Can You Freeze Egg Fried Rice? – Expert Tips on How to Properly Freeze and Reheat Egg Fried Rice?

Can you freeze egg-fried rice?: Egg-fried rice is a basic but the most traditional Asian cuisine that is simple to make and serve. Most of its ingredients are included in most dishes we make regularly in our busy lifestyle like eggs, rice, onions, etc. Well, it’s not every day that you find the easiest recipes to make and end up making way too much for the day.

So, is it okay to freeze this easily-made egg-fried rice in a regular freezer? You might think it must be a ticket for saving up fried rice for the rest of the month but there are a lot of things to do. You have to be considerate about the fact that the ingredients used in egg-fried rice freeze differently. Here we will state everything about freezing egg-fried rice and you must follow. So, read on.

Can You Freeze Egg Fried Rice

Can You Freeze Takeaway Egg Fried Rice?

Yes, you can freeze takeaway egg-fried rice and it doesn’t really make much difference with freezing homemade ones. Takeaway only has one problem: it might be made with too much msg or refined oil. Packed food always tends to have a lot of food processing ingredients that aren’t great for freezing in the long term.

Other than all these things, takeaway egg-fried rice isn’t nearly as different from homemade ones when it comes to storing it. Refrigerating takeaway egg-fried rice is similar and you can only store it for a few days. Nevertheless, remember that most of the freezing steps that will work for homemade egg-fried rice will also work for takeaways.

Can you freeze homemade Egg Fried Rice?

Homemade fried rice is particularly made with all clean ingredients that don’t change anything in the processing of the rice. Home-cooked egg-fried rice also has measured oil and extra additions that don’t extend the shelf-life. However, both purchased and homemade fried rice can be frozen in the same way.

There can be certain different things like the freezing period of the homemade ones from the purchased ones. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that there’s going to be some degradation in nutritional value. Consequently, there will be a certain distinction in flavors depending on the ingredients being used.

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Is it good to freeze Egg Fried Rice?

Freezing egg-fried rice isn’t the best idea or the most terrible idea from a storage viewpoint. Let’s be honest, nobody really needs the same egg-fried rice sitting inside the freezer for 2 to 3 months. Mostly, you won’t even find it appetizing to eat the 3-month-old frozen 3gg-fried rice or even taste it for that fact.

However, even if you are confident to at least save it for the entire month, freezing is a good option. Mostly it helps to retain the texture of the ingredients rather than rotting them out. The main point is that freezing will only extend the shelf-life of the rice and make it last for a while.

How Long Can You Freeze Egg Fried Rice?

Egg-fried rice stays put in the freezer for only about a month or so. You could try and freeze it for longer but you won’t really find it in an edible form. Hence, the first point on freezing egg-fried rice is that you have to be careful with the freezing period of this traditional Asian delicacy.

Other than that, if you only want the fried rice for a while like a week or so, then there’s another alternative. You can try and refrigerate egg-fried rice for a week or so and use it to your liking. Practically stating, there are basically two ways to store this dish: freezing and refrigeration.

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What is the process for freezing Egg Fried Rice?

Mastering the trick of freezing egg-fried rice isn’t that big of an obstacle if done properly. And of course, we do have a common but helpful method that can help you freeze properly. Here is the chronological order you’ll follow to freeze egg-fried rice to its best.

  • Start with freshly made rice for fried rice before freezing.
  • Don’t let the rice stay at room temperature for too long; instead, let it cool fully before freezing.
  • Additionally, avoid squashing the rice; doing so will make the rice cling together and turn into a soggy crap when thawed.
  • Although you may freeze fried rice in freezer bags, we suggest using hard-sided freezer-safe containers since they better guard against the rice getting crushed in the freezer.
  • Scoop the fried rice into individual airtight containers to the desired level, and then tightly close the containers.
  • To help minimize freezer burn, think about covering the rice with a layer of plastic wrap before sealing each container if you are not going to fill them all the way.
  • The containers should be placed in the freezer after being marked with a date.

Important tips for freezing Egg Fried Rice

Well, that’s all to it if you are having trouble freezing egg-fried rice and or anything about that. However, you could also make use of some tips that can help during the process.

  • Freeze in proportions: When freezing your egg-fried rice, remember to divide the whole thing into various batches. This way, you’ll be able to store the rice efficiently and have less waste. Consequently, this will also help during defrosting the fried rice.
  • Freeze within an hour: Don’t let your egg-fried rice sit at room temperature for longer than it is intended. The outside air contains a lot of moisture that can affect the state of your rice while freezing. Try to freeze it within an hour after cooking it if possible.
  • Include vegetables: As mentioned earlier, following the process of freezing the rice, the loss of nutritional value is pretty evident. Adding a bit of veggie might provide nutrition to the food once you thaw it back. However, there’s no way to get most of the nutrients from the rice.

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How Frozen Egg Fried Rice Can Be Defrosted?

Now that you are at the end of the storage process, it is also essential to know how you can use the rice after being frozen. Well, as the heading suggests, we will have to thaw the egg-fried rice to continue with reheating. However, there are practically only two possible ways to do that in the case of fried rice.

The first thing you can do is toss the frozen containers in the refrigerator for a night. Following that, you can heat the rice on your own and eat it with a sprinkle of spring onions. Additionally, you cut off the refrigeration and toss the price on the pan on low heat.

Is it possible to refreeze Egg Fried Rice?

Egg-fried rice or any rice dish in particular easily attracts bacteria if kept in a place for too long. Hence, refreezing egg-fried rice isn’t the best idea if you want to store the dish. Additionally, fried rice doesn’t stay in a place to freeze after it has been thawed over.

What you can do is freeze and thaw the fried price in individual batches to avoid wastage. This is the best way to keep the rice until the intended freezing time. Nevertheless, do not forget to check if the fried rice has started to rot.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Egg Fried Rice?

1. Can you freeze Chicken Fried Rice?

Yes, you can definitely freeze chicken fried rice just like egg-fried rice. The only thing you need to remember is that the freezing period might differ by a week or so. Other than that, just follow the procedure mentioned above.

2. Does Egg Fried Rice freeze well? 

The egg’s stickiness helps the rice retain its texture pretty well. Due to that reason, egg-fried rice does freeze extremely well in regular freezers. The only warning is to not over-freeze it.

3. Can you freeze Shrimp Fried Rice? 

Yes, shrimp fried rice does freeze well in the regular freezer for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, the shrimps freeze excellently for a few months. And the next thing is that the fried rice maintains its texture due to the shrimp seasoning used in it.

Key Takeaways

Frozen egg-fried rice might come off as a new concept but we do a lot of things to preserve our favorite foods. While there’s always an option to devour the entire rice, sometimes it fails to happen. And rightly so. And with that, this was all the information about whether can you freeze egg fried rice. If you want to know more about frozen dishes, open our website

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