after 5 to 6 hours. Now, you can directly use them in your cooking.

3. Can you freeze cooked curry paste?

Yes, you can freeze cooked curry paste in the freezer.

4. How long does curry paste stay good in the freezer?

Curry paste stays good for 3 months in the freezer.

In A Nutshell

As you have seen, you can freeze your curry paste as cubes for up to 3 months. You can use an ice cube tray to make the process much easier.

The rich flavor of your curry paste will not be retained after 3 months, so we recommend that you consume it within that period.

Curry paste is not the only food you can freeze. There are thousands of others too! If you are curious about freezing other types of food, then you can immediately check out for more interesting information like this.

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