Can You Freeze Elderberries? Explained – Freezing Elderberries: Tips and Techniques

Can You Freeze Elderberries?: Elderberries are tiny in shape and are used for making several items. These berries are used for making sugar-kind-of syrups for several desserts. Moreover, these berries are widely used by countries to make wine.

You can find them available at the later end of the summertime especially. So, if you are willing to get these fresh even during the off-season, try to preserve them. So what can be a better way than preserving them at home in your freezer? Know the answers for can i freeze fresh elderberries, how to freeze elderberry syrup  and so on.

Can You Freeze Elderberries

Can You Freeze Elderberries?

Yes, you can surely choose to preserve them through freezing at home. Elderberries can be frozen for 6–8 months following the proper filling process. Also, they are low-calorie fruits that come with abundant amounts of vitamins and nutrients. These are a few reasons why people choose to eat elderberries.

However, it is difficult to find them during the winter season. Therefore, you can choose to freeze them. Check out the below details to understand the complete process of freezing elderberries all on your own.

How to Freeze Elderberries?

For freezing elderberries, one requires to do some preparations beforehand. It is because the berries are tiny in shape. Take note that the stems and the seeds of the berries are poisonous for health if you intake large amounts.

  • Pick ripped berries: Buy them from the supermarket or pick them up from your backyard as many as you want for freezing. You can choose to pick the ripped ones rather than the green ones.
  • Clean well: Once you pick up and collect the number of elderberries you want for the freezing purpose, clean them well with water. It is important to remove all the dirt from the berries so that the freezing process does not form any issues.
  • Dry: After the cleaning process, you cannot directly move ahead with the freezing step. Rather, drying out all the liquid from the berries helps to keep the freezing process intact.
  • Segregate the stems: Once the cleaning and drying processes are done, you can segregate the stems from the berries. This step in the freezing process takes most of the time because the berries are small. Moreover, check on the berries that are spoiled and throw them out.
  • Pre-freezing phase: You can freeze the elderberries for half an hour before placing them in the freezer for months. You can choose to place the berries in a tray covered with baking paper.
  • Place it in bags: Now that the berries are halfway frozen, you can put out the trays and make some generous space for other items in the freezer. The frozen berries can be put into the freezer bags. Choose freezer bags of good quality thickness so that there are no freezer burn issues.
  • Label and freeze: Now label the freezer bags for further reference so that in case you forget by when and on which date you have used up all the frozen berries.

These are some of the steps to be followed for freezing elderberries at home. These are some of the steps to be followed for freezing elderberries. You can follow some other steps in case you want to freeze the syrup made of the berries.

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How to Preserve Elderberries Syrup?

Follow these steps and happily enjoy the elderberry or elderflower syrup in the off-season too:

  • Cook well: Cook the berries well till it forms the syrup consistency.
  • Cool down: Once the cooking process is done, cool down the syrup to bring it to room temperature for further steps.
  • Place in ice cubes: If you are freezing syrup, you can choose to place them initially in the ice cubes and do a pre-freezing process. Then once the cubes are frozen, you can place them in the freezer bags and then allow additional space for other items in the freezer.
  • Label and freeze: The last step for the freezing purposes of both the syrup and whole elderberries is the same. You have labeled the bags so as to remember the expiry date.

Tips to Freeze Elderberries?

You can think of freezing elderberries both in a cooked form as well as in fresh form. No matter in which form you freeze the berries, follow the below tips for better outcomes.

  • Cool down the syrup you make out of the berries for the freezing process.
  • Cooling and freezing help in keeping the frozen syrup for longer months.
  • Try to pick out the good berries for the freezing process because if you freeze one of the spoiled berries with the rest, there are chances that the rest of the berries will spoil with time.
  • Squeeze excess air from the freezer bags, no matter if you are freezing elderberries as a whole or syrup cubes. In order to make it proper, squeeze the air from the bag with the help of straws.
  • Pre-freezing is important for the process of freezing elderberries. This step will make the syrup hard to transform into freezer bags. Also, the partially frozen berries as a whole last longer than directly frozen berries.

Well, these tips are life saviors. You can always take note of these while freezing any sort of small-shaped berries.

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How Long Can I Freeze Elderberries?

Elderberries are great for freezing because the frozen bunch of berries tends to last for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 8 months. You can have fresh elderberries throughout the year. Eight months of berries could be eaten out of the freezer, and the rest months can provide you with fresh seasonal berries.

Freezing elderberries is a boon if you are a berry lover and want it in any of your winter delicacies. Try to use up the frozen berries within eight months for the best taste and texture.

How to Thaw Frozen Elderberries?

Well, the defrosting process for the elderberries differs according to the form you are freezing it. If you have frozen berry syrup in the form of vibes, you can directly use them for any recipes you want to cook.

To defrost whole frozen elderberries, you can simply place them over deserts as frozen. Frozen berries are great for decoration purposes for recipes.

Is It Possible to Refreeze Thawed Elderberries?

No, it is not suggested to refreeze thawed elderberries again. It is because refreezing will cause it to degrade the texture of the berries. Moreover, if you refreeze it again and again, there are chances that the berries will get spoiled.

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What are the Benefits of Freezing Elderberries?

Elderberries are very difficult to find during off-seasons, and therefore people choose to preserve them through freezing. You can come across various advantages of freezing elderberries at home. Let us check a few significant ones.

  1. Freezing elderberries at home save your money because you do not require to buy its frozen version from supermarkets during the off-season.
  2. When you do not have to go to the supermarket every time, you can also save time and invest the same time in making desserts and recipes for gatherings.
  3. Moreover, freezing helps in getting fresh elderberries for recipes.
  4. Elderberries are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, which helps in health benefits.
  5. Freezing elderberries at home are safe for health because you do not have to use any sort of preservatives.
  6. Preservatives in any product destroy the taste and smell. Therefore, freezing elderberries help in getting the authentic taste and smell of the berries.

These are some of the significant advantages of freezing elderberries at home. There are other advantages as well.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Elderberry Syrup or Gummies

1. Can you freeze cooked elderberries?

For freezing cooked elderberries, you can choose to make the syrup out of the fresh berries and then put it in the cubes for the freezing process. Cooked elderberries also last for a maximum of 6 months, and you can choose to keep them in a freezer bag or airtight containers.

2. Is it possible to clean frozen elderberries?

Yes, the best way possible to clean the frozen elderberries is to wash them with water once the defrosting is done. However, always try to put in clean elderberries for the freezing process, which is the best way to do so.

3. How long do you need to cook elderberries for the freezing process?

If you are making syrup out of berries for the freezing process, try to cook it for 10–20 minutes till the berries are melted to a thick consistency.

4. Is it okay to eat elderberries raw?

No, it is not recommended to eat these berries raw because the leaves, seeds, and stems contain chemicals that are harmful to the body. Therefore, cleaning them before cooking is helpful.

5. Which is the best way of preserving frozen elderberries?

Well, the best way to preserve frozen elderberries is in airtight containers or freezer bags. This process does not require any sort of preservatives and is therefore good for health.


Elderberries are full of antioxidants, and therefore people choose to freeze them for months of usage. Studies have proven that elderberries also help in preventing cold flu. Knowing the advantages of freezing elderberries at home, you might definitely be thinking of freezing them.

Yes, this article is all you have to keep in your save options for the complete freezing process. To know more about the preservation and freezing process of various food items, you can look over the official website

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