Can You Freeze Apple Crumble? – Tips for Freezing Delicious Apple Crumble

Can You Freeze Apple Crumble?: If you have a bounty of apples then an amazing option that you can try is to make a delicious apple crumble. Well in this scenario you may fall into a situation where you have made an insanely large amount of apple crumble and are not able to finish it in one go.

At this point, you must be wondering what to do with the leftover apple crumble and how to store it in order to keep it fresh for a long period of time. Well, to preserve it for a significant amount of time with on-point quality, follow this guide properly. This article is going to cover all of the info regarding can I freeze apple crumble so stay tuned till the end.

Can You Freeze Apple Crumble

Does Apple Crumble Freeze Well? – Can I Freeze Apple Crumble?

Yes, Apple crumble freezes well but you might slightly notice some changes in the texture of the apple crumble once it is out of the freezer. Your apple crumble remains fresh but it might seem to be a little softer.

To get back the lost texture you can toast it to bring back the crunch or freeze the apple separately and then crumble it and finally put them together once they have been defrosted properly.

However, if you are storing your apple crumble unbaked then you will not face many of these issues while freezing it as baking will remove the tad-bit amount of softness that may have come into it due to freezing temperatures.

How Long Does Frozen Apple Crumble Last?

Fortunately, if you freeze your Apple Crumble properly then it can last for up to two to four months. If you try to keep it any longer then it will not degrade in terms of food safety but you might feel its flavors changing slightly and the texture gets a little bit too soft.

If you are storing your Apple Crumble inside the refrigerator then it is going to last there for around 5 days to a week but make sure you have covered it properly and have no exposure to air or moisture.

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How To Store Apple Crumble Properly?

Storing apple crumble pie whether it is baked or unbaked is extremely soggy when it comes to freezing. You can store your apple crumble unbaked inside the freezer and then thaw and bake it as and when required.

But a better option that we suggest here is to store your freshly baked apple crumble inside the freezer so that you can thaw and consume them directly. Now let us see the steps individually for freezing baked and as well as unbaked apple crumbles in the sections below.

How To Freeze an Unbaked Apple Crumble?

Freezing apple crumbles unbaked is actually a better idea because you can essentially cook your crumble fresh. This will also prevent you from facing texture-related issues that can arrive in freezing an already-baked crumble.

Now, let us see the steps that we should follow to freeze unbaked apple crumble:

  • Make your Apple Crumble dough as you would usually do but make sure the pan you choose to bake your Apple Crumble in is a freezer-safe or oven-safe one.
  • Next, put your Apple Crumble into the pan but make sure all the ingredients are cooled down completely at room temperature first.
  • Next wrap the Apple Crumble along with the pan you are going to cook it in with a freezer-safe plastic film or cling wrap.
  • Now, pop this entire preparation into a large airtight freezer-safe bag, put a label with the content list and current date, and finally put it inside the freezer.

If you are wondering whether you can freeze apple crumble mix or not then yes you definitely can, but make sure to use a thick wrapping bag so that you don’t waste much of the mix on the surface of the bag when you thaw it.

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How To Freeze Cooked/Baked Apple Crumble?

Now comes a situation when you have already baked and prepared your Apple Crumble and have leftovers. Here are the steps that you can follow to freeze your cooked Apple Crumble leftovers so that you can thaw and consume it readymade the next time you have a party:

  • Bake your Apple Crumble according to the recipe you are following and then allow it to cool down completely at room temperature.
  • If you have the leftovers then follow the next steps to freeze apple crumble.
  • Once your crumble is dry and cool, wrap it up in an airtight freezer-safe bag.
  • Next, bag it up in a second layer of a freezer bag which will not only give it a second layer of protection from bacteria but will also ensure that moisture particles don’t get accumulated on the shell of your crumble when it condenses.
  • Finally, put a label with the current date and contents, and then keep it inside the freezer.

Best Tips For Freezing Apple Crumble

In the previous sections, we have mentioned all the best techniques we can follow in order to freeze and store your apple crumble effectively for a significantly longer period of time. Now, let us share some amazing tips to get the best results while freezing apple crumble.

  1. Wrap your apple crumble tightly – Make sure to wrap your apple crumble tight enough to not let any outside air pass through in. wrapping your apple crumble not only keeps it safe from moisture and air but also gives a double layer of protection from bacteria.
  2. Add cooking instructions on the container label – You can often cook your apple crumble directly from the frozen by adding a few minutes to the original cooking instructions so make sure you always write cooking instructions along with the contents and date on the label of the container.
  3. Application on other fruits – The storage techniques mentioned for apple crumble work efficiently for other fruits as well like blackberry, plum, Rhubarb, etc. Fruits can often go mushy in the frozen if kept on their own so a great way to preserve them properly is to follow the storage techniques mentioned in this article.

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How To Defrost Apple Crumble?

To defrost your apple crumble, first, you need to thaw it properly by transferring it from the freezer to the fridge and letting it defrost over there slowly overnight. Being it is baked or unbaked, this step is very crucial in order to defrost your apple crumble properly without spoiling its texture.

If you have prebaked your apple crumble before freezing it then you can cook it directly from the frozen without spending much time thawing it. For this just make sure to follow your cooking temperatures from very low to high accordingly.

Can You Refreeze Apple Crumble Pie?

Well, refreezing is not something that we will recommend you not do to your Apple Crumble. This is because some food items may slightly change especially if it is crumbled when you freeze them and thaw them out once.

By refreezing, there is a high chance that your apple crumble will no longer taste as good as it used to. While thawing your apple crumble make sure to give special attention to the storage techniques so that you don’t end up contaminating it with bacteria that can easily start to grow as you expose your apple crumble to different temperatures.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Apple Crumble?

1. Can You Cook Apple Crumble From Frozen?

Yes, you can cook Apple Crumble directly from frozen provided that it is pre-baked and started off with low heat first and then gradually going up.

2. How do you reheat frozen apple crumble?

To reheat Apple Crumble you can either microwave it or just cover it with foil and reheat it at 350°f / 180°c in the oven until it is warmed through enough.

3. Is it best to freeze apple crumble cooked or uncooked?

You can freeze your apple crumble baked or unbaked, but freezing the dough unbaked and then cooking it is a better idea.

4. How long can you keep homemade apple crumble in the freezer?

Homemade apple crumble can last 3 to 4 months in the freezer when properly stored in air-tight glass containers.

Closing Thoughts

So with this, we have reached the end of this article and we hope we were able to clear all your doubts regarding the proper storage of Apple Crumble. Since these are sophisticated dishes that have almost 80% of their flavor in their crust, you must be very particular to not let any air or moisture seep in. Found this Can you freeze apple crumble article helpful? Make sure you stay tuned with us if you want to know more interesting facts about various food items.

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