Can You Freeze Pancakes? – Best Tips & Facts About Freezing Pancakes

Can You Freeze Pancakes?: Busy mornings call for quicker breakfast options and pancakes are something that most appropriately fit in that category. Pancakes are one of those glorious make-ahead recipes with warm and sweet fillings of choco chips, blueberries, pumpkins, buttermilk, and whatnot. Previously we knew that freezing the pancake mix is the only option to get fresh pancakes ready along with saving time and effort.

This article is going to give you all the information about freezing ready-made baked pancakes while keeping their freshness, taste, and texture intact. Sounds fun? Come let’s jump straight into today’s article without wasting any time and learn how to freeze pancakes properly in the section below.

Can You Freeze Pancakes

Can You Freeze Pancakes?

Yes, fortunately, pancakes are an amazing make-ahead food item that can be frozen for a long period of time for preservation. Any kind of pancake, be it whole wheat or cornmeal, can be frozen and reheated beautifully. Fruity pancakes with heavy fillings of choco chip, buckwheat, buttermilk, or blueberry and be freely stored in the freezer without any spoilage to the stuffed product.

Just ensure freezing your pancakes raw before you plan to add any syrup, butter, etc. Knowing the right techniques is the key to holding onto the freshness of your pancakes for a really long time and the section below has summed it up into a step-by-step guide for you.

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How To Store Pancakes In The Freezer?

Now that you know how important it is to freeze pancakes properly in order to keep them fresh for a really long time, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you achieve the same:

  1. Let’s start with making some delicious pancakes on a pan or griddle as you do normally and ensure to cook them properly before freezing.
  2. Transfer cooked & hot pancakes to a plate and allow them to cool down completely at room temperature.
  3. Next, you need to line a baking sheet using parchment, wax paper, plastic wrap, or silicone matte. Avoid using aluminum foil at this point.
  4. Place your cooled pancakes on the baking sheet lining and place them inside the freezer. Let your pancakes flash freeze for 30 mins to one hour and then transfer those frozen pancakes onto a tray leaving sufficient gaps in between.
  5. Finally, place this entire setup inside a sealable airtight zip lock bag and mark the date and other required contents for future usage.

Can You Freeze Pancake Batter?

Yes, pancake batter can also be frozen like cooked pancakes. But freezing pancake batter helps everyone stay fresh until the next time you plan to cook pancakes. This will not only save up time but also make sure that your pancakes are still fresh, light, and fluffy. For the detailed steps, do follow the information provided in our can you freeze pancake batter article and store it with good quality.

How Long Can You Freeze Pancakes?

Well, it is correct that freezing pancakes can help you to preserve them for a long period of time, but it is also true that it is going to remain safe yet lose their original flavor over time. If you are freezing pancakes then the maximum time they can stay fresh is 4 months but is likely to hold their authentic flavor and texture for 2 months only.

For pancakes that are stored in the refrigerator, 1 month is the maximum time you can make them last. However good your storage technique is the best time frame within which you must try consuming up your pancakes is 3 months maximum.

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How To Defrost Pancakes & Pancake Batter?

Well, you might be amazed here because you do not actually require to defrost your pancakes before consuming them. Be it store-bought, ready-made pancakes or homemade ones, you can directly use them from the frozen and reheat them as per your preference without the need of thawing them in the fridge.

In case you are storing pancake batter then it must be transferred to the fridge the night before and thawed down completely overnight before using it up the next morning to make pancakes. Reheating pancakes does come with a variety of options so make sure to read them in detail as mentioned in the section below.

How To Reheat Frozen Pancakes?

There are five methods you get to choose from when it comes to reheating your frozen pancakes safely. The five methods are as follows:

  • Reheating in the Oven- Oven is best for reheating a large batch of pancakes. Preheat your oven first to 350 degrees F and then place your frozen pancakes equally spaced on a baking sheet inside the oven. Bake them for approximately 10 mins until they are perfectly warm though.
  • Reheating in a Toaster- While using a toaster, put one pancake in each slot and heat until warm enough. Make sure to not overdo it and keep a close eye on the pancakes in the toaster so that they don’t become too crispy.
  • Reheating in the Microwave- A microwave is best to keep your pancakes fluffy and soft even after reheating. For this, place 2- 5 pancakes on a microwave-safe plate and turn up to the highest power (100%) and let it bake for 1 and ½ minutes straight. Next, remove them and place the next batch and continue for the rest of your batches
  • Reheating on Stove- To reheat your pancakes on the stovetop, take a skillet or pan and place the pancakes in a single layer. Next, turn the burner on to the lowest heat setting first until they are warm enough for 4-5 mins, and keep flipping the pancakes intermittently in between to prevent them from sticking to the base.
  • Reheating in Air-Fryer- An air-fryer is very similar to a toaster and the results are pancakes with a crispier outside and a soft and warm inside. For this, put your pancakes in a single layer inside the air-fryer basket and cook them at 350 degrees F for about 10- 15 mins.

Best Tips To Reheat Pancakes

Now that you have learned all the best techniques to freeze, defrost, and reheat your pancakes in the sections above, here are some proven tips that you can try out to get the best results from your frozen pancakes:

  • If your pancakes are made up of fillings like choco chips or berries, avoid using a toaster to reheat them as it might melt the filling inside and create a messy final product.
  • Freeze your pancakes plain. Add any decorations, toppings, or garnishing after you reheat them and get them ready for serving.
  • While microwaving your pancakes ensure to start with a medium power first for a shorter period of time and then go up eventually to make sure your pancakes do not get too chewy.
  • If you want your pancakes to not get too dry inside the oven or air-fryer, try brushing a little bit of oil or melted butter over the top surface of your pancakes before you start the reheating process.

Can You Refreeze Pancakes?

Yes, you can safely refreeze pancakes if you have leftovers from the thawed ones. However, you might notice a slight degradation in quality due to the moisture lost at the time of thawing.

In order to refreeze your pancakes safely, you must ensure that the thawed pancake must have been kept below 40 degrees for no more than 3 to 4 days. Since you have already exposed it to outside air once, you might have to add some extra layers of cling wrap this time for better protection.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Pancakes For Later Use?

1. Do cooked pancakes freeze well?

Yes, since pancakes fall into the carbolicious food family, they freeze quite well and reheat beautifully as well as taste even better afterward.

2. Is it better to freeze or refrigerate pancakes?

If you have a large batch of leftover pancakes and want to preserve them for a long time, then go for freezing. Pancakes do fine in the refrigerator but only for a week’s time.

3. Is it better to freeze pancake batter or cooked pancakes?

Freezing the batter is better as you not only get freshly cooked pancakes but also cut short the time and effort to make the whole batter over again. Freezing cooked pancakes is good for work morning breakfast when you have time for literally nothing.

4. How do you reheat frozen homemade pancakes?

To reheat frozen homemade pancakes, you need to place them on a rimmed baking sheet and heat them in a toaster heated to 375 degrees or a conventional oven for about 6 minutes until it’s warmed through.

5. Can you freeze pancakes made with eggs?

Yes, eggs are a very common ingredient in pancake batter and can easily be frozen like any other pancake recipe.

Key Outcomes

So that was all you needed to know about freezing and reheating pancakes ensuring the quality, safety, and texture are intact. Freezing pancakes will give you amazing results if you can successfully keep a check on just two highly-potent elements: air and moisture.

No matter what method you choose for reheating your frozen pancakes make sure to start at the lowest setting and gradually go up. We end this Can You Freeze Pancakes article here and we shall meet you super soon with another interesting food article. Sayonara!

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