Can You Freeze Meatballs – How To Freeze Meatballs? – Process of Defrosting Meatballs

Can You Freeze Meatballs: Thinking of a quick and simple weekday supper, then homemade meatballs are the best but no need to do them at that time. You can make them in advance and store them by freezing process. But by listening to this you may immediately get a question in mind: Can meatballs be frozen? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Look into the article, as we have included all the information you require for freezing meatballs like whether can you freeze meatballs, how to freeze and many more. So let’s get started without further ado!

Can You Freeze Meatballs

Can You Freeze Meatballs?

Yes, meatballs can be frozen for up to three months. A portion of the meatballs should be placed on a piece of baking paper and loosely covered in the paper. As you wrap them in cling film, make sure the container is tightly closed and then you need to freeze the package.

How To Freeze Meatballs?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to freeze homemade meatballs:

  • Arrange a baking paper/cookie sheet: The most straightforward method for doing this is to spread out a layer of baking paper or cookie sheet. If you are having problems getting the paper to stay flat, crumple it first into a ball and then try again.
  • Add meatballs and wrap: One fraction of the meatballs should be placed on top of the baking paper, and then they should be loosely wrapped in the paper. You must make sure that the sheet completely encloses the meatballs.
  • Wrap in Cling film: The next step is to wrap the package with cling film to create an air pocket. Instead of forming directly on the meatballs, frost and ice will form in the space created by the air pocket between both the baking sheet and the cling film.
  • Replicate: This procedure is to be repeated for all the meatballs that you want to freeze.
  • Marking: It is essential to mark the meatballs with the date. Try to finish them before the last date.
  • Freeze burn: Keeping the meatballs in the freezer’s centre will prevent freezer burn from spreading to the food because it comes from the freezer’s walls.

How To Freeze Meatballs In A Bag?

The method of freezing meatballs in a bag is much simpler than freezing the balls into the package. This can be done as follows:

  • Baking sheet/paper: Lay the meatballs out on a baking sheet or tray that had been lined with greaseproof paper, making sure that none of them touched.
  • Freeze: Place the tray in the freezer and give the meatballs around two hours to completely freeze
  • Freezer bag: When solidified, remove the meatballs from the tray and place them in a large freezer bag.
  • Seal and freeze: As soon as the bag is closed, squeeze out as much air as you can before placing the big bag in the freezer. Now that meatballs are available, you can take a few whenever you want.

How To Freeze Meatballs Prepared In Sauce?

Meatballs should be prepared following your recipe and cooked until they have an internal temperature of 160 ℉. When the mixture has cooled to room temperature, put the sauce and prepared meatballs in a freezer bag or container if your meatballs were prepared in tomato sauce.

The bags should be marked with the date and kept flat in the freezer for up to three months. By dividing your prepared meatballs and sauce into numerous freezer bags, you can make meal planning even simpler. Every time you need a fast evening meal, just reheat one portion.

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How Long Can You Freeze Meatballs?

Meatballs can be kept frozen for around three months at home. Meatballs will still be safe to eat after three months in the freezer, but they probably won’t be as good as they could have been and the texture may also change. This is due to flavour loss caused by aromatic and delicious compounds evaporating over time in the freezer.

Some Tips For Freezing Meatballs

Since now you know how to freeze meatballs, here are some additional tips that can be followed:

  • Marking with date: It’s essential to consume meat before it goes bad to avoid contracting food illness. When you freeze all meat products, be sure to label them with the appropriate date.
  • Cooked or uncooked: Meatballs can be frozen whether they are cooked or not. This implies that you may use them in dishes without any difficulty, whether you thaw and marinate them or cook them directly from the freezer.
  • Freeze: Meatballs can be successfully frozen in batches. Only thawing what you require because they cannot be refrozen is optimal. This will enable you to avoid wasting food by just cooking what you need.
  • Refrigeration: The meatballs can only be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days after being produced before they must be thrown out. This is why it’s a good idea to freeze them!

How To Defrost Meatballs?

A quick supper from the freezer is meatballs. As long as you know how to properly defrost meatballs, preparing them beforehand and freezing them reduces the prep time for a simple weekday supper.

  • Raw Meatballs: Raw meatballs can be defrosted in the microwave or overnight in the refrigerator. The thawed meatballs can then be prepared in a soup, crockpot, or simmering sauce. Before serving, cooked frozen meatballs should have an internal temperature of 160 ℉.
  • Cooked Meatballs: It’s not necessary to defrost cooked meatballs before reheating them because they’ve already attained a safe internal temperature before freezing. Simply add the frozen meatballs to a saucepan filled with your preferred spaghetti sauce, set the pan over medium heat, and stir. And once meatballs are sizzling hot, reduce the sauce’s heat to a simmer before turning it off. Serve right away.

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Can You Refreeze Meatballs?

No, meatballs cannot be frozen again. This is because dairy, meat, or fish cannot be refrozen. When those three types of food are taken out of the freezer, they are all susceptible to cross-contamination, which compromises the safety of the food when it is refrozen.

Do Meatballs Freeze Well?

Yes, meatballs freeze nicely, just like the majority of high-protein foods. However, high-protein foods do suffer from freezer burn a little more quickly, making it difficult to find a balance.

FAQs On Can Meatballs Be Frozen

1. Can you freeze uncooked meatballs?

Yes, you can freeze meatballs even before you cook them. They are freezer safe for up to four months.

2. Is it better to freeze cooked/uncooked meatballs?

Both of the methods work fine but cooking your meatballs before freezing them is easy. This method makes defrosting simpler, or you can just transfer the frozen ingredients directly into your dish and defrost them. Make sure to cook those until the internal temperature is up to 160°F.

3. Can you freeze meatballs after you cook them?

Yes, you can. Place the cooked meatballs on baking paper in a single layer after leaving them to cool completely. Mark the freezer bags or containers with the date and type of meatball after transferring the frozen meatballs there.

4. Do you thaw frozen meatballs before cooking?

Not typically. Most of the time, frozen meatballs are cooked right from the freezer. Cook the meatballs first and then add the sauce if the sauce you’re using can’t withstand cooking times for a longer period.

5. Can you freeze meatballs in sauce or not?

The meatball and sauce combination should freeze without any issues. The meatballs and sauce should be cooled properly and chilled after cooking, then transferred to airtight containers and frozen for up to two to three months.


We hope that we were able to clear up all the confusion you have about whether you can freeze meatballs or not. Meatballs typically freeze well as long as they are properly wrapped inside the small package you make and are consumed within two to three months of freezing. However, if you have any questions or any recommendations, please let us know in the comment box below. You can read our collection of articles on freezing such as Can You Freeze Biltong Meat at

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