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Freeze Coconut Milk: Coconut milk is a must-have ingredient when cooking Asian curries and stews. Sometimes, we will face issues like for a half cup of coconut milk, we need to open a new carton, at that time, we think about how can we store that remaining milk without going bad. Now, while reading this, some people may think can coconut milk go bad if you just place it in the refrigerator.

Coconut milk will stay fresh in the refrigerator only for some days. But if you cannot complete your carton in some certain days coconut milk will go bad like all other dairy milk. But freezing will help you to store coconut milk for months without going bad. So, freezing is the best option. In the below section, we learn how can you freeze coconut milk, defrost, and many more are covered below.

Freeze Coconut Milk

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk?

Yes, you can freeze coconut milk but you can only use this frozen coconut milk for recipes in cooking, baking, and for smoothies. Because after freezing coconut milk there will be some change in texture and taste. And also solid separate from the liquid. And also liquid becomes grainy. Anyways, frozen coconut milk will not be useful for drinking directly. But if you are one who uses coconut milk for baking, smoothies, and cooking recipes you can freeze coconut milk.

When it comes to canned coconut milk, if it is unopened, it will last for years even in the refrigerator and outside. So, there is no need of freezing it. If you have any leftover cartons of coconut milk you can freeze them.

How To Freeze Coconut Milk?

Freezing coconut milk is a very easy and simple process to do. And you don’t need much preparation. Below we have provided you with some ways how can you freeze coconut milk. Let us look into those methods.

Freeze Coconut Milk in Containers

To freeze the coconut milk in containers you can follow the below process. But this method requires a little effort.

  • Firstly, make the coconut milk into portions based on your usage. So that you can thaw only the amount you need.
  • Now, pour the milk into containers by leaving some head space as it will come out.
  • After completion, just label it with the name and expiry date.
  • Finally, place the containers in the freezer.

Freeze Coconut Milk in Cubes

This method will help you a lot as you need not worry to make into portions. Even if you do not know how you use them in the future, this method is perfect. Look into the steps below.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do is take the icecube trays.
  • Pour the coconut milk into those trays.
  • Now, place the trays into the freezer and wait until it freezes.
  • Then again take out and place in freezer bags.
  • Seal it tightly by squeezing the air completely.
  • Place the bags into the freezer by labeling them with names and dates.

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How To Defrost Frozen Coconut Milk?

If you would like to thaw coconut milk there are a few methods to do it. We are going to give you all the ways, you can use the one you like according to your circumstances. Look into those methods below.

Defrosting Frozen Coconut Milk In the Fridge

If you would like to defrost coconut milk in the fridge, just remove the cubes or containers from the freezer and store them in the refrigerator overnight. And they use them in the morning. If the cubes are large, it may take some time.

Defrosting Frozen Coconut Milk in Cold Water or Microwave

If you do not have much time to defrost coconut milk, just remove the cubes or container from the freezer and keep them in the cool water bowl for a couple of hours, so that you can use it. Otherwise, we are also having another option to defrost is using the microwave.

Use Frozen Coconut Milk Without Defrosting

If you are using coconut milk for cooking recipes, you can just use frozen coconut milk directly. As it will defrost while cooking. For that, you need to cook the dish for a few more minutes than normal time. And give a good stir in the middle.

Freeze Coconut Milk

Tips For Freezing and Thawing Coconut Milk

If you like to freeze coconut milk there are some tips to follow like, as you see in can you freeze soy milk article. So that you can freeze it perfectly without any freezer buns.

  • When you freeze coconut milk in containers, just pour it into ice cube trays by measuring 2 tablespoons of coconut milk for one ice cube. It will be easy when you use it in cooking and baking.
  • Always label your containers and bags with your name and date as you need to complete this coconut milk before expiry.
  • Always use silicon ice cube trays that will help you to remove ice cubes easily.
  • Always blend the defrosted coconut milk to get the texture normally as fresh ones.

Pros and Cons of Freezing Coconut Milk

Look into the advantages and disadvantages of freezing coconut milk below.


  • By freezing the coconut milk, you can reduce food wastage.
  • Freezing coconut milk will help you to use it for your favorite recipes.
  • You can use it for smoothies, and baking.
  • It will be helpful for you when you forget to bring fresh coconut milk and there is no time to make coconut milk.


  • Freezing coconut milk will change its texture and slightly there will be a change in taste too.
  • And the solid and liquid parts will get separated if you freeze them.
  • You cannot drink frozen coconut milk directly as fresh ones.

How To Fix Separated Thawed Coconut Milk?

To fix the separated thawed coconut milk can be stirred with a blender to bring its consistency back to normal. And then you can use it in anything. But using cooking recipes will be the best where you cannot find the difference between normal and thawed coconut milk.

How To Use Thawed Coconut Milk?

If you are new to using this thawed coconut milk and wondering how can you use this thawed coconut milk, don’t worry as we are going to provide some ideas.

  • You can use thawed coconut milk as a coffee whitener, or coffee creamer like soy milk.
  • You can use this thawed coconut milk in cooking, and baking recipes.
  • And this can be used in smoothies too.

Can You Refreeze Coconut Milk?

No, we do not recommend refreezing the coconut milk, because there will be a change in texture and taste if you store it for the first time, and again storing it for the second time, will definitely become worst and completely destroys the cream texture. So, always we recommend you freeze separately in portions. So that there will no wastage after thawing.

FAQs on Freeze Coconut Milk

1. Does coconut milk freeze well?

No, actually coconut milk doesn’t freeze really well as there will be a change in texture and taste. But, luckily the taste doesn’t change too much. It can be used in cooking and baking recipes where you can hide its texture.

2. How long will thawing coconut milk last?

Once after defrosting the coconut milk, you should use the milk very quickly. And this thawed coconut milk can be used for up to 3 days if you store it in an airtight container.

3. How long will coconut milk last in the freezer?

Coconut milk can last in the freezer for up to 3 months if you place the milk in an air-tight container or tightly sealed freezer bags.

4. Can you freeze coconut cream?

Yes, you can freeze coconut cream the same as coconut milk. Freeze it in ice cube trays or containers.

Key Upshots

We as a team expect that the above information regarding how can you freeze coconut milk has helped you a lot. Still, if you have doubts or suggestions or if you feel that some more information should be added, you can comment to us in the comment section below. If you like to know about other beverages like whether can you freeze almond milk, can you freeze soy milk, you can check out our website.


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