Can You Freeze Jalapenos – 5 Methods To Freeze Jalapenos To Preserve Freshness

Can You Freeze Jalapenos?: Wanna have hot and spicy Spanish and Mexican Dishes all over the year? Then, freezing Jalapenos can be a great option to enjoy your favorite dishes. This article covers details on Can You Freeze Jalapenos, Steps on How to Freeze Jalapenos for various varieties, defrosting technique of Jalapenos in detail. Along with this info, we have included the ways on how to use the frozen Jalapenos and Tips to Tricks to keep in mind while freezing Jalapenos, etc.

Can You Freeze Jalapenos

How to Freeze Jalapenos?

You can choose some of the fresh Jalapenos when they are available and use them year-round by freezing. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to freeze Jalapenos. They are as follows

Freezing Fresh Jalapenos

The best way to freeze Jalapenos is to find fresh ones during the picking season. Firstly, rinse them with cool water and then cut the tops and slit them as round slices. After slices are cut keep them in freezer bags until the time you want them to use again. You can keep them in the freezer for up to 2 years.

Over time Jalapenos will develop a different taste but will remain intact in terms of flavor. The texture softens and you cant use them in your salads or so and can use them in soups and burger toppings. If you are one who loves the crunchy taste of Jalapenos then freezing wouldn’t be a better idea for you. So, try to have them as how they are.

Freezing Canned Jalapenos

If you are sure that you aren’t going to use the Canned Jalapenos in the nearby time then you can freeze the leftovers in containers and freeze them. Make sure you keep the can of Jalapenos right after you open it instead of leaving them for a while as bacteria might get into it and spoil it.  Don’t keep them in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 days after you open and then freeze them as it may lead to food poisoning.

Freezing Store-Bought Jalapenos

If the Jalapenos you bought from the store are freshly harvested you can freeze them in the same way as how you would do with regular fresh jalapenos. Remember to wash them so that there aren’t any harmful chemicals and pesticides on them.

Freezing Bottled Jalapenos

When it comes to Bottled Jalapenos you just have to open the jar and pour them along with the liquid into the freezer container. This way you can freeze the Jalapenos for about 6 months. To defrost simply keep them in the refrigerator for about a day. Later, you can use them in any dish you want.

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How to Defrost Frozen Jalapenos?

The process to defrost Frozen Jalapenos is pretty simple. You just have to take out the bag containing Jalapenos from the freezer and keep them in the Refrigerator for an hour or so. You can also keep the Jalapenos in a bowl of cool water for defrosting them.

If you are preparing nachos or casserole you can simply toss the frozen ones into the dish directly. The cooking process will make them soft and tender. The thawing process for both canned and bottled Jalapenos is the same. You just have to take the product from the freezer and keep it in the fridge overnight. After the thawing process Jalapenos are ready to use.

What to do with Frozen Jalapenos?

You can use the Frozen Jalapenos as if they are fresh. However, they will not have the same crunchiness as if they are fresh. Following are some of the ideas by which you can use the Frozen Jalapenos. They are as follows

  • Use them in a stir fry. Thaw some Jalapeno Peppers and keep them in a pan for quick use.
  • Include Jalapenos in preparing Salsa. All you have to do is thaw out and dry them completely before cutting for salsa.
  • Get an extra flavor or heat by including the Jalapenos in the red sauce or oil-based pasta.
  • Utilize frozen jalapenos to prepare Jalapeno Poppers. If you have frozen Jalapenos before freezing they will not have the same stiffness to support popper filling.

Can You Freeze Jalapenos

Tips & Tricks to Freeze Jalapenos

Follow the simple hacks over here while freezing Jalapenos. They are listed in the below fashion

  • While processing a lot of peppers wear gloves.
  • Blanching is required before freezing so that it neutralizes the enzyme that results in the breaking down of peppers.
  • Keep the frozen peppers in a Ziploc bag and keep the straw using a zipper and seal it around the straw.
  • Remove as much air as you can and pull the straw out.

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FAQs on Is It Okay to Freeze Jalapenos

1. Is it OK to freeze jalapeno peppers whole?

Yes, you can freeze Jalapeno Peppers whole. But make sure you slice them if you want to save room.

2. Can jalapenos be frozen for later use?

Yes, you can freeze Jalapenos for later use.

3. Do I need to blanch jalapenos before freezing?

No, there is no need to blanch jalapenos before freezing.


Hope our article on Can You Freeze Jalapenos has cleared your queries to the possible extent. Try to enjoy the Frozen Jalapenos before they start to decline in quality. Freezing can be a great option to prevent food waste but the quality of Jalapenos If you still have any queries or suggestions needed with regards to Freezing Jalapenos or How to use frozen Jalapenos feel free to reach us through the comment section. Stay tuned to us to know updates on similar articles like Can You Freeze Kale and Can You Freeze Bell Peppers, etc.

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