Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy? – A Guide on Process of Freezing Chicken Gravy

Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy?: Do you like eating chicken? If yes, then you might be searching for how to preserve chicken recipes for a longer period. Mouth-watering chicken gravy is a perfect way to make delicious chicken recipes. It is no more difficult to freeze your favourite chicken gravy by following the below-mentioned instructions.

Not only the freezing steps but also the thawing process, shelf life and many more are given here. You can find the answers to questions like can you freeze chicken gravy, can you refreeze it, and so on.

Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy

Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy?

Yes, you can freeze chicken gravy safely for up to 4 months. Make chicken gravy in your own style and freeze it to save time. In a few cases, you prepare chicken gravy curry for a party but at the end left with some curry, then spend a couple of minutes for freezing the leftovers.

As chicken gravy is a perishable food item, try to begin the freezing process as early as possible. Refreezing the meat multiple times is not allowed, so separate it into portions during the process.

How To Freeze Chicken Gravy?

Freezing chicken gravy is a simple process. Many chicken gravies freeze perfectly well but here is one thing to consider is that any cream or dairy product added may affect the gravy and these types of gravies may not freeze well. Follow these steps to freeze your delicious chicken gravy perfectly.

  • Start with preparing your containers to freeze the gravy in. We would highly recommend using freezer-safe plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. You can also use high-quality freezer bags if you are very careful with them and don’t let the gravy spill out in the freezer.
  • Now, plan out how many portions you want to divide the gravy into and according to that place it into each container or freezer bag.
  • Place the lead on the containers and seal them tightly. If you are using bags, try to keep them in an upright position until they are completely frozen.
  • Label the containers with the date and contents, so you know exactly when the gravy needs to be used up, and you don’t forget what type of gravy is in the container. You can’t let your delicious gravy go to waste!
  • Place the containers in the freezer and freeze them.

Top Tips To Freeze Chicken Gravy

  • When you decide to freeze chicken gravy during the preparation, then don’t add creamy or dairy products.
  • You may notice that your chicken gravy is thicker and kind of a little more solidified when it comes out of the freezer than it was when it went in. This is because the different molecules in the food have a tendency to separate. You can prevent this by stirring it well when heating or even by popping it into a blender and giving it a quick blend.
  • Sometimes even a tight sealed container can leak if it is tipped over while it is in the freezer. You can place an extra freezer bag around the container to catch any spills to help with this.
  • Try to use freezer bags which are specially designed to contain liquids safely. These bags are perfect for soups, sauces, and gravies, so they are perfect for freezing your chicken gravy.

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How Long Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy?

Chicken gravy can be frozen safely for up to 4 months. So, make sure you don’t waste your leftovers or you can also make your gravy ahead of time for your big family meal without worrying about having to make it from scratch.

The homemade chicken gravy will last for 4 to 5 days in the fridge. If you use gravy after 4 months, then check its quality before consuming it. The quality, taste, flavor, and smell of the food may degrade if you store more days in the freezer.

How To Defrost Chicken Gravy?

You can defrost your chicken gravy by three methods. I.e refrigeration method, microwave method and stove method.

  • Refrigeration method 

The best method to use is the slowest. take your gravy out of the freezer, put it in a bowl and place it into the fridge to defrost overnight. This is the safest method to use and allows the gravy to defrost completely preventing the growth of bacteria.

  • Microwave method

If you need your chicken gravy a little faster, then you can go for this method. Place it into the microwave and put it on a defrost setting for a few minutes. Stir it every minute or two to ensure it defrosts evenly, and then it is ready to heat up.

  • Stove method

If you need your chicken gravy quickly, then you can also choose this method. Empty it into a saucepan, place it on low heat, and stir continually while it defrosts out.

You should only prefer both of these faster-defrosting methods if you are planning on heating up and using the gravy immediately. Otherwise, if you keep it at room temperature for too long, there is a risk of the growth of bacteria.

Does Chicken Gravy Freeze Well?

Yes, chicken gravy freezes well, but sometimes you may notice the thickening of sauce or even separate. This won’t affect the taste but it can affect the texture of the gravy and texture is the important part which makes the food enjoyable.

So here we have a solution for you, if you have found that your gravy is thickened or separated, you can give it a quick whisk or blend before you heat it.

FAQs Related To Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy

1. Can You Refreeze Chicken Gravy?

No, refreezing the meat products increases the chances of the growth of bacteria. It leads to the growth of harmful bacteria which can destroy the texture and flavor of the food too.

2. Can you freeze chicken gravy with milk in it?

No, any milk or dairy product added may affect the gravy and these types of gravies may not freeze well.

3. How long is chicken gravy good for in the refrigerator?

Chicken gravy can be stored in the refrigerator safely for approximately 3 – 4 days.

4. Can you reheat gravy from frozen?

Yes, you can reheat gravy from frozen in the oven.

Key Takeaways

We hope the knowledge we shared through this article “Can You Freeze Chicken Gravy” has helped you in freezing your delicious chicken gravy. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Do connect with us for amazing food-related freezing techniques.

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