Can you Freeze Borlotti Beans? – How to Properly Freeze and Store Borlotti Beans for Optimal Quality?

Can you Freeze Borlotti Beans?: Popular across a wide range of cuisines and cultures, Borlotti Beans are easy to prepare and cholesterol free too. The protein and fiber content of the Borlotti Beans is, in a way comparable to other food starters. When it comes to storage, you can freeze Borlotti Beans in simple ways.

The best way is to stick to the measures stated in the article to get the desired results. It allows you to save time and effort when making and freezing Borlotti beans. We will detail the information on how to freeze Borlotti Beans at home, points to keep in mind while freezing the same, how long can it be frozen, and so on.

Can You Freeze Borlotti Beans

Can You Freeze Borlotti Beans?

Yes, you can freeze Borlotti Beans. With cranberry or white colors, Borlotti Beans are mild and have a nutty flavor. It is good for nut roasts. It is good to learn that you can freeze Borlotti Beans when you have them in excess. You can pack them in a freezer-safe container. They can be dried, but keeping them in your freezer and reserving them until you need a portion is easier. Now that you know it’s safe in the freezer let’s learn how to freeze Borlotti Beans.

Ways To Freeze Borlotti Beans

Making and freezing Borlotti Beans should be fast and easy. You don’t have to waste it. You can still have a nutritious meal as you go out of ideas. Borlotti Beans tend to defrost fast, and you can enjoy them with other foods. Follow the steps to ensure optimal storage in the freezer.

Sort through Borlotti Beans

The first step is to sort through the Borlotti Beans. You can pick the best quality beans free of blemishes and damage. Once you have your chosen beans, drain and wash them thoroughly.


Blanch the beans before freezing them. Take a large saucepan and start boiling water. While the water heats up add the borlotti beans. Now, keep some cold water ready. After boiling it for some time, take out the borlotti beans and add them to the ice water to stop the cooking process.

Drain and dry

You can leave the Borlotti Beans in ice-filled water till it cools down. As it cools, you can drain the Borlotti Beans and spread them on clean sheets to dry.


You can store the beans in freezer-safe bags or containers. Try dividing the Borlotti Beans into portions and freeze them separately. It becomes easy to have the exact amount later.

Label the bags

Don’t forget to label the container with the container and date. Seal the freezer-safe bags or containers tightly.

Best Hacks For Freezing Borlotti Beans

Although it is easy to freeze Borlotti Beans, you should remember some points while doing so.

Don’t overheat

Avoid overcooking or overheating your Borlotti Beans to keep them from getting or splitting too soft. You can cook them on low heat. If you want to make soup, get the Borlotti Beans canned. Finish cooking the Borlotti Beans below the simmer to keep them as firm as possible.

Use an ice cube tray

If you want to freeze bean puree, you can use the ice tray. You can put some puree into the squares of an ice tray and freeze. Afterwards, you can move the ice cubes into a bag for easy storage. It becomes easy for you to grab small portions of Borlotti Beans later.

Keep it airtight

Keep the bag of Borlotti Beans as airtight as possible. Otherwise, the Borlotti Beans may taste stale and freezer burnt. If you want to avoid it, keep your beans protected and tight. Make sure you get as much air out of the bean bag as you can.

Can You Keep Borlotti Beans Frozen For A Long Time?

Yes., you can keep Borlotti Beans frozen for about six months. The same rule applies whether you want to freeze them as a puree or whole. You can have plenty of time to use fresh beans or excess cans at your disposal.

Can You Refreeze Borlotti Beans?

You can give it a try. We wouldn’t ask you not to refreeze Borlotti Beans. The beans tend to freeze well the first time. But freezing is harsh, and it may spoil or degrade the food. You’d likely end up spoiling the Borlotti Beans to the extent they make you sick.

Defrosting Borlotti Beans

It is quite easy to defrost Borlotti Beans. Ensure you take them out of the freezer and rack them in the fridge as they thaw with time.

If you plan to cook your Borlotti Beans instantly, defrost them in the micro oven. Be careful that it may heat the Beans, which won’t be good enough if you want to store them for later use.

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How Well Do Borlotti Beans Freeze?

If you keep them protected from air and seal them tightly, Borlotti Beans will freeze well. Borlotti Beans are the same and freeze well for a long time. In general, you can’t find much difference between frozen and fresh Borlotti Beans.

Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Borlotti Beans

1. How can you freeze Borlotti Bean salad?

Once Borlotti Bean salad is ready and seasoned with herbs, you can freeze it. But the texture of the beans may change. The longer it is kept in the freezer, the more the change in texture.

2. What other types of beans can be frozen?

There are many other beans such as pinto beans, black beans, or refried beans; you can freeze a range of beans and pulses in the same way as Borlotti Beans.

3. Can you freeze cooked borlotti beans?

Yes, cooked borlotti beans can be frozen after cooking, this way when you prepare it next time it becomes easy and quick too.

4. How long can you keep borlotti beans in the fridge?

You can keep borlotti beans for 3 to 5 days in the fridge.


Borlotti Beans are among the best as you can enjoy them fresh after cooking and it’s healthy. It is a Columbian bean and rich in thiamin, vitamin, and minerals. You will find it easy to freeze and prepare. After reading the article, it would have been clear that the right steps when followed can land us freezing nutritious foods. Next time when you have a huge lot of cooked Borlotti Beans, you too will be ready with the solution.

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