Can You Freeze Lemons? – Check How To Store Lemons In The Freezer For Long Lasting Freshness

Can you freeze lemons?: Lemons are the ideal go-to ingredient for adding acidity to a recipe. Lemons add a wonderful tart flavor to dishes like Creamy Lemon Pasta and Lemon-Blueberry Dump Cake. So, it makes sense to keep a pack of lemons on hand, mainly because they can be stored correctly and survive for a few weeks.

But when you require a longer-term storage option, use the freezer. The process is straightforward, and the outcome is fantastic. Frozen lemons have a variety of purposes, and you may make use of almost the entire fruit. If lemons can be frozen, you will have a fresh lemon on hand to flavor food and beverages.

So, get clarity on it by going through this guide. This article covers the best ways to freeze lemons, the shelf life of limes in the freezer, how to thaw lemons, and many more. If you want to know Can Freeze Limes simply open the available link.

Freeze Lemons

Can Lemons Be Frozen?

Yes, lemons can indeed be frozen to extend their shelf life by months, making it a perfect option, when you can’t consume a whole bag of lemons or the yard tree produces an excess. Discover how to freeze lemons in the following paragraphs, including the zest. Also, know how long freezing lemons can last in the freezer?

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How to Freeze Lemons?

The incredible thing is that citrus fruits, like lemons, can have their juice and zest frozen. The finest aspect is that you may freeze individual slices in addition.

This method of freezing lemons is the easiest because it involves the least amount of setup or effort. You need to follow these steps to freeze lemons entire or in halves:

  • Clean Lemons for Freezing: Clean the lemons’ exteriors quickly if you’re freezing them whole. Alternatively, you may decide to cut the lemons in half and freeze the pieces.
  • Bag Up and Wrap: Put the lemons in a zip-top bag or another sealable container. Eliminate as much air as you can as you seal the bag. From the bottom to the entrance of the bag, push the air out.
  • Freeze: The lemons need to be put in the freezer to freeze completely; that’s all that needs to be done. Avoid stuffing the bag too full to prevent items from sticking to one another.

Please keep in mind that you should only use frozen lemons for juice after you defrost them. This applies to both whole and sliced lemons. They significantly lose their texture, making it challenging to slice and arrange them attractively. Here are the ways to freeze your lemons.

Freezing Lemon Slices

Although it will take a little more effort, freezing lemon slices is an excellent method to freeze lemons if you intend to use them in beverages and cocktails. A frozen lemon slice can be removed from the fridge and dropped right into your beverage.

  • Lemons will lose their flavor when frozen, as was already explained, so if you want to utilize pieces, freeze the lemons that way.
  • Start by cutting up your lemon. You may cut it into entire circles and half-moons based on your taste.
  • Arrange the slices on a baking sheet, ensuring no two of them come into contact. They will freeze into one huge lemon-slice clump when you keep it all in a Ziploc.
  • After the pieces have frozen for a few hours, take them out of the freezer, pour the tray’s ingredients into a bag, and put them into the freezer. Since they are frozen, they won’t stick together, and you can take out a piece as needed.
  • Please put them in the freezer for a final freeze.

Freezing Lemon Zest

The good news is that freezing lemon zest is also a perfectly acceptable option. Lemon zest may be frozen with ease. For more info like How To Store Lemon Zest read on.

Lemon zest should be grated immediately into a ziplock bag, sealed, and kept in the freezer. Cut off what you require from the frozen clump in the fridge when you require some zest.

Freezing Lemon Juice

In the kitchen, keeping lemon juice available to use in sweets, flavorings, or salad dressings is helpful. Therefore, the fact that freezing lime juice is something you may do with ease is good news:

  • Juice lemons: If you plan to freeze lemons whole, give the outside of each one a quick clean. Alternatively, you may decide to cut the lemons in half and freeze the halves.
  • Transfer Lime Juice Into Cubes: Gently pour the juice into the ice cube tray’s holes. Look for a tray with large sections to accommodate expansion and appropriate for how you typically utilize lemon juice.
  • Freeze Cubes: Place the tray in the fridge so the lime juice cubes may completely freeze. To preserve the ice cube tray, you should cover it with cling film.
  • Bag It Up and Freeze: When the cubes are solidly frozen, remove them from the tray and put them in a bag. For long-term storage, put this bag back in the freezer.

Lemon juice cubes that are ready for use are now available. You may add a frozen cube of lemon juice to a hot meal (like risotto and stew), which will rapidly defrost. You will have to defrost the frozen lime juice if you intend to put it into a cold dish, but this should only require an hour at ambient temperature.

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Tips For Freezing Lemons

Now that you are aware of the various methods for freezing lemons, here are the top 3 recommendations to ensure the most significant outcomes:

Quick Freeze

Ensure to flash-freeze lemon chunks before freezing them. As a result, it is much simpler to grab one or two slices at a time without them sticking together.

Grate from freezer

You can only defrost entire frozen lemons if you only need the zest. Mince the zest and add it right away to whatever you’re making.

Make Ice Cubes from Juice

Ensure to freeze juice into ice cubes if you choose to do so. This is an effective technique to freeze it and a simple way to use it later. A cube is available whenever you need one.

A Quick Info on Lemon Freezing & Defrosting

Freezing Method How to Use Defrosting
Whole lemon Zesting, juicing, slicing, and using slices in baked dishes & goods Fridge
Lemon wedges Zesting, juicing Fridge
Lemon slices Baked dishes & goods Fridge or add frozen

FAQs on How Preserving, Freezing, and Defrosting Lemons Happen?

1. How long can lemons be frozen?

For three months after being frozen, lemons will still taste like lemons. Afterward, they’ll still be safe to use but won’t be as powerful. Zest is the lone exception, and you must aim to utilize it within a month of freezing.

2. How Long should you Keep lemon in the Fridge?

Lemons can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time. Whole lemons should keep for about three weeks. The lemon may only last 3 to 4 days if it has been sliced.

3. How Do Lemons Defrost?

You can immediately add frozen zest to the meal you’re making. Lemon slices work similarly if you use them as a topping for a drink since they serve as ice to keep the beverage cold.

4. Can Lemons Be Refrozen?

Although we wouldn’t advise it, you may refreeze the lemons. The juice of the lemon contains the majority of the flavor. However, a small amount of this liquid is removed each time a lemon is defrosted. The flavor is gone when moisture is lost.


We have addressed all your questions regarding Can Freeze Lemons. Give your family and acquaintances this information since it is crucial to know. However, if the lemons are frozen, you must think about how you intend to use them. For information on other fruits freezing techniques bookmark our website and avail all the lasted updated guides in no time.

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