Can You Freeze Eccles Cakes? – Preservation Perfection: The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Eccles Cakes

Can You Freeze Eccles Cakes?: Eccles cakes are round-shaped pastries that are stuffed with different flavors. You can choose to add cinnamon filling or simple icing filling inside the cakes. The flavor of the Eccles cake is sweet, and the texture is flaky. This sweet British dish is very delicious to have with evening tea or morning coffee. The best way to preserve them is through the process of freezing. Check out this complete article to understand the process of freezing Eccles cake.

Can You Freeze Eccles Cake?

Yes, it is possible to freeze Eccles cake for your sweet cravings. The frozen Eccles cake can be kept in the freezer for three months. Follow the labeling you use in the bags to track the timeline. Using up all the frozen Eccles cake within the time period helps in getting the best flavors and texture.

How to Freeze Eccles Cake?

The Eccles cakes are eaten when they are slightly warm so that you can feel the flakiness of the cake. The flavors can be enhanced when you eat them up with crumbly cheese or some sweet sauce if required. Once frozen, you can always reheat the cakes to serve them hot and flaky.

Here are the steps to be followed for freezing Eccles cake:

  • Prepare your own Eccles cake recipe: The first step towards making Eccles cake is to make a perfect consistency dough. Once your dough is ready, you can decide on the filling. You can choose any sort of sweet fruit, jelly sauce, or dried fruit for the filling. Now, you are all set to bake the cakes.
  • Allow cakes to rest: Once you take out the freshly baked Eccles cake from the microwave. Make sure you keep the Eccles cake outside at room temperature for one to two hours till the cakes are completely cooled down.
  • Wrap up well: Now that the Eccles cakes are at room temperature, you can proceed with the next step of wrapping the cakes well. Wrapping the cakes helps in preventing freezer burn issues.
  • Bag it up: After wrapping the Eccles cakes properly so that no extra air passes through the wrap, you need to put the Eccles cakes in the container or freezer-friendly bags. If you are using bags, make sure you seize the bag well. In terms of a container, make sure the lid is tight enough for the freezing process.
  • Label and freeze the cakes: Use a good marker or pen for writing the label for the containers or bags used for freezing. It is important because, due to freezing, the color of the label might change and become invisible. Labeling helps in tracking the timeline within which you have to use up the frozen Eccles cakes.

Tips to be Note While Freezing Eccles Cakes

We will be discussing here some of the remarkable tips that one can use while freezing Eccles cakes all on their own. Before starting the process, make sure you go through these tips to understand hints that can enhance the taste and texture of the Eccles cake.

  • Rest well before freezing: It is very important to remember that the baked Eccles cakes get enough time to cool down before putting them in for the freezing process. If the baked Eccles cakes are warm and you wrap them up for freezing, there will be extra moisture forming inside the packing. This moisture will form ice crystals over the cakes, and the cakes will diminish taste when thawed.
  • Freeze the dough: If you want the freshness of the Eccles cakes to be the same even after freezing, you can try freezing the dough before baking. You can follow the same process for freezing the dough of Eccles cake as mentioned above. You can surely use double-layer wrapping in case you are freezing the dough.
  • Thaw the frozen cakes: If you want to save some more of your time and energy, then you can think of defrosting the frozen Eccles cakes directly by putting them in the oven for reheating.

These tips will help you to understand how to improve the freezing of Eccles cakes.

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How Long Can You Freeze Eccles Cakes?

Eccles cakes can be frozen for up to three months in the freezer following the process and tips mentioned above. If you use up within three months, for sure you will get the same taste and texture as the freshly baked Eccles cakes.

You can also keep the Eccles cake in the fridge for a week. If you do not want to freeze the Eccles cake and have a few leftovers that you can use within the week, choose to keep them in the refrigerator.

If you want the frozen Eccles cakes to taste yummy and fresh for months, choose to freeze them once they come at room temperature after baking.

How to Thaw Eccles Cakes?

You actually do not need to defrost Eccles cakes. If you want to enjoy some delicious Eccles cakes, you can choose to take out the frozen Eccles cakes from the freezer and put them in the microwave directly. Take around 20 to 30 minutes to reheat the Eccles cakes, and they will be all ready to serve as flaky and soft.

In case you want to thaw it beforehand, you can take out the frozen Eccles cakes from the freezer and keep them in the fridge overnight. With such a manner, you will have enough time to reheat the Eccles cakes. However, it is always a smart choice to reheat Eccles cakes directly from the freezer to the oven.

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Is it Possible to Freeze Eccles Cake Twice?

Freezing any sort of food item more than once causes the chance of freezer burn issues. Even though there is nothing wrong with freezing the Eccles cakes twice, there is a high chance that the cakes will lose their taste and freshness.

Therefore, it is always preferable that one should freeze Eccles cakes only once and not twice. If you want to prevent the cause of waste of food, make sure you preserve them in small portions. You can take out only those portions that you will require at a single time.

What are the Benefits of Freezing Eccles Cakes?

Eccles cakes are a rich source of saturated fats and protein. Apart from these health benefits, let us discuss some of the advantages of freezing Eccles cakes.

If you freeze, Eccles cakes all on your own; you can be sure that these frozen cakes do not have any preservatives added. The ones that you buy from the supermarket or store online include preservatives. The strong smell of the preservatives affects the taste of the Eccles cake.

Moreover, freezing Eccles cakes also saves your time from the preparation of dough when any guest arrives. The time you invest in preparing the dish could be used for making some other dishes or spending quality time with your loved ones.

Eccles cakes, when frozen, will provide you with the same freshness and texture in terms of quality for three months. There is no other way of preservation for Eccles cakes that is better than the freezing process.

These are some of the benefits that can help you to understand why people prefer freezing as one of the significant preservation methods.

FAQs on Can I Freeze Eccles Cakes?

1. Is it possible to freeze uncooked Eccles cakes?

Yes, it is possible to freeze uncooked Eccles cakes. You can wrap up the dough of the Eccles cakes and freeze them as per your required portions.

2. Is it okay if you wish to eat Eccles cakes cold?

You are recommended to heat the frozen Eccles cakes for 15 to 20 minutes before you consume them to get the flaky texture of the cakes.

3. What makes frozen Eccles cakes moist?

If you do not follow the steps of wrapping the Eccles cakes properly, then there are chances of the Eccles cake becoming moist. Also, when you do not allow the pre-baked cakes to cool down properly before wrapping, the frozen cakes will become moist.


This Can You Freeze Eccles Cakes Guide covers all the aspects of freezing Eccles cakes. The process is simple and consists of four to five steps for completion. You can also take note of the tips mentioned above to ensure the quality of Eccles cakes you will get after freezing them.

Allow yourself some time to understand the benefits of freezing Eccles cakes so that you can be sure about doing it. If you need more information on freezer-friendly recipes, go check out our official website.

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