Can you Freeze Lemon Posset? – Tips & Tricks to Freeze Lemon Posset

Can you freeze Lemon Posset?: A lemon posset is a delightfully simple dessert that still manages to be sumptuous because of its use of cream, lemons, and sugar. It is an ideal choice for serving at dinner parties or as a special treat for your family.

If you have an important event coming up, you might be wondering if you can create your lemon posset in advance. So in case you want to relieve some of the stress that you will feel on the actual day of the event, you can store lemon posset for later.

Is it possible to put lemon posset in the freezer and then take it out when you want to use it? Read this article to know whether you can freeze lemon posset or not!

Can you Freeze Lemon Posset

Can You Freeze Lemon Posset?

Yes, you can freeze Lemon Posset. There is no problem with freezing lemon posset for up to a couple of months. It is important to exercise caution when preparing this dessert because it is made with cream.

Although the result might not be identical, you should still try freezing your lemon posset in containers that are appropriate for the task.

How to Freeze Lemon Posset?

Lemon posset can be frozen with surprisingly little effort. Before beginning, you will need to give some thought to how you intend to serve the posset.

If you want to serve lemon posset in individual portion containers, you will need to freeze it in the individual portion containers first.

If you aren’t too concerned about the appearance of the posset, you can freeze it in a single large container. Further, you can transfer it to individual bowls when it has been defrosted.

Let’s get right down to business and discuss how to freeze lemon posset.

Prepare and let it Rest

Put together and then bake your lemon posset. Put it in the freezer-safe containers you intend to use. Then wait for it to cool completely before proceeding.


After the lemon posset has had time to cool, you may begin preparing it to be frozen. Place a layer of cling film directly on top of the posset so that it is in contact with the dish. In this way, you can prevent skin from forming on the surface of the product.


Wrap each portion in cling film, and then place it on top of the container if you have one that has a lid.


Place the lemon posset in the freezer after it has been dated and labeled with the ingredients.

3 Tips for Freezing Lemon Posset

Now that you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our three top tips. We strongly recommend following them when freezing lemon posset to get the greatest results:


If the texture of your lemon posset turns out to be too granular, you may either put it in a blender or whisk it up again to try to smooth it out. It’s possible that it won’t ever be nearly as perfect as it was when it was fresh. However, it’s going to be delicious no matter what.

Use Bags

If you don’t have any containers, you can try freezing your lemon posset in freezer bags instead of putting it in a container. Since you need the bags to be as airtight as possible, insert a straw into each one before you seal it, and use the straw to remove any excess air.

Avoid Air At All Costs

If you adore the flavor and consistency of a lemon posset but don’t want to risk ruining it by freezing it, your best bet is to store it in the refrigerator instead of putting it in the freezer. This will preserve all of its exquisite qualities. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. This may be sufficient time for you to consume it without it being frozen.

How Long Can You Freeze Lemon Posset?

When you freeze lemon posset, which is a cream-based dessert, you need to exercise caution. If not done properly, this dessert can go bad and experience a change in texture. Therefore, you should only keep it in the freezer for a maximum of two months before taking it out to thaw and utilize it.

Also, Know

How To Defrost Lemon Posset?

If you want the lemon posset to turn out perfectly, you need to let it slowly thaw in the refrigerator. Using this procedure will provide any crystals that form in the dessert.

Therefore, remove your lemon posset from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator for some hours so that it can thaw. After that, serve the dish directly from the refrigerator.

Can You Refreeze Lemon Posset?

No, it is not advisable to refreeze lemon posset multiple times. There may be some discernible differences in the consistency of the posset, and these alterations are only going to get more pronounced as you continue to freeze it.

In addition to this, you need to watch out for bacterial development and deterioration. You run the risk of becoming ill if you refreeze the food.

Does Lemon Posset Freeze Well?

No, lemon posset being a dish with a substantial amount of fat and protein does not freeze as well as other foods. This is seen in many other dairy products. As a result of the molecules separating from the liquids, you may find that the cream has been separated.

You might find that a lemon posset has a slightly gritty consistency, as a result of the high percentage of dairy that it contains. If necessary, you may stir it before serving it, or you can even put it in the blender and blend it to see if you can get the posset to come back together again.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Lemon Posset

1. How long does the posset last in the fridge?

The lemon posset lasts for 3 days in the fridge.

2. Can lemon tart filling be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze lemon tart.

3. How to Store Lemon Posset?

If you have any leftover lemon posset and plan to consume it within the next week, you can store it in the refrigerator’s coldest section.

Conclusive Thoughts

Even if you have brought more Lemon Posset than you can consume in one sitting, you do not need to be concerned about wasting any of it. It will still be tasty after it has been sitting out for a while.

You have a wonderful option available to you in the form of frozen Lemon Posset, so make use of it. Simply remove it from the freezer and follow the steps before you intend to enjoy it or serve it to your guests.

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