Can You Freeze Simple Syrup? – How to Store Simple Syrup and Extend Its Shelf Life?

Can You Freeze Simple Syrup?: Many of us are aware of the fact most of the glazed look in baked foods comes from a stroke of simple syrup. In fact, this literally “simple” syrup is used as a sweetener in cocktails and drinks for a more refined texture. However, is it even ok to store this simple syrup inside a regular freezer? Simple syrup, as the name, is only a concentration of sugar in water.

While most of us could just use sugar crystals while cooking or torching the sugar so that it is caramelized. Nonetheless, this article will revolve around freezing and storing simple syrup. So, read on to know the whole thing.

Can You Freeze Simple Syrup

Can You Freeze Simple Syrup?

Yes, you can freeze simple syrup and it is the simplest thing ever. The fact that most part of the Simple syrup is just a lot of water but freezing is simpler due to its sugar content. The sugar content of the syrup keeps the liquid from forming ice crystals and stays put for a long time.

You might be wondering why freeze simple syrup if it’s that easy to make. Well, most of the time you might not want to make it from scratch and store a jar of it. Hence, the best way to have the strip when you need it is to put it in the freezer.

Does Simple Syrup freeze well?

Yes, Simple syrup does freeze very well under regular freezing conditions or just in the freezer used in houses. As mentioned earlier, the content of the syrup is just water and sugar which makes the consistency of the liquid a little thick. The sugar content does not let the water freeze immediately and keeps the syrup good for a long time.

Simple syrup isn’t as used as other sweeteners but it does the work for that almost similarly. So, while freezing, Simple syrup turns out quite thick, unlike water that freezes solid completely. Nonetheless, freezing Simple syrup isn’t half as bad as you might make it out to be.

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How long can you freeze Simple Syrup?

Like most sweet syrups, Simple syrup doesn’t stay in the freezer for a year-long or anything like that. This syrup only stays in the freezer for as long as 2 to 3 months and the texture does not change much. Additionally, you can use the time for any food that requires Simple syrup.

When the sugar is booked into the water, the consistency of the liquid thickens gradually. Following that, once it’s frozen, the consistency contracts a lot more and becomes jelly-like. Henceforth, the frozen syrup does not freeze solid throughout the process and stays good to use.

Can freezing affect Simple Syrup?

Freezing affects Simple syrup in a positive way more than just any deterioration or rotting in the liquid. The sweetener might thicken a lot after the freezing process and still be good use in cocktails or brushing over baked foods. Hence, there’s no setback in freezing the Simple syrup for 3 months to the max.

Other than that, the taste and texture don’t go through a big difference after freezing for a while. The only thing that happens is that it becomes thick and more sticky without any crystals that melt away after thawing. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to keep an eye out for during the entire process or steps.

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Easy Process On How To Freeze Simple Syrup

Individual servings are the ideal way for us to freeze simple syrup. As you would only require a tiny amount at a time, it might not be worthwhile to defrost a large bottle.

Using an ice cube tray or silicone mold to freeze tiny lumps of sugar syrup is the best method for accomplishing this.

  • On a flat baking sheet, set the mold, and then carefully pour the syrup into each depression.
  • This should be put in the freezer on a flat surface and left there until frozen; this could take many hours or even overnight.
  • On the day after, pull out the Simple syrup cubes and zip them in freezer bags.
  • You can label and date them and then you will know when the syrup will go bad.

Simply remove one or two cubes from the freezer whenever you require some simple syrup. They will effortlessly provide the right amount of sweetness without any fuss when swiftly dissolved into cocktails or cold beverages.

Essential Tips for freezing Simple Syrup

Now that we have finally gone over the whole process of freezing Simple syrup, here are tips that can make the prices a little easier. Here are the following tips:

Use ice cube trays

Simply syrup will freeze best in an ice cube tray which you’ll eventually find in a regular freezer. If you don’t have it then purchase plastic ice cube trays instead or even rubber molds if you’d like. You’ll be able to put them out immediately without making your fingers sticky.

Try not to spill

The consistency of the Simple syrup is likely to be very sticky and thick. Hence, when you’re about to freeze the syrup, make sure you don’t spill on any clean surface. Not only will it stain the place but also become extremely tacky until it’s wiped out clean.

Freeze the cooled-down syrup

Do not try to freeze the hot Simple syrup on the plastic ice cube trays and make a disaster. The worst-case scenario is that the hot Syrup will rupture the plastic lining. Henceforth, cool the syrup a little earlier before freezing it.

What are the advantages of freezing Simple Syrup?

The best benefit of freezing Simple syrup is that the texture and the taste do not get affected while being inside the freezer. Additionally, freezing helps the syrup to stay for longer without going through any massive difference in consistency. Hence, freezing is one of the best ways to store Simple syrup.

Similarly, if you choose to refrigerate the simple syrup it will be good for use for about a week and not taste different. However, refrigeration does not elongate the shelf life of the syrup as freezing does. Nevertheless, you can still try to store the simple syrup inside your refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks and use it without having to defrost it.

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How to defrost Simple Syrup?

When used in recipes for hot foods, you won’t have to go through the trouble of defrosting the Simple syrup cubes. More so because the Simple syrup cubes do not require any extra thawing as it melts when put in a pan. Hence, you don’t need to thaw while cooking food or using it in hot drinks.

Alternatively, if you need to make cold drinks like cocktails, mocktails, fruit punch, etc, then you can defrost the syrup cubes in the refrigerator for an entire night. Even though it won’t take long for the liquid to melt, refrigeration overnight can be more convenient. Other than that, syrup cubes are easy to use without having them as well.

Can you refreeze Simple Syrup?

Yes, Simple syrup does refreezes itself pretty well and there won’t be major changes. As the content of the syrup mainly consists of water and sugar, there is no adverse effect of refreshing the syrup. Moreover, the syrup will still do its job despite the freezer-burn taste that will stay later.

The only major point of refreezing Simple syrup is that it might start to taste less sweet every time you refreeze it. That is probably the only drawback you will find while refreezing the Simple syrup. However, you could always use the syrup in precise proportions.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Simple Syrup?

1. Can you freeze flavored Simple Syrup? 

Yes, you can freeze flavored Simple syrup as easily as the normal one. One thing to look out for is if the flavor is artificial it is made out of real extracts. Other than that, it is easy to freeze flavored Simple syrup.

2. Can you freeze rich Simple Syrup? 

Yes, you can totally freeze the rich simple syrup in your regular freezer. The rich Simple syrup will stay in the freezer for as long as 3 months. Moreover, you can use the same procedure mentioned in this article.

3. Does Simple Syrup freeze well? 

The simple syrup does freeze extremely well when compared to other syrups we come across. This syrup has a concentration of sugar and water which does not allow the water to freeze completely.

Key Takeaways

To draw the concluding lines, the only aspect that we want to highlight is that freezing Simple syrup is more advantageous than you think. As we all might require Simple syrup more often, we must use a good storage option. And what is the best other than freezing the entire liquid?

With that, we have wrapped up freezing Simple syrup. However, if you want more freezing food content, then we have got you. For articles like this one, check out our website

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