Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk? – How Long Does Condensed Milk Take To Freeze? – Best Way to Store Condensed Milk

Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk?: If you ever wonder whether you can freeze sweetened condensed milk or not don’t worry we have got you covered. Freezing Sweetened Condensed Milk is pretty simple and we have explained the process of how to do it in the later modules. This article covers details on How Long Condensed Milk Last in the Freezer, the Process of How to Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk, Uses of Thawed Condensed Milk in the later modules.

Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk

How to Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Follow the simple process over here to freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk. The process is illustrated below

  • The first and foremost step is to shift the Sweetened Condensed Milk to a Container. Make sure you leave a 2-inch space in the container so that the milk can expand. Then, seal it tightly and mention a label if you can.
  • Shift it to a Freezer and that’s it.

The process is quite simple. You can even use resealable bags to store the condensed milk. Remove the excess air before sealing it and add a label on it. You need not worry about measuring it in exact amounts and storing it in different containers & can use it easily.

If you want you can use ice cube trays as well to keep in the freezer. Let the condensed milk freeze for about 2 to 3 hours. After the milk is frozen completely and turned solid remove it from the freezer.

How Long Will Condensed Milk Last in the Freezer?

Condensed Milk will remain of good quality for about 3 to 6 months. Sweetened Condensed Milk will deteriorate at a faster rate than any other food. However, the taste will not be the same as the fresh one for Condensed Milk that’s kept in the Freezer for a year.

Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk

Ways to use Leftover Sweetened Condensed Milk

Following are the ways in which you can use Leftover Sweetened Condensed Milk. You can use condensed milk in numerous ways and we have given some of the common options to go by. They are along the lines

  • Hot Drinks: You can use this Sweetened Condensed Milk in drinks like coffee, hot choco, etc. to enhance the taste of it. You can utilize this leftover condensed milk for iced coffee and milk teas. Place this milk in an ice cube tray and add one cube at once to avoid it from becoming too sweet.
  • Baked Goods: Use this sweetened condensed milk in baked goods like pound cake and cornbread. You will get the sweetness of your baked goods by adding this condensed milk.
  • Sweet French Toast: Use the leftover condensed milk to whip up custard rather than go with the traditional recipe. This breakfast treat will go perfectly fine with morning coffee.
  • Fresh Fruit Topping: Adding Sweetened Condensed Milk will add sour fruits a creamy and sweet flavor. Prepare the fresh fruits and drizzle a spoon full of condensed milk to enjoy a healthy dessert. Using condensed milk with fruits like strawberries gives a perfect taste.
  • Pie Fillings: Use your leftover sweetened condensed milk to make traditional classic lemon pie, and custard pie. Prepare your favorite pie recipe just like how you prepare and then add condensed milk to this filling.
  • Sweet Milk Tea: Adding a cube or two frozen sweetened condensed milk to your hot tea to give your tea a refreshing twist. The cubed sweet condensed milk will melt easily.
  • Homemade Ice Cream: You can prepare classic dessert at home using condensed milk. Prepare your ice cream just like how you would do in a traditional recipe and add sweetened condensed milk to it to have a thick and creamy texture.

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Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk

Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk 1

Toned Milk (89%), Sugar, Stabilizers (INS 415, INS 412, INS 407), Flavor (Nature Identical Flavoring Substances), Sequestrant (INS 451 (i)), Iodized Salt, Emulsifier (INS 436), Mineral and Vitamin premix (Zinc, Vitamin A and D).

Nutrition Information (Approx)
Serving Size: 1 cup (200 ml)
Serving(s) Per Package: 1

Nutrients Per Serving (200 ml) % RDA per serving#
Energy (Kcal) 217.3 10.9
Protein (g) 6 10
Carbohydrate (g) 30
Total Sugars (g) 29.6
Added Sugar (g) 20.7 41.4
Total Fat (g) 8.2 12.2
Saturated Fat (g) 5.46 24.8
Trans Fat (g) <0.1 5
Cholesterol (mg) 26
Sodium (mg) 159.7 8
Calcium (mg) 196.9 32.8
Vitamin A (RE^) (µg) 90 15
Vitamin D (µg) 1.5 15
Zinc (mg) 2.4 20

^Retinol Equivalent
#Guideline daily amount of an average adult (2000 kcal) and % RDA per day for sedentary men basis, a report of the Expert Group of the ICMR, 2010.

Allergen Advice: Contains Milk

How to Thaw Condensed Milk?

Sweetened Condensed Milk stays in liquid form when kept in the Freezer. If you don’t have any problem consuming it super cold and thick you need not plan ahead. However, if you don’t want to have it super cold you can keep it in the refrigerator a few hours before it.

If you are not sure about using the whole container you can scoop and thaw the amount how much you need and leave the rest frozen. By doing so, you can avoid refreezing.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk

1. Does sweetened condensed milk freeze well?

Yes, sweetened condensed milk freezes well.

2. How do you store leftover sweetened condensed milk?

You can store the leftover sweetened condensed milk in the refrigerator or freezer to extend the shelf life and use it for more time.

3. What can I do with leftover condensed milk?

You can use leftover condensed milk in hot drinks, baked goods, pie fillings, homemade ice creams, etc.

Final Words

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