Can You Freeze Parsley Sauce – How To Freeze Parsley Sauce To Use Year Around?

Can You Freeze Parsley Sauce: Parsley sauce is one of the best condiments to go with a variety of hearty dishes like pasta, garnishing vegetables, soups, etc. owing to its vibrant green color and rich taste.

Parsley sauce is not only easily available but is also super easy to make at home provided you are using fresh Parsley herbs for the same.

You may have bought a big bottle of Parsley sauce and now are confused about how to stop it from going bad since it is opened now.

This brings you to the whole point of this article which will save you from worrying about what to do with leftover Parsley sauce. Come let’s learn more about freezing Parsley sauce perfectly in order to preserve it for the longest time possible.

Can You Freeze Parsley Sauce

How To Freeze Parsley Sauce Efficiently?

If you have bought a large quantity of Parsley sauce to serve a big batch but are left with some parsley sauce left over, do not worry about it as it will not go to waste. Parsley sauce freezes quite well like any other condiment and here are the steps to do so efficiently:

  1. Cool: First, always remember to never freeze your Parsley sauce directly when it is still warm. Instead, let it sit on your oven or kitchen countertop to let it completely cool down on its own at room temperature before going to the next steps.
  2. Split Into Portions: Next, once it is completely cooled down, it is time to prepare it for freezing. You can perfectly freeze it in the original container or bigger batches, but we shall recommend you split our Parsley sauce into smaller portions as one or two servings so that you can use up those portions individually rather than defrosting and refreezing the whole sauce every single time.
  3. Bag Up and Seal: Once your freezer-appropriate portions are ready, now it is time to put these portions in individual plastic freezer-safe bags. While pouring the sauce in, make sure you have squeezed all the excess air and air bubbles whatsoever before securing the seal tightly.
  4. Label and Freeze: Finally, make sure to put the contents and current date as well the use-by dates on each bag as mentioned in the original packaging and put them inside your freezer one by own adjacently and not one above the other.

How To Freeze Parsley Sauce In Ice Cubes?

Another amazing way of freezing your Parsley sauce is to use the Ice cube tray method. This is considered to be the best approach to freezing leftover Parsley sauce mainly.

First, you need to wait until your Parsley sauce has completely cooled down and is free from the other food particles that may have been combined due to being a side dish, and then spread them evenly in the slots of an appropriately sized ice cube tray.

Since the liquid content of sauces expands on freezing, make sure to leave some space at the top to leave enough room for that. Flash freeze the ice trays and once the cubes are frozen solid, transfer them into a freezer-safe bag or an air-tight container and put them back into the freezer.

Best Tips To Freeze Parsley Sauce

Now that you have learned how to freeze Parsley sauce to preserve it perfectly, here are some of the important tips that are very essential for you to know to extract the best out of your frozen Parsley sauce. Let’s see the tips now that we strongly recommend you follow:

  1. Freeze in an Ice Cube Tray: Try freezing your Parsley sauce using the Ice cube tray method only if possible because it not only does efficiently freeze your parsley sauce but also makes it easy for you to use individually as cubes depending upon the quantity you need.
  2. Work on Consistency: If you notice that your parsley sauce has split or has the liquid content separated during the freezing process there is nothing to worry about it because it is a common and natural phenomenon with frozen sauces. Just give it a quick stir or warm it up a little bit to rectify the consistency before serving.
  3. Use Fresh Parsley always for making the sauce: While preparing Parsley sauce at home, make sure you are using fresh parsley for your recipe. Dried counter Parsley is not going to be a very good substitute for the real fresh one and your sauce is going to lack taste possibly if you freeze or defrost the sauce that is not made from the actual herb.

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How To Defrost Parsley Sauce Before Use?

Once you are ready to reuse your Parsley sauce from the frozen make sure to thaw it first inside the fridge before defrosting.

For this shift your bag of Parsley sauce from the freezer and let it sit in the fridge for several hours or preferably overnight. Once thawed fully, put it on the stovetop at the lowest heat possible and stir gently.

If you are falling short of time then you can also reheat your frozen Parsley sauce in the microwave itself for defrosting. For this, use the defrost setting in your microwave and put your sauce inside only after it is completely thawed in the fridge.

Now, if you ask whether you can refreeze Parsley sauce or not then there is nothing wrong with refreezing Parsley sauce provided that it was properly stored away from moisture and air exposure.

If not stored properly, refreezing Parsley sauce may show adverse effects. Hence, it is always recommended to store and freeze your Parsley sauce in smaller portions instead to make it easy for users to use directly and avoid the hassle of thawing and defrosting with absolutely no wastage.

How Long Can You Freeze Parsley Sauce?

If you have very little Parsley sauce left over which you know you will use up in the next couple of days, then you can simply put it in a container and place it in the fridge directly.

Home-made Parsley sauce can last in the fridge for about 3 days to a week depending upon the climatic condition of the region you are living in.

Store-bought Parsley sauce might last you a little bit longer due to the presence of added preservatives and stabilizers.

But, if you have to preserve your Parsley sauce any longer than a week’s time, then Freezing is something that you will need to opt for. Parsley sauce will last for 6-8 months perfectly and raw Parsley stays fresh for about a year in the freezer.

Just make sure to wrap the ends of the Parsley bunch with a damp towel. Any indication of bad Parsley sauce will be visible through discoloration and separation of oils.

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FAQs On Can You Freeze Parsley Sauce

1. Can You Reheat Parsley Sauce?

Yes, parsley sauce can be perfectly reheated but always make sure to start with low heat first in order to not start boiling it which will not only degrade the taste but will also make its bright green color look dark and dull.

2. Can You Freeze Parsley In Oil?

Yes, you certainly can freeze Parsley in oil by using the ice cube tray method but make sure your chopped Parsley is completely submerged in olive oil and also that you are using good quality Olive oil.

3. How long can you keep homemade Parsley sauce in the freezer?

Homemade Parsley sauce can stay good for up to 6 months inside the freezer but for that, you must ensure that it was covered and stored properly without getting air or moisture exposure.

4. Is it better to freeze Parsley sauce in plastic or glass?

If you’re storing leftover Parsley sauce then you must choose glass containers over plastic ones because the plastic material can release chemicals when frozen or heathen that can mix up with your sauce and make it unsafe for consumption.

Glass containers are much more stable and protect you from that risk but be careful while handling them.

5. Can Homemade Parsley sauce be frozen?

Yes, homemade Parsley sauce can be frozen for 6 months straight but make sure you have waited for it to completely cool down first before freezing and that you have used proper air-tight glass containers to freeze them.

Closing Thoughts

Wrapping up, even though Parsley sauce might split or separate its liquid content a little bit while freezing, it freezes quite well and lasts you a pretty long time.

Just remember, once thawed you must wait for a few seconds before stirring it back in and reheating it for the ingredients in it to settle down.

Overall, 6 months is a pretty good time to preserve your Parsley sauce if you follow all the steps mentioned in the article thoroughly.

Hope you found this article helpful and informative. We shall meet you soon with other interesting food-related articles like Can you Freeze Parsley and others.

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