Can You Freeze Alfajores? – The Dos and Don’ts of Freezing Alfajores – Can You Refreeze Alfajores?

Can You Freeze Alfajores?: Alfajores are a traditional Argentinian cookie popular worldwide. It has two sweet biscuits filled with dulce de leche and covered with coconut flakes. With its delectable flavor, it is a great treat. You may wonder if you can freeze Alfajores. Yes, you can freeze Alfajores in simple steps. The best way is to stick to the measures stated in the article to get the desired result.

We will detail the information on how to freeze Alfajores, how long you keep them in the freezer, and end with FAQs.

Can you Freeze Alfajores

Can You Freeze Alfajores?

Yes, you can freeze Alfajores. If you’re freezing Alfajores, start with the fresh ones. Please pack them in a freezer-safe container and pop them up in the freezer. Be careful to cool them before you start freezing Alfajores. If you don’t cool them before freezing, they may condense and soften the Alfajores. Now that you know Alfajores are safe to store in the freezer, you can learn how to freeze them.

Steps To Freeze Alfajores

Preparing and freezing Alfajores is fast and easy. You will also have a nutritious meal option as you go out of ideas. Alfajores typically defrost fast; you can enjoy them with other delicious foods. If you want to ensure optimal storage of Alfajores, please follow the steps.

Line a tray

Place vegetable or waxed paper on a tray. Once you prepare the Alfajores, line them on the tray. Remove as much air as possible from the Alfajores to prevent freezer burn. Hence, you need to pick a tray that fits in the Alfajores.

Place the tray of Alfajores in the freezer for a couple of hours. It will prevent the cookies from sticking to one another.


Once you freeze the Alfajores, store them in the fridge until you can enjoy them. Keep the Alfajores at room temperature to thaw them for a few minutes before you have them.


Once you get them stacked up, keep the cookies in a container. Seal the lid of the airtight container. Be careful not to press down the Alfajores. Line the container to provide a barrier between the cookies and the freezer.

Freeze and label

Once you seal the container, make sure that you label the container with the use-by date. Place the container of Alfajores in the center of the freezer.

Best Hacks on Freezing Alfajores

By now, you should know how to freeze Alfajores. As the Alfajores are self-stable, you can freeze them to keep the cookies fresh for a long time. We recommend following some tips when freezing Alfajores to have the best results.

Tight seal

When the container gets sealed, the surface of the airtight container is to preserve the food as safely as possible. Please ensure the container is sealed, as it allows you to manage the cookies.

Use greaseproof paper

It is good to place a piece of greaseproof paper between each Alfajores if you are worried that the biscuits will stick together. It will stop the Alfajores from sticking to one another.

Don’t use powders

Your freezer will clump cocoa powder, icing powder, and fine powders. It will make your Alfajores poor to taste and look at. It will also ruin the texture of your Alfajores. You can avoid using powders while freezing Alfajores. And it will keep the cookies a little better.

Freeze them individually on baking sheets

You can freeze-baked cookies too. But, if you first toss all the cookies in an airtight box and store them in the freezer, you will be upset to see a block of Alfajores stuck together when grabbing a handful. You can have Alfajores frozen solid separately to avoid this situation.

How Long Do Alfajores Last In The Freeze?

You may wonder how long you can keep Alfajores frozen. Well, you can keep frozen Alfajores for a month. After 30 days, the moisture within the dulce de leche and freezer will moisten the cookies. The Alfajores will become stale over time. Hence, we will ask you to refrigerate Alfajores for a month to retain their flavor and texture.

Is There A Way To Refreeze Alfajores?

The answer is yes. But, the ice crystals may affect the structure of the Alfajores a little. It means the cookies might not be tasty as you expect them by the time you thaw them for the last moment. Hence, it’s better to thaw the cookies rather than refreeze Alfajores.

Defrosting Alfajores

One simple way to defrost tasty and light Alfajores is to leave them on the counter for up to fifteen to twenty minutes. By that time, the ice crystals on the cookies would have melted. You will enjoy Alfajores that are ready to eat.

How Well Do Alfajores Freeze?

Alfajores tend to freeze well. While the pastry may degrade after a couple of trips through the freezer, Alfajores do well after a single visit. Hence, we would say that Alfajores can freeze well.

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Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Alfajores

1. What is the best way to preserve Alfajores?

Assembled Alfajores tend to stay well at room temperature. If the temperature is above 25°C, we suggest you freeze Alfajores. If you store it right, the Alfajores can stay longer at room temperature.

2. How long do alfajores last in the fridge?

Alfajores will last for 30 days in the fridge.

3. Can you deep-freeze Alfajore doughs?

Yes, you can deep-freeze Alfajore doughs in good-quality freezer bags. Make sure you freeze the cookies in small portions. After you thaw them, you can bake the bunch of dough.

4. Can alfajores be refrigerated?

Yes, Alfajores can be refrigerated.


Alfajores are among the best foods, rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, and fiber. The traditional South American snack, made with honey, flour, and nuts, is healthy and simple to store. Often, we prepare more than we have. In such cases, freezing Alfajores is an excellent option. Next time, when you want to freeze Alfajores for your kids, you have the solution.

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