Can you Freeze Cold Pressed Juice? – Best Process To Freeze Cold Pressed Juice for Quality

Can you Freeze Cold Pressed Juice?: Gulping freshly extracted juice is of course a choice for everyone. But, having this leverage has not always been easy and affordable too. So, the craving for fresh juices can be managed by freezing the juices and using them later as and when required.

If you are wondering whether it is possible to completely freeze fresh juices, then the following article is just for you! Not only shall we discuss the steps involved in freezing fresh juice but also the tips to freeze it well, how to defrost once it has frozen, and finally the related questionnaires you bear in your mind. So, let’s get started.

Can you Freeze Cold Pressed Juice

Can you Freeze Cold Pressed Juice?

Yes, cold-press juice can be frozen and stored for later consumption. If the juice is of good quality, it can be used frozen for a long time without any change in the taste and texture. This way you can save the excess cold-press juice that you have made unintentionally in case.

Furthermore, it will save you time and energy to prepare the juice again. So, let’s find out how can we freeze cold-press juice properly to get the best results.

Steps Involved to Freeze Cold Pressed Juice

The foremost thing to do before proceeding with freezing is to collect the freshly prepared juice of the best quality. Then, follow the steps below to complete the freezing process:


Bottle the juice in anti-cracking jars, preferably in pet jars or bottles. This will ensure that it does not affect freezing. Ensure to leave a gap from the top as liquids expand when frozen.


It is important to label the bottled juice with the contents and date of storage. This will be helpful to track down how long has the juice been frozen.


Finally, place the bottled juice inside the freezer safely to avoid any breakage.

Best Tips to Freeze Cold Pressed Juice

There are reasonably important points to keep in mind before freezing a cold-pressed juice. Below are some of the points that one should bear in mind before freezing cold-pressed juice.

Freeze quickly

The moment you plan to freeze the cold-pressed juice, do not delay as it may lead to contamination and spoilage of the juice. Freeze as quickly as possible the juice.

Portion before freezing

Make sure to freeze the juice in smaller bottles instead of larger ones. This will help to consume only what has been taken out of the freezer. Also, the wastage will be much less.

Look for variants

You are free to choose from the list of fruits or vegetables for freezing juices. As long as the juice is free from any added chemicals and preservatives, it is safer and healthy to freeze and consume the same later on.

Choose from the best

While choosing juice, make sure to pick the best quality fruits or vegetables for extracting juice.

How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Cold Pressed Juice?

You can freeze fresh cold-pressed juice for a period of six months. Beyond that, it will taste differently and you may lose the flavor too. So, the earlier you consume, the better it tastes. Once a bottle of juice is opened, consume the same within 12 hrs to avoid further decay of the juice.

How to Use Frozen Cold Pressed Juice? – How To Thaw Frozen Juice?

Once you plan to use the frozen cold-pressed juice, store it overnight in the fridge. By morning, it will be ready for consumption. In case it’s too cold, u can bring it out of the fridge and keep it at room temperature for best results. Neve ever tries to quicken the defrosting process as it may lead to the cracking of the bottle due to rapid temperature change.

Do Check

Can I Refreeze Cold Pressed Juice?

Yes, practically it is possible to refreeze cold-pressed juice but the results are not satisfactory and may degrade the entire juice. Refreezing will cause the juice to separate and turn grainy too. Instead, freeze the required amount of juice you are willing to consume, this will prevent food wastage too.

How Well Does Cold Pressed Juice Freeze?

Cold-pressed juice freezes really well when you follow the best freezing steps. So, there is a fair deal in freezing the cold-pressed juice. If you are in a fix on whether you should freeze your favorite cold-pressed juice, go for it.

Related FAQs on Freezing Cold Pressed Juice

1. Is it OK to freeze juice after juicing?

Yes, it is ok to freeze juice after juice. The freezing process stops nutrients from quickly being lost in the juice.

2. How long can you freeze fresh cold-pressed juice?

You can freeze cold pressed juice for 6 months.

3. How do you store cold-pressed juice in the freezer?

You can store the prepared cold-pressed juice in glass bottles and seal the lid tightly. Write the best-by date on the bottle and freeze it as soon as possible.

4. Does freezing juice affect taste?

Yes, freezing juice affects its taste and flavor.


So, that being said you need not worry about stocking huge batches of freshly prepared cold-pressed juice. All you need to do is to store them in proper containers and place them in the freezing chamber. The cold-pressed juice stays in good condition, maintains the same taste as earlier, and gives you the product you have long desired for.

Last but not the least, some vegetables and fruits are available for a particular season of the year, and they can be relished later by freezing their juice. Stay in touch with our site to know if Can you Freeze Protein Shakes, Can you Freeze Kombucha, and so on.

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