Can You Freeze Margarine? – Complete Guide on Freezing Margarine – Thawing Margarine

Can You Freeze Margarine?: Margarine is the perfect substitute for butter if you wish to have something less greasy and easy in your pocket. It looks almost like butter but its texture varies. You can mash it and create a spread for your toast, grate it and use it on pizza, or directly use it in mashed potatoes.

Whatever its use, it is important to store it nicely so that it stays fresh for a very long time. Unless your margarine has a high amount of preservatives, there is an even stronger need to freeze it. However, no worries! We got you covered. In this article, we will explain methods to freeze margarine.

Can You Freeze Margarine


Can You Freeze Margarine?

Yes, absolutely! You can freeze margarine for up to a year. Just grab that huge block of margarine and cut it into manageable portions. This will be beneficial later on as you won’t have to freeze the leftovers, thereby saving their texture.

After obtaining those portions, wrap every single one of them with fresh foil and then stack them in the freezer. However, it is necessary that this margarine is kept away from the other items in the freezer so that it does not catch any aromas.

How To Freeze Margarine?

Bought too many blocks of margarine and are now worried about storing them. Tried your hands on a new mandarin recipe and now have some leftover margarine? Well, if you can relate to any of these scenarios, then this section is for you. Give it a read!

  • If you have a large block of margarine, then it is better to cut it into pieces rather than freeze it as a whole. Diving big blocks allows you to freeze them in small portions so that you can use them effectively without generating any leftovers. After all, it is risky to refreeze the leftovers.
  • After chopping a few small blocks, wrap them up individually with a thin plastic wrap or fresh foil, and then stack them in the freezer.
  • Now you may take out those small blocks and use them appropriately.

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How Long Does Frozen Margarine Last?

The exact shelf life of margarine depends on several factors the quality of dairy products used to make it, the temperature at which it is stored, and the number of preservatives in it. If you have bought a margarine pack and kept it in the freezer, then it will last up to a year. On the other hand, if you have homemade margarine, then it will probably go bad after 6 months.

To analyze more such situations, we have made a table of estimated shelf lives of different types of margarine, given that they are stored properly.

Types of Margarine At room temperature In the refrigerator In the freezer
Homemade Margarine 5-6 days Up to 8 months
Shop-bought margarine 2-3 days Up to 10 days At least a year

‘-’ means that margarine is not meant to be stored there.

Does Margarine Freeze Well?

Yes, for SURE! Margarine freezes so well that at one point, you will fail at distinguishing between a frozen margarine and a frozen block of butter. Frozen margarine grates really well and maintains its texture for a very long time. Hence, it is absolutely worth it to undertake a few cumbersome steps and freeze margarine separately in the freezer. As mentioned before, just cut it into smaller blocks, wrap up in thin foils, and leave them in the freezer.

Can You Refreeze Margarine?

Technically speaking, Yes! Margarine can be stored back easily in a plastic container and then can be placed inside the freezer for refreezing. However, it is not the right thing to do because margarine, being a perishable dairy product, can easily lose its texture and even split when refrozen.

This will make it extremely difficult for you to use it as a spread or a toast filling. This default is exacerbated in the case of homemade margarine as they have no artificial preservatives in them. Unless you have a lot of leftover margarine, avoid refreezing margarine in general.

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Should You Refrigerate Margarine Or Freeze It?

It completely depends on your usage of the frozen margarine. If you wish to use it as a filling or frosting, then you can simply refrigerate it as these items have nothing to do with the texture. Also, if you bought a preservative-rich margarine from a shop, you can refrigerate it as it won’t go bad quickly.

In contrast, if you have prepared margarine at home or plan on using it as dip or spread, then you probably will not like it grainy. In order to prevent this, you must freeze this margarine, so that its texture is preserved and lasts longer.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Margarine

1. Can you freeze margarine in a plastic container?

Sure, Why Not! You can easily freeze margarine in a plastic container. All you need to do is to cut out a margarine block the size of the container, wrap it in fresh plastic foil, and then pack it inside this plastic container. Now, you may leave it in the freezer and use it accordingly.

2. Can you freeze margarine spread?

Obviously, you can freeze margarine spread similar to how you will store a margarine dip, frosting, filling, block, etc. However, make sure that you store it only in the freezer and not the refrigerator as it will lose its natural texture and turn grainy. Now, it is obvious that a grainy spread is not exactly desirable. So, freeze the margarine spread properly.

3. How do you defrost margarine?

If you are going to grate that block of margarine, it is better that you thaw it first because otherwise, you will just get soft grated material. For thawing margarine, you can leave it in the refrigerator overnight or on the kitchen counter for a few hours. However, if you need it immediately, then you can heat it in the oven for a couple of minutes and then whisk it fast.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article resolved all your queries about freezing margarine, extending its shelf life, and preserving its natural texture. Margarine is a great alternative to butter, hence its demand will only increase in the upcoming years.

Given the large number of ways in which margarine can be utilized and its compatibility with salads, desserts, toasts, etc, it is great if you are preserving this all-rounder in your freezer. Also, for more such fun and informative articles such as Can you Freeze Lemon Butter and about your desired food items and beverages, feel free to check out the website.

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