Can You Freeze Potato and Leek Soup? – How to Freeze and Reheat Potato Leek Soup?

Can you Freeze Potato and Leek Soup: Imagine it is a chilly winter day and you want some hot soup that is just ready to be warmed and savored. Potato and leek soup will be the number one choice of many. So, be it, we shall give you the trick to freeze your favorite soup that you can enjoy later at your leisure.

This article explains the step-by-step guide on how to freeze the soup, what are the important points to know while freezing, how long can it be frozen, and much similar information that will turn helpful for you.

Can you Freeze Potato and Leek Soup

Can You Freeze Potato And Leek Soup?

Yes, you can freeze potato and leek soup without any questions. But, following the correct procedure to freeze the soup is quite important. Storing a mere leek soup can be simple and straight but after adding potatoes, the soup gains thickness and it becomes tricky to freeze the same. Hence, study this article carefully and you can be ready to freeze a winter soup to warm you during the evenings.

How Can I Freeze Potato And Leek Soup?

The following steps shall ensure that you store the potato and leek soup with much precision and care.


Firstly start making the soup, when the soup is cooked to one-third, separate the amount of soup you are going to freeze. Make sure you have not added any cream to the soup which will make the soup curdle on freezing. If possible bring multiple containers to divide the segregated soup for freezing.


Allow cooling of the contents of the soup for some time by keeping it open or under the fan. This makes the cooling faster. You can place it inside the refrigerator for some time to further speed up the process.


Once the potato and leek soup is cool, transfer it into air-tight containers as per your need and space in the freezer. You can also transfer the same into zip-lock bags as per convenience.


The final step is to freeze the transferred soup in the freezer. Depending upon the amount of soup you’re going to freeze, the proportionate space should be available in the freezer. If you want to store it for a couple of days, placing it inside the refrigerator will serve the purpose.

Tricks To Freeze Potato And Leek Soup

  • Don’t delay

Make sure to freeze the delicious potato and leek soup within the first two hours of preparation. This will help to get rid of any contamination from bacteria. Since it contains, boiled potato it can be a good source for bacteria to infest. Hence, avoid keeping the soup open or making it stale before freezing it.

  • Use the right containers

If you have sufficient space in the freezer, go for glass containers, and ensure they are airtight to avoid freezer burns later. Or else ziplock bags will also serve the purpose but should not contain much air trapped within them. The trapped air might cause the pack to burst.

  • No to cream

As stated above, during preparation, avoid using the cream as, during the freezing process, the cream is going to give the soup an altogether different texture. More importantly, there is a huge possibility of the soup turning rancid. So keep using the cream at bay if you plan to freeze the potato and leek soup.

How Long Can I Freeze Potato And Leek Soup Together?

You can relish your favorite soup for 6 months, after that we don’t recommend consuming the soup as there is a high possibility of the soup getting spoilt. Try to finish the soup earlier as the earlier you use it the better it tastes. So, don’t wait till 6 months for consuming the soup.

How Can I Defrost Potato And Leek Soup?

The best way to defrost potato and leek soup is to place it in the fridge overnight if you have plenty of time. In case you need it much quicker, the container can be placed inside a water bath containing warm water and can be left for some time.

Can I Refreeze Potato And Leek Soup?

No, refreezing the soup will not have any more nutritional value left in soup, hence it is advised to consume the soup in one go. Also, you can freeze the soup in portions that will help you to figure out how much soup you need at the time and it will prevent wastage of the soup too.

Do Check

Do Potato And Leek Soup Freeze Well?

Of course, potato and leak soup freeze pretty well only if the steps are religiously followed. It is one of the favorite soups to savor while planning to cook nothing on a chilly winter evening. Due to the water content, it might be a difficult soup to freeze, still, it is an excellent appetizer after thawing.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Potato And Leek Soup

1. Can I freeze potato and leek with milk and cream?

No, it will cause the soup to turn grainy while freezing, hence, it is a big no to use milk and cream in potato and leek soup.

2. How long can you freeze homemade leek and potato soup?

You can freeze homemade leek and potato soup for up to 6 months.

3. Can I freeze leek onion and potato soup?

Yes, you can freeze potato and leek onion soup by following the same process we have stated above and get your desired results.

4. How long do potato and leek soup last in the fridge?

Potato and leek soup lasts for around 3 days in the fridge and if you want to store it for a longer period of time, you freeze it so that it lasts for up to 6 months.


The concept of freezing potato and leek soup revolves around saving time, energy, and food wastage. This is a great and healthy way to relish homemade dishes without any additional cost. Further, it keeps food ready at your home for any emergency and time crunch, this way frozen soup serves the purpose. Hence, keep your food safe and hygienic by freezing and storing it for a longer time.

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