Can You Freeze Cranberry Sauce in Mason Jars? – Easy Ways To Freeze, Thaw Cranberry Sauce

Can you Freeze Cranberry Sauce?: Cranberry sauce or cranberry jam is used as a side dish for morning breakfast or dinner parties. Especially during Christmas time, people make cranberry sauce sandwiches as a side dish to complement the main course. This recipe is an elegant choice for all families during thanksgiving. The sauce is rich in flavor, and the texture goes well with almost everything.

You might still want to have the cranberry sauce on regular days. In such cases, the best way to have it is through the freezing process. Individuals often choose to get the sauce from supermarkets, but freezing cranberry sauce at home comes with its own advantages. Check out the detailed process below along with this guide ie., Can you Freeze Cranberries?

Can You Freeze Cranberry Sauce

Can You Freeze Cranberry Sauce?

Yes, it is possible to freeze cranberry sauce at home for three months. You can skip buying the infused preservatives sauce from supermarkets and get it done all at home. All you have to do is to take note of the process below for the freezing cranberry sauce. Also, go through the tips to get the best results.

How to Freeze Cranberry Sauce?

Freezing cranberry sauce is not a rocket science task to perform. Simply following four to five steps will get your work done. The process also includes economic tools and methods for ease.

Below are the steps to be followed to freeze cranberry sauce properly:

  • Cook the sauce well: The first step towards freezing cranberry sauce at home is to cook the sauce well and bring it to a good consistency. Cooking the sauce well also reflects the outcome of the freezing process.
  • Cool it down: Once the cooking process gets over, make sure you bring the sauce to room temperature. This step will help in preventing the sauce from causing bacteria when defrosted.
  • Portion out the sauce: You have to portion out small sections of the sauce for the freezing process. This step will help in reducing the wastage when you end up using less amount of sauce for a day. This step also helps in keeping the rest of the sauce intact and in good condition when you defrost them.
  • Place it in the bags/containers: You can probably use both freezer-safe bags as well as air-tight containers for placing the sauce in the freezer. Make sure the bags are sealed well so that there is no extra air passing through them. The same precaution applies to the usage of air-tight containers.
  • Label and freeze: Labelling is the basic step for any sort of freezing process. It does not matter what kind of item you are freezing; labeling is a must. Labeling helps in remembering the date and time when you have placed the item for freezing.

So follow these easy and simple steps for freezing cranberry sauce at home. Also, check out the below section to get tips for extra help in the process.

Tips To Be Followed While Freezing Cranberry Sauce

Only having a proper understanding of the steps to be followed for the freezing process is not enough. You also have to take a look at the tips to follow to get the perfect results.

  • While freezing the cranberry sauce, make sure you buy some freezer-safe bags for the process. The bags should have a thick layer that can take the sauce when it is frozen.
  • Do not fill up the containers and the bags completely while freezing the sauce. It is because the freezing process will elevate the layers once crystals are formed.
  • Make sure you use a straw to remove the extra air from the freezer bags before placing them in the freezer. You can also use electronic vacuums to pull out the excessive air. This tip will help in keeping the sauce good for months.
  • The thick layer of bags is important for preventing the frozen sauce from causing freezer burn issues. Freezer burn will destroy the texture and taste of the sauce when you will defrost it.
  • If you are sure that you are going to use up all the sauce within two weeks, then you can simply place it in the fridge. You do not have to put it in the freezer in such cases.

These tips will definitely try to enhance your freezing process and help you keep the sauce in good condition for months.

How Long Can You Freeze Cranberry Sauce?

Well, cranberry sauce freezes really well. You can use the frozen sauce for three months. As mentioned in the tips sections, you can easily use up all the sauce within two weeks by keeping it in the fridge itself.

At times you might cook a little extra sauce on a day, and you do not want to throw away the leftovers. In such cases, you can simply fill them into air-tight jars and then place them in the fridge for usage. The texture and taste will remain fresh when used within two weeks.

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How to Defrost Cranberry Sauce?

The defrosting process for the cranberry sauce is simple and straightforward. If you are keeping it in the freezer, you can take out the required portion and thaw it for some hours before using it. In case you are defrosting a large portion, you have to keep it overnight in the fridge.

Make sure you do not apply a defrosting rule at room temperature. It is because thawing at room temperature will cause bacteria, and the taste will get spoiled. You will no longer be able to use the sauce as fresh in such cases.

Defrosting process is not required for those portions you have kept in the fridge itself for using it within two weeks. To make the thawing process quick, you can get some room-temperature water in a bowl and transfer the bag to it. This step will advance the defrosting process, and you can use the sauce within fewer hours.

Is it Possible to Refreeze Cranberry Sauce?

If you have the sauce in the fridge, then it is totally fine for refreezing. However, a general notion and studies have shown that refreezing ends up diminishing the taste and texture of food items. Therefore, try to use up the thawed portion and not refreeze it.

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Advantages of Getting Cranberry Sauce Frozen

Cranberry sauce is rich in fiber and good for a healthy lifestyle when taken in limited portions. There are other advantages to freezing cranberry sauce. Let us check on a few additional points.

  1. When you freeze cranberry sauce at home, it is healthy. Usually, the market-bought products come with excess salt for preservation.
  2. Moreover, the use of preservatives also destroys the taste and texture of the sauce. When you preserve it at home using a freezing method, it is safer and better for usage.
  3. Freezing cranberry sauce also saves you time and energy because this recipe is widely used for all meals. In such cases, you do not have to cook the sauce every day.
  4. For three months, you can cook it once and then freeze it and use it whenever you feel like having some.
  5. Wastage of food is not a correct choice in today’s world when resources are limited and the intake population is on the higher side. In such a situation, freezing the leftover sauce for the latter is always a preferable choice for all. Moreover, the price increment also holds on to this point.
  6. The freezing process also makes the sauce bacteria-free. When the freezing process takes place, the crystals kill the minute bacteria from the sauce, making it more feasible for intake.

These are some of the significant advantages that come along with freezing cranberry sauce homemade or store-bought.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Homemade Cranberry Sauce?

1. Is it possible to freeze cranberry sauce twice?

If you are using the sauce within two weeks by keeping it in the fridge, then freezing it twice is reliable. Otherwise, try to avoid refreezing when you defrost the frozen sauce.

2. Do you need to wash cranberries if you want to freeze them as a whole?

Well, that is really a call to be taken by individuals working on the freezing process. Washing the berries before freezing helps in preventing bacterial growth when thawed.

3. Can I freeze canned cranberry sauce?

Yes, even that is possible to do so. However, the outcome will not be the same as the fresh frozen sauce at home. Since canned sauce uses preservatives, the texture, and taste will differ.

4. Can you freeze jellied cranberry sauce?

Yes, the freezing process for jellied texture is possible, but the frozen sauce will split and therefore, it is suggestive to use the watery sauce for freezing.

5. Can you freeze leftover cranberry sauce?

Yes, leftover cranberry sauce can easily be kept in the fridge itself if you will use it within weeks. If not, then surely think of putting it in the freezer.


Freezing cranberry sauce is easy if you follow the steps well mentioned in the article. Make a note of the tips as well to check once before freezing the sauce. This article covers all the aspects that one requires to execute the freezing process. You might be clear enough now about whether can you freeze cranberry sauce and its process. Give it a try! For more information on freezing and preserving food items, please refer to our official website

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