Can You Freeze Lemon Drizzle Cake with Icing? – A Guide on Freezing Lemon Drizzle Cake

Can You Freeze Lemon Drizzle Cake?: To give your taste buds a wonderful treat, lemon drizzle cake is an awesome combination of tangy and sweet. The dish is not only delicious but also extremely easy to make and is an awesome snack option when you have guests around.

However, you may fall into situations when you would want to make your lemon drizzle cakes ahead of time and preserve them so that you can quickly defrost and serve them instead of spending the time and effort to make the whole thing every single time.

In such scenarios, you may wonder whether freezing can be a good option for you or not. Well then, you are just at the right spot. This article is going to cover all those queries of yours related to lemon drizzle cake. Ensure reading till the end to know about all those effective techniques and interesting facts related to freezing lemon drizzle cakes.

Can You Freeze Lemon Drizzle Cake

Can You Freeze Lemon Drizzle Cake Baked or Unbaked?

Yes, lemon Drizzle cake can be frozen for preservation purposes both in its unbaked and baked form. Ensure to choose thicker sponges to cook your lemon drizzle cake as they don’t fall prey to freezer burns quite as fast and can hold up their texture and softness even after getting defrosted.

When it comes to freezing your lemon drizzle cake there are quite a number of options and techniques for the same. All of them are covered here below so make sure to give it a careful read.

How To Freeze Cooked Lemon Drizzle Cake?

Lemon Drizzle Cake can be frozen both cooked and ready to eat as well as unbaked and ready to cook. The second option is considered to be better because here, you not only get the freshly cooked lemon drizzle cake but also can save up on time in making the mixture dough again every time.

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However, you can opt for freezing cooked lemon drizzle cake if you do not want to spend the effort cooking it again or have a hurry because friends are at home. So if you are thinking can you freeze homemade lemon drizzle cake then let us see the steps to freeze a baked or already cooked lemon drizzle cake:

  1. Cook your lemon drizzle cake according to your favorite recipe and allow it to cool down completely at room temperature.
  2. Next, wrap the cake properly with a double layer of cling film or plastic wrap followed by the aluminium foil, and make sure it is airtight with no moisture seeping in.
  3. Next, pop your cake inside a suitably sized freezer-safe bag or container, label it with the current date and contents, and finally put it inside the freezer.

How To Freeze Unbaked Lemon Drizzle Cake?

Now let us take the second option into consideration and see the steps to freeze an unbaked lemon drizzle cake mixture:

  1. Prepare your lemon drizzle cake mixture as you would normally do and pour it into a pan. Make sure the pan is freezer safe and already well-greased with butter or oil.
  2. A better option is to put parchment paper on the base of the pan first which will give you better results when you finally bake the cake after defrosting it.
  3. Next, wrap the entire cake along with the pan in a cling film or plastic wrap. You can add a couple of extra layers to make sure it is perfectly airtight.
  4. Now put the wrapped pan including the mixture into a freezer-safe bag and label it with the current date and contents.
  5. Finally, put the entire preparation into the freezer but make sure you keep it flat and on top of any other utensil to ensure you are not messing with the mixture.

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Best Tips For Freezing Lemon Drizzle Cake

Now that you know how to freeze your lemon drizzle cake properly, here are a few interesting tips that you can follow to get the best results from your lemon drizzle cake:

  • Keeping your lemon drizzle cake as protected as possible is the key here to preventing your cake from turning soggy. Hence try to wrap the cake with as many layers of cling film as possible.
  • Try freezing the entire cake in one go. You can opt for slicing your cake into pieces first but when you freeze it you will have to wrap each of the layers separately which in turn increases the risk of drying out.
  • The icing drizzle doesn’t freeze quite well and may go too runny or spoil the texture of the cake after defrosting. Hence try adding the drizzle later once you have thawed your plain cake.

How Long Does Frozen Lemon Drizzle Last?

Unfortunately, lemon drizzle cake doesn’t last quite long or indefinitely inside the freezer. It is likely to change its texture and taste over time or it may also tend to taste freezer burnt. So we recommend you keep baked lemon drizzle cakes inside the freezer for only about one month.

In case you are freezing just the cake mixture then you are lucky here because it stays a bit longer than baked cakes and can be frozen for up to 3 months. If stored properly then the maximum time you can make it last in the freezer is 6 months but from the 6th month, you might tend to notice that its taste and texture have started degrading gradually.

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How To Defrost Lemon Drizzle Cake?

Defrosting your lemon drizzle cake is quite easy but if you want your cake to feel as delicious as it used to then the key here is to allow it to defrost slowly. To get the best results try to defrost your cake by first taking it out from the freezer and keeping it in the fridge the night before you need it to allow the cake to thaw slowly.

In case you are freezing just the cake mixture then also you will have to defrost it in the same way but in this case, you can thaw it for a little less time because it is already going to get exposed to heat at the time of baking.

Can you refreeze lemon drizzle cake?

The question of whether you can refreeze your lemon drizzle cake or not is very important to discuss. If you are freezing a baked lemon drizzle cake then you must not refreeze it once it is thawed down. However, if you are freezing just the cake mixture then you will be able to refreeze it once but don’t repeat it beyond 4-5 times.

Does Lemon Drizzle Cake Freeze Well?

Yes, lemon drizzle cake freezes moderately well but how well depends upon the type of sponge that has been used in the recipe. Generally lighter sponges don’t survive quite well inside the drying temperature of the freezer and become denser instead of being light and airy. The cake is going to stay still delicious but it is not going to taste exactly as it was before being kept in the freezer.

Try to choose thicker sponges in your lemon drizzle cake recipe if you want to make it survive well in the freezer. After defrosting your cake properly you can keep your cake in a preheated oven to keep it warm till you finally serve it but make sure to not dry out the cake.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Lemon Drizzle Cake with Icing?

1. Does freezing a lemon drizzle cake make it moister?

No, generally if you freeze a lemon drizzle cake in proper airtight containers then it is going to stay alright. But if you store it improperly or with toppings then it is going to trap unnecessary moisture and turn soggy or too moist.

2. Can You Freeze Iced Lemon Drizzle Cake?

Yes if you are planning to consume your leftover lemon drizzle cake in the next couple of days. But for a longer time, try freezing the cake and the icing separately to keep the texture intact.

3. Can you freeze the lemon drizzle cake tray baked?

Yes, you can freeze tray baked lemon drizzle cake but make sure you are freezing it in portions and wrapping each portion with a cling film separately before putting it all together in a freezer bag to make it easier for you to defrost as many pieces as you require.

4. Does the cake taste the same after freezing?

No, however, well you store it, cakes will slightly lack in taste once frozen. The extent of change in taste depends upon how properly you have stored it and kept it unexposed to air and moisture.

Bottom Line

Wrapping everything up, we hope this article on can you freeze lemon drizzle cake was helpful enough for you to know the best techniques to store it for a good amount of time. Sometimes, you might want to freeze the entire cake, or freeze it in slices to be able to defrost only the number of pieces you need, or you can also choose to freeze just the cake mixture and freshly bake it when you need it.

For any of the above situations, this article is going to come in handy for you. We bid you goodbye now and promise to come up with more interesting yet informative articles related to various food items. So, bookmark our site and keep an eye out for other freezing techniques.

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