Can You Freeze Lemon Curd: Here’s How to Preserve Lemon Curd So It Lasts for Months

Freeze Lemon Curd: Lemon curd is a versatile condiment and if you have ended up with too many bottles of it you might be looking for ways to store it. If so, you can freeze lemon curd as it can extend the shelf life to an extent.

In this article of ours, we will explain everything on How to Freeze Lemon Curd, How well it freezes, tips and tricks to freeze lemon curd well, and common signs that tell if lemon curd has gone bad or not. If you are interested without any delay get started.

Freeze Lemon Curd

Does Lemon Curd Freeze Well?

Lemon Curd freezes perfectly fine without any side effects. Thus, you can freeze lemon spread to preserve it for a long time. One thing you need to remember about Lemon Curd is that it doesn’t freeze exactly like a solid. If you freeze it in a container you will not get a clean lemon curd instead it becomes a little sticky.

Remember to freeze lemon curd in small portions and in separate freezer bags so that they will not merge together.

How To Freeze Lemon Curd?

Below is the step-by-step process on how to freeze lemon curd in detail. Follow these tips to freeze lemon curd well. They are as under

  • Decide on the Portions: If you are willing to use lemon curd at a time you need not go for portions. But if you are not sure when you are going to use it better make portions so that you can have them in a meal.
  • Keep in Separate Containers: You can keep these portions in a bag, or container. If it is a freezer bag make sure to remove excess air. In case of storing lemon curd in an airtight container make sure to leave some space.
  • Freeze It: The last step is to freeze the potions by mentioning a label with the date and name on it.

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How Long Can You Freeze Lemon Curd?

You can freeze Lemon Curd for about 3-6 months without losing on its quality. If you maintain it at the right temperature and package it well you can store the lemon curd for up to 1 year. Some say that you can freeze the lemon curd for up to 1 year without losing quality. Compared to store-bought lemon curd homemade lemon curd will have a shorter shelf life.

How To Defrost Lemon Curd?

Defrosting Lemon Curd is a quite simple process. All you have to do is keep the lemon curd overnight in the fridge. If you have a large portion to defrost try to do it 24 hours before so that it defrosts completely. After it is defrosted give it a stir before using.

You can keep the defrosted lemon curd in the fridge for a few days and in case of leftovers, you can use it in some way or the other. Don’t speed up the thawing process as it can affect the quality of the lemon curd i.e. it will split and become grainy.

How To Use Defrosted Lemon Curd?

Freezing will not limit the usage of lemon curd and will not have much difference in the quality. The ways in which we can use defrosted lemon curd is as under

  • You can use lemon curd on top of muffins and pancakes.
  • It can also be used as a filling in cupcakes.
  • Defrosted Lemon Curd can be used to sweeten the dairy products such as yogurt and cottage cheese, etc.
  • If you have a lot of leftovers you can even prepare lemon bars.

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Signs That Lemon Curd Has Gone Bad

In general, Lemons have a long shelf life. The ways in which Lemon Curd is stored will have an impact on the shelf life. Here are some of the common signs by which you can tell if lemon curd has gone bad or not. They are as follows

  • Firstly, have a quick sniff and see if the smell is funny or not the usual you should let it go.
  • If you notice any mold growing on the surface lemon curd has gone bad.
  • Last but not least if you find any difference in the taste you better throw it away for safety reasons.
  • If it is kept for more than the recommended time no matter if it is homemade or store-bought discard it.

Tips For Freezing Lemon Curd

Now that you are familiar with the freezing process of lemon curd let us discuss some of the tips & tricks that will help to freeze lemon curd well. They are as under

  • Add a cling film on the top of the curd while it is cooling down in order to retain the smooth texture.
  • Remember to leave half an inch of space on the top as it expands while freezing.
  •  Don’t keep the lemon curd in the freezer while it is still hot or warm.
  • Don’t freeze lemon curd in metallic containers as you will end up with a metal-tasting spread.

Can You Refreeze Lemon Curd?

Yes, you can refreeze Lemon Curd. However, it is not something we will recommend as you will notice a difference in texture each time you freeze. Crystals are formed when you freeze lemon curd and the more you freeze the more you will find a difference in the texture. Thus you can freeze lemon curd in ice cubes so that you can use it often and avoid defrosting it too much.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Lemon Curd

1. Can you freeze lemon curd in a Mason jar?

Yes, you can freeze lemon curd in a Mason Jar.

2. What happens if you overcook lemon curd?

If you overcook lemon curd it will turn lumpy rather than smooth.

3. Why does lemon curd taste metallic?

The common reason your lemon curd tastes metallic is probably you have stored it in aluminum or metal bowls.

4. Why did my lemon curd turn out grainy?

Lemon Curd will turn out grainy if you overcook it.

Final Words

We wish the knowledge shared on our page with regards to Can You Freeze Lemon Curd has shed some light on you. If you need to know further information on tips to extend the shelf life, and storage practices to follow while freezing do write us via the comment box. Stay tuned to our site to get the latest updates on Can You Freeze Lemons and others in no time.

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