Can You Freeze Parsley? – Comforting Ways To Freeze & Store Parsley

Can you freeze parsley: Parsley is by far the most used herb in a sort of dish. Whether it is sprinkled for garnishing or made as a paste to enhance flavors, this herb is pretty much used everywhere. Moreover, they are sold in big bunches which makes it compulsory to use them all at once.

Then what if you still have fresh parsley left over in your kitchen? You can’t possibly waste those fresh herbs, as here comes a question ie., Can you freeze parsley? Here is everything you need to know about freezing parsley. Along with it, you can also check out the defrosting and uses of frozen parsley.

Can You Freeze Parsley

Can You Freeze Parsley?

Yes, parsley, like any other herb, can be frozen and preserved in the refrigerator for future use. The best method of preserving parsley is freezing and it stays fresh for more than three to five days. The herbs won’t be lively enough to function as a garnish, but they’ll surely work when added to a herb sauce, a skillet of scrambled eggs, or a pot of beans.

There are various methods to preserve parsley depending on how you intend to use it after freezing. Examine the process of freezing parsley to ensure that you can utilize this delicate plant at any time of the year.

How to freeze parsley? | Methods of freezing fresh parsley

It’s incredibly simple to freeze parsley and preserve its deliciously herbal-yet-earthy flavor for later use. Note that neither of these techniques will preserve the characteristic texture of parsley leaves, so while you still have fresh parsley on hand, load up on parsley salads, and use it in pasta or chicken stews.

As parsley is mostly used as a dry herb, it can be consepted into being dry-used too. But freezing does make parsley better if not the best garnish.

Whatever way you choose, you should start with thoroughly dry and clean parsley because water on the leaves may lead to harmful ice crystals. Before freezing the parsley, rinse it under cool water, pat it dry, or even give the stems a quick spin in a salad spinner. Let’s see the methods on how you can freeze parsley below:

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Freezing parsley in zip-up bags

  • When the parsley is clean, shake off the excess water and let it dry naturally. The bunch of parsley will be dried in 20 minutes if you use a dish drying rack. Because the parsley will freeze with water on it, the quality of the finished product will suffer. Wait for your parsley to dry by air as a result.
  • Slice the parsley very thin. Freeze the parsley’s leaves and stems since they are both delicious and nutrient-rich.
  • The chopped parsley should be placed in a freezer bag. Use a knife to move the parsley, though a spoon also works well.
  • Squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag as you close it. Do not crush or pound the parsley.
  • For 4-5 hours or overnight, freeze the parsley in the bag in the freezer.

Freezing parsley in ice cubes

  • Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your parsley first. You don’t want any dirt or insects to cause it to freeze. Now slice the parsley into small pieces. Cut the parsley in the manner you would ordinarily dice it.
  • Put the mixture in an ice cube tray. Parsley should occupy about two-thirds of the space. At this time, you could also incorporate other herbs.
  • Add some high-quality olive oil or melted unsalted butter on the top of each cube. If you are short on time or ingredients, you could even use water.
  • Overnight, freeze the cubes completely on the tray in the freezer with the cubes covered in cling film.
  • Finally, remove the tray, then take out each cube one at a time. Put the cubes in a bag and put the bag back in the freezer. Make certain to clearly label the bag with “parsley”.

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How to freeze parsley from the garden?

  • Parsley that has just been gathered should be washed in a bowl of water. At this point, remove any leaves that are discolored or yellow.
  • Parsley leaves should be spread out on a clean cloth to dry for a few hours after the rough stems have been removed. To prevent your parsley from sticking together when frozen, thoroughly dry it before chopping.
  • The stems of parsley can be bitter and tough. For the greatest flavor and texture, remove the leaves from the stems.
  • Chop the parsley into your preferred size after all surface moisture has dried. I wouldn’t advise using a food processor because it would make the parsley too fine and possibly turn it into a puree.
  • Put the chopped parsley in freezer containers or little freezer bags. To prevent it from clumping together if your parsley has a lot of moisture in it, you can scatter it on cookie sheets and freeze it before putting it in freezer bags.

Can You Freeze Parsley

Why should you freeze parsley?

Nowadays, there are more reasons than ever to preserve good parsley. For the following explanations, do freeze parsley:

  • Freezing parsley aids in preserving its essential elements.
  • It prolongs shelf life and aids in reducing the growth of germs that might cause spoilage.
  • Also, it reduces the amount of food waste, if you have a large quantity of parsley that you simply cannot use up in the next five to six days.
  • You may enjoy fresh parsley throughout the entire year because it is really simple to do and will save you money.

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How to use frozen parsley?

Frozen parsley can be used in many ways than intended. More or less, you can use frozen parsley just as you’d use it when it was fresh. Whether it is for flavoring, paste, or anything else, just put the parsley while the food is heating.

Frozen parsley can also be used for making parsley-infused butter. All you have to do is mix the frozen content with textured butter. And, you’ll have the best butter spread for bread, steak, curries, etc.

Frozen parsley, however, shouldn’t be used for garnishing as it loses its crispiness after being in the freezer. Maybe with more freezing, it might get bad and bitter. Other than that, parsley can be used in every way one can think of.

How to defrost frozen parsley?

If you have frozen your parsley in cubes and intend to whisk it into a sauce or soup, you may remove them right from the freezer and start using them right away. Because defrosting parsley isn’t the best idea.

The issue arises when you wish to add parsley as a dish topper, which is something we don’t recommend doing. The issue is that parsley loses its original texture and becomes soggy when it is defrosted. You wind up with damp clumps of parsley when you want to garnish your dish, and that’s not appealing.

Nonetheless, parsley can be left in the refrigerator for a few hours if you’re determined to defrost it before using it in your dishes. Since parsley is so thin, defrosting doesn’t take very long at all.

FAQs on Does Parsley Freeze Well?

1. What is the best way to freeze fresh parsley?

According to studies, tightly wrapping the parsley reduces its propensity to lose a significant amount of water. In this manner, no outside air is absorbed and the parsley is kept dry.

2. Can you freeze parsley that has been frozen before?

Yes, refreezing parsley is technically possible, but it isn’t exactly recommended. With time, the parsley gets soggy and lacks flavor. Hence, freezing it for a second time can lead to bad taste and texture.

3. Can you freeze raw parsley?

Yes, fresh and raw parsley can easily be frozen with the help of zip-up freezer bags and containers. You can also chop them and put them into the freezer and they will last for many days.

4. How long does parsley last in the freezer?

Parsley lasts in the freezer for about 4-6 months and more than that when it is stored properly by following all instructions. If you maintain the same temperature in the freezer like at 0°F then it will stay fresh and safe indefinitely.

Key Takeaways

Freezing parsley is a great idea when you can’t use the big bunch in one go. Whether you freeze it in cubes or just put it in freezer bags or an airtight container, you’ll still get an amazing flavor from the frozen herb. Make sure to not consider defrosting parsley while food preparations. To check out more frozen food content apart from can you freeze parsley, check our articles at

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