Can you Freeze Oreos? – Tips For Freezing Oreo Cookies – A Comprehensive Guide on Freezing Oreos

Can You Freeze Oreos?: You might wonder this question whenever you get cravings for them and don’t find them in your house because Oreo cookies are one of the best cookies available on the market. Sometimes we buy them in bulk so that we can have them whenever we want, but they only stay safe in their original packaging, and if we can’t finish them in one sitting or leave them open, they slightly change their taste.

Also, in the rainy season, they change their texture too, it doesn’t matter if they are in a real package or left open. Hence, it’s become important to freeze them if we want to buy them in bunches or want to store them, but can you? To find out, read this article.

Can you Freeze Oreos

Can You Freeze Oreos?

Yes, you can freeze Oreo cookies for up to 8 months to keep them fresh without any significant changes in the texture or taste.

You have two options for freezing them. They are freeze them in their original packaging or freeze them in homemade packaging. While freezing, it’s important to freeze them in a proper manner so that they don’t get any chance of spoilage. Before using those frozen oreo biscuits, thaw them in the fridge.

How To Freeze Oreos?

Freezing Oreos is a piece of cake if you follow all these steps. These steps also ensure that they can last longer. Let’s see what the steps are:

For freezing them, first you have to decide whether you want to freeze them in their original packaging or in homemade packaging by separating them into the desired portion.

Freezing Oreos In Homemade Packaging

If you want no wastage, then this method is best for you because it will allow you to take only the necessary portions from the freezer as you have to freeze them in your one-time desired portion so that you can take whole cookies or a few cookies depending on the need.

  • First, you have to portion your cookies on the basis of your one-time requirement, then wrap each portion properly with the help of cling film.
  • When you’re finished wrapping, put all of the wrapped cookies in an airtight container and seal it tightly so they don’t absorb odours from the other things in your freezer. Also, the container will protect them from any damage.
  • Now mark the cookie container with the help of a marker with the “best before” date so that you can finish them within the “best before” date and place them in the freezer for 8 months.

Freezing Oreos In The Company’s Packaging

If you bought them in bulk and you can’t finish them all within a certain period of time, then you can store the rest of the Oreo packet in its original packaging, and they freeze well in the company’s packaging. However, there are other things as well that help to preserve their freshness; let’s see what they are.

If you have packets that you haven’t opened yet and you want to store them, then you have to transfer them to a freezer-safe, airtight container and seal them tightly.

Now mark the container with the help of a marker with the best before date and place them in the freezer where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much. If you place them in a freezer where the temperature fluctuates too much, then they might lose their texture, so make sure of the temperature before placing them in the freezer.

Tips For Freezing Oreo Cookies

Freezing In Portion

Before freezing your Oreos in homemade packaging in the freezer, you should avoid freezing them all together. Instead, you should freeze them in your one-time requirement portion so that you don’t have to unwrap all the cookies at once. This will allow you to take the desired portion and prevent food waste.

Using Them Frozen

We all like to have fresh Oreos, and they taste delicious, but what about frozen ones? They taste delicious when we have them frozen. In my opinion, you should try it once because you’re missing something that is too awesome and delicious.

Sealing Properly

While storing them in the freezer, make sure you squeeze all the excess air out with the help of a vacuum sealer. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can use the squeeze technique, but don’t store them with a lot of air; it will affect the texture and taste.

Headlining With Care

When we freeze Oreos, they become more fragile than when stored at room temperature. That’s why, when you take them from the freezer for your next process, you should handle them carefully. It will ensure the risk of breakage.

Freezing In Advance

If you want to freeze your Oreos as a recipe, you can because it’s totally safe. You can freeze them baked as a part of any recipe.

How To Defrost Frozen Oreos?

Defrosting Oreos Is Very Simple. However, you can also have them frozen because they taste delicious while they are frozen. Many people like to have them frozen, but if you still want to thaw them, you place them in the fridge straight from the freezer and allow them to thaw for 5–6 hours. If you are in a hurry or have cravings, then you can thaw them at room temperature too by placing them on the counter for 1-2 hours; once they thaw, you can enjoy them.

Can You Refreeze Oreos?

No, it isn’t recommended to refreeze them because it’s not safe. Once you thawed them, the cream stuffing that took place in the middle of the cookies might be affected by re-freezing, and changes in the texture of the cream can cause bacterial growth. Also, if you refreeze them constantly, the texture of the cooking might also be affected, and as a result, you may find them unsuitable.

If you want to ensure the refreezing, you can freeze them on the portion so that you don’t get any chance to refreeze them.

Does Oreos Freeze Well?

Yes, they freeze well without any changes in their quality; however, they become more brittle when you freeze them, but trust me, it’s worth freezing them for their freshness, and you can freeze them using any method you find suitable for you; both methods have awesome results. So, if you don’t want to go to the market for every single packet of Oreos, buy them in bulk and freeze them for later consumption.

Do Check

What Is The Shelf Life Of Oreos?

The shelf life of Oreos is dependent on how you store them. If you have stored your leftover Oreos in an airtight container at room temperature, they can last up to two weeks, but if you store them in the freezer with a wrap of cling paper and place them in the freezer, they can last up to eight months. If you leave them open at room temperature, you might find them unsuitable after 2–3 days because leaving them at room temperature will affect the flavour.

By freezing them in their original packaging in the container placed in the freezer, you can store their flavour and texture for up to 8 months and don’t have to worry about going to the market every time you get cravings for them.

FAQs Related To Can You Freeze Oreos

1. How Do You Store Oreos Long-term?

The best way to store them for a longer period is by transferring them to an airtight container and placing them in the freezer.

2. How Can I Preserve Oreos?

For storing Oreos wrap them in plastic wrap and transfer them to an airtight container in the freezer.

3. How Do You Keep Oreos Fresh After Opening Them?

If you want to store the freshness of your leftover oreos, then wrap them in cling paper and place them in the freezer; it will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

4. Can I Store Oreos In The Fridge?

Yes, you can keep them in the fridge, but it’s best to keep them in the freezer.

5. Is it OK to freeze Oreo cookies?

Yes, it is okay to freeze Oreo cookies.

Final Words

Freezing Oreos gives you a chance to enjoy them in different flavours because they become delicious when they are frozen. Also, by following these methods, you can store their freshness for a longer period, which you can’t get by storing them at room temperature, so you should try it once.

If you like this Oreo freezing method, then you should visit our website,, because we share many food freezing methods such as Can you Freeze Meringue Cookies, and Can you Freeze Biscuit Dough. Also, if you have any questions related to freezing Oreo, you can ask them in the comment section.

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