Can you Freeze Nduja? – Easy Step To Freeze Nduja – How To Preserve Nduja?

Can You Freeze Nduja?: Nduja is a tasty, spicy, spreadable cured sausage from Italy’s Calabrese region. It’s delicious spread on toasted ciabatta or mixed into a pasta sauce. If you are in a hurry, can you freeze this special nduja and use it in future?

In this article, you will come to know how to freeze nduja and keep it for longer use. You will also get the knowledge of refreezing and defrosting it.

Can You Freeze Nduja

Can You Freeze Nduja?

Yes, you can freeze nduja. But the flavor and texture of this spicy cured sausage don’t last long. So choose to freeze nduja only when it is mandatory. Freezing nduja in the form of a dish is better than freezing raw nduja. If stored properly, it can last for 1 month in the freezer.

Complete Guide To Freeze Nduja

You have to strictly follow the below guidelines for freezing nduja effectively. Take your time and read every step 2 times at least and follow them. Slicing can lead to nduja spoilage as the air gets in touch with the meat. So avoid freezing sliced nduja. The detailed freezing steps are as follows:

  • Wrap
    • Tightly wrap your nduja meat in a layer of cling film so that no air is allowed inside.
  • Wrap Again
    • Now, wrap clingfilmed nduja in another layer of foil. It doesn’t allow air to get in touch with the actual meat.
  • Freeze
    • Finally, place the wrapped sheet in the freezer.

Otherwise, you can use a vacuum sealer to eliminate air from the freezing box.

Important Tips For Freezing Nduja

We are here with the necessary tips to follow for freezing nduja with better quality.

  • Wrap Twice
    • Try to wrap nduja in a combination of clingfilm and foil as no air enters inside. If air touches the meat, it will dry the nduja and cause the texture to change drastically.
  • Label
    • The frozen nduja can cook similarly to spicy meats like chorizo. Write a date and label the package without fail.
  • Cook Into Dishes
    • Nduja freezes well as a combination of cooked dishes like pasta sauce. Instead of freezing nduja alone, try to cook it with something and freeze it.

Way to Thaw Nduja

You have to shift the frozen nduja into the fridge to begin the defrosting process. Leave it there overnight to completely thaw safely. It is a time taking process, has patience and finishes the thawing process of nduja in the refrigerator to avoid bacteria growth. Otherwise, you will end up with a bad nduja with a ruined texture.

How Long Does Nduja Last In The Fridge?

After being closed, Nduja will be kept in the fridge for a year. Once opened, store it tightly wrapped in an airtight jar, bag, or container in your refrigerator for up to 4 months.

Shelf Life of Nudjua in Freezer

Actually, nduja doesn’t last longer period in the freezer. So, always try to place it in the fridge, not in the freezer. It will last for only 1 month in the freezer without seeing signs of spoilage.

Also, Know

Can You Refreeze Nduja?

No, you can’t refreeze nduja. The freezing process of nduja will already give you a few texture issues. So, it is a bad idea to refreeze the nduja. Feezing nduja more than once can increase the chances of bacteria growth and leads to spoilage.

Related FAQs on Can You Freeze Nduja

1. How long does Nduja last in the freezer?

The frozen nduja can last for 1 month.

2. Can I eat nduja raw?

Yes, you can eat raw nduja.

3. Do you have to refrigerate Nduja?

No, there is no need to refrigerate nduja for storing it.

4. Can you freeze nduja sausage?

Yes, you can freeze nduja sausage.

Key Takeaways

That’s all for now, readers! We hope we’ve answered the majority of your questions, and doubts and that you’re now ready to spice up your life with ‘Nduja. It will be easy for you to freeze your nduja and use it afterwards now.

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