Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon? – 10 Essential Tips for Freezing Turkey Bacon

Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon?: Turkey bacon is one of the best low-fat substitutes for pork bacon. It is a meat made from chopped, formed, cured, and smoked turkey. You can use this for making a wide range of varieties. Improper storage can damage your bacon, so choose the best one to preserve it for more days.

The common question asked for storing turkey bacon is can you freeze turkey bacon? The answer with detailed freezing steps is included here. Get to know this page’s easy guide on freezing cooked or uncooked turkey bacon and thawing steps.

Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon

Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon?

Yes, you can freeze turkey bacon. Freezing the meat turkey bacon is helpful to retain its quality for a longer time and prevents it from spoilage. Remembering to never store frozen and thawed bacon in the refrigerator is important. It might lead to flavorless and dry bacon.

Both cooked and uncooked turkey bacon can last for 6 months if wrapped properly. You have to thaw the frozen bacon in the microwave before using it.

Steps to Freeze Turkey Bacon

Freezing is possible for both raw and cooked bacon. But raw bacon freezes well and it is easy too. The freeing process is different for uncooked and cooked bacon. Here we are listing the steps for freezing both separately.

Freezing Raw Turkey Bacon

It is an easy process. Shift the unopened bacon package into the freezer bag and place it in the freezer. The simple steps to freeze the opened bad of raw turkey bacon are here:

  • Remove the bacon from its original package and separate each strip from it.
  • Wrap those bacon strips individually in wax paper or plastic wrapper so that one strip should not stick to another one. It also helps to remove moisture.
  • Place all those wrapped bacon strips in the freezer-safe bag. Remove excess air from the bag before sealing it tightly.
  • Write the date and label all your bags to know the best-by date.
  • Now, place the containers or bags in the freezer.

How To Freeze Cooked Turkey Bacon?

Freezing the cooked bacon needs a pre-freezing process. It is because the bacon strips stick together when you freeze them. Here are the recommended steps for freezing cooked bacon.

  • Ensure that your bacon has reached room temperature. Pat it dry from any grease.
  • Line a baking sheet with wax paper and lay cooled bacon strips in a single layer across it. You can lay several layers per your requirements and separate each layer with wax paper.
  • Cover the top with plastic wrap or another layer of wax paper and place it in the freezer.
  • Pre-freeze the strips for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Once it is frozen, then you can transfer the turkey bacon into freezer-safe bags or airtight containers.
  • Label, date and seal the containers or bags.
  • Finally, place them in the freezer so that they will last well for 6 months.

How To Thaw Turkey Bacon?

We have several ways to defrost turkey bacon. You choose a method that suits your needs.


This is the quickest way to thaw bacon strips. You have to place the strips between some paper towels and bake for a few minutes. But it might cause the turkey bacon to lose its crispy texture.

Cold Water

This is also a fast method to defrost the bacon strips but it might result in soggy bacon. It might take around 30 minutes or more based on the thickness of your bacon.

Place the frozen bacon in the tightly sealed bag. Fill cold water in a bowl and leave that bag in the cold water. Let it rest for 30 minutes to complete the whole process.


It is the safest way to thaw your turkey bacon. However, it is the slowest way also. It will take almost overnight to completely thaw your frozen bacon. All you need to do is remove your bacon from the freezer, unwrap the package and shift the strips into a container. Place that container inside the fridge.

Every method takes a different time length to thaw and produces the result.

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How Long Does Turkey Bacon Last In Freezer?

Under the proper storage conditions, turkey bacon will last around 4 to 6 months in the freezer. An unopened turkey bacon package is good for 14 days after the expiration date. The cooked turkey bacon will last for 3 to 5 days in the fridge and 2 months in the freezer.

Does Turkey Bacon Freeze Well?

Yes, turkey bacon freezes well and it is the best way to store the food for an extended period. The frozen turkey bacon will last for 6 months in the freezer. But if you want it to store for more, then store it at constant 0 degrees.

The quality of turkey bacon can degrade over a period of time. Freezing is helpful to keep its freshness and flavor for longer periods but it might lose crispiness.

Can You Refreeze Turkey Bacon?

Yes, you can refreeze turkey bacon. But refreezing is not possible when it is thawed at room temperature or in the pantry. So, avoid thawing frozen turkey bacon strips on the kitchen countertop. Instead, choose the microwave method for the best and quick results.

Refreezing meat that is defrosted once at room temperature can cause health issues. However, if it is uncooked, then you can cook and refreeze it again.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon

1. Is it OK to freeze turkey bacon?

Yes, it is okay to freeze turkey bacon. You can store it under zero degrees F for 4 months.

2. How long does turkey bacon last in the fridge?

The turkey bacon last for 3 to 5 days in the fridge.

3. Does freezing bacon affect the taste?

Yes, freezing bacon affects its taste.

4. How do you defrost turkey bacon?

The easy and simple ways to defrost the turkey bacon are a coldwater bath, refrigerator and microwave.

5. How can you tell when turkey bacon is bad?

The signs of spoilage of turkey bacon are color, odor, and mold formation. If its color gets too dark or black then it has gone bad. And if you see any mold or pores or observe a foul smell, then it is not safe to consume.

In a Nutshell

Finally the answer for your question can you freeze turkey bacon is yes, you can. The best advantage of bacon is you can store it as raw or cooked. We have given the complete guide on freezing turkey bacon in this articles.

We have also mentioned the simple ways to defrost the frozen turkey bacon. Did you find this article useful? Let me know your opinion in the comment section. Stay tuned to know more related food articles at one place.

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