Uncooked vs. Cooked Spring Rolls: Which Can You Freeze?

Can You Freeze Spring Rolls? Can spring rolls be frozen?: If you are a junk food fanatic, then there is no way that you have ever tried a Chinese takeaway. This category of foods was popularized by the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show, thereby augmenting its demand. One of the most important components of any authentic Chinese takeaway is the spring roll.

These scrumptious pastries allow you to try out several fillings wrapped in a crispy exterior. If you have taken upon yourself the daunting task of preparing spring rolls at home, then you must read about a few tips on how to store spring rolls in freezer.

No worries, we got you covered! In this article ‘Can I freeze spring rolls?’ we will tell you professional ways of storing spring rolls in the freezer which will increase their shelf lives too.

Can You Freeze Spring Rolls

Can You Freeze Spring Rolls? | Can You Freeze Homemade Spring Rolls?

Yes, absolutely! You can very easily freeze spring rolls in the freezer and make them last longer. Although it can get a little tedious storing and freezing spring rolls, it is completely worth doing so as they freeze really well. First of all, you need to cool them down to room temperature followed by flash-freezing them for a few hours.

After they have become rock solid, you can store them in separate airtight freezer bags which can be left in the freezer for at least 3 months. However, avoid refreezing or thawing spring rolls.

How To Freeze Spring Rolls?

Now that we are down to the basics, let’s talk about some easy yet professional ways of storing spring rolls in the freezer. These methodologies will definitely increase the shelf life of your batch of spring rolls without any hassle. Let’s dive in and discover more!

  1. If you are cooking spring rolls at your home, then allow them to cool down to room temperature before freezing them.
  2. On the other hand, if you bought them from a market, then you can directly freeze them in their original packaging.
  3. For homemade spring rolls, you need to spread them out on a baking tray and flash-freeze them. This will preserve the texture of spring rolls even better. This step can be avoided in the case of shop-bought spring rolls as they already have preservatives.
  4. Now, take out the flash-frozen spring rolls and store them in airtight freezer bags. Just make sure that all the air has been removed from these bags as any exposure to the atmosphere may spoil the spring rolls.
  5. It is advisable that you put them in small portions as it will reduce the chances of leftovers, thereby taking away the need to refreeze them.
  6. After everything has been packed, make sure that you label the packets with the estimated expiry date so you can use them up judiciously.

How Long Do Frozen Spring Rolls Last?

The exact shelf life of spring rolls frozen depends a lot on the type of filling in these spring rolls. Also, the time for which they were fried and the amount of preservatives added to the mixture also influences shelf life. Given that you have stored your spring rolls properly, you can expect them to last up to 3 months.

A table for the shelf life of spring rolls is given below for your reference.

Type of Spring Roll At Room Temperature In the refrigerator In the freezer
Homemade spring rolls 3-4 days 1-2 months
Shop-bought spring rolls 1-2 days Up to a week At least 3 months

‘-‘ means that spring rolls are not meant to be stored there.

Can You Refreeze Spring Rolls?

Technically speaking, YES! You can easily refreeze spring rolls by locking them away in airtight freezer bags. However, we would not suggest refreezing them because they tend to lose their texture a lot.

Spring rolls, when refrozen, become soggier and less crispy, even if thawed properly. Moreover, it also depends on the type of filling in the spring rolls because, unlike wheat-based stuffing, seafood filling tends to deteriorate even more after refreezing. So, avoid refreezing spring rolls unless the situation calls for it.

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Do Spring Rolls Freeze Well?

Undoubtedly, yes! Spring rolls freeze really well because of their crispy texture as it is easier to maintain than velvety pastries. All you need to do is cool them down to room temperature after you are done cooking them. Then, simply put them in airtight freezer bags and push out as much air as possible.

Lastly, store these freezer bags in the freezer. To preserve them even better, you can flash freeze them and freeze them in manageable portions so there are absolutely no leftovers. This will take away the need to refreeze them. Also, avoid thawing them. Just cook them up directly. It is better to freeze cooked spring rolls than uncooked or raw ones.

Can You Refrigerate Spring Rolls?

It completely depends on your needs. If you are confident about using up your whole stack of spring rolls in a few days, then you can refrigerate them for sure. Even if they have been deep-fried recently, it will be okay to refrigerate them.

In contrast, if you plan to keep them for long or partially cooked, it is better that you freeze them. This will preserve their texture and flavor profiles while making them last up to 3 months in ideal conditions.

Should You Thaw Frozen Spring Rolls? | How To Defrost Spring Rolls?

No, absolutely not. You must not thaw your spring rolls as they will turn soft and soggy. One of the most important components of spring rolls is their crispy texture. If you thaw frozen spring rolls, then they will definitely lose their characteristic texture.

Hence, it is better to heat them directly in the oven after taking them out of the freezer. Voila! You will get piping hot and crispy spring rolls for your evening snack.

Now that you know how to freeze spring rolls and are willing to learn about the freezing process of other varieties of tempeh follow the quick guide on Can you Freeze Tempeh and clear your doubts.

FAQs On Can You Freeze Cooked Spring Rolls?

1. Can you freeze spring rolls before cooking?

Yes, technically you can easily freeze spring rolls before cooking i.e. deep frying them. However, it must be avoided as they tend to freeze unevenly and develop a bad texture when cooked. This happens because uncooked spring rolls along with raw filling don’t freeze particularly well.

2. Can you freeze and reheat spring rolls?

Yes, you can freeze and reheat spring rolls whenever you need. However, you can do this once only because once heated, they should not be frozen or thawed again. This will absolutely destroy their texture and render them useless as a snack.

3. How to freeze spring rolls for maximum freshness?

For maximum freshness, you must first cool them down to room temperature. Afterward, flash freeze them by placing them in a baking tray followed by dividing them into small portions. These small pieces can now be kept away in airtight freezer bags in the freezer.

4. Can you freeze spring rolls after frying?

Yes, spring rolls can be frozen well after frying or cooking. Firstly, fry the rolls and leave them to cool at room temperature. After a few hours, store it in the freezer.

5. How to cook frozen spring rolls?

You can cook frozen spring rolls in the oven for 20 minutes at 400°F (200°C), You can even fry them on the stove top by adding half an inch of oil and fry the rolls turning all sides for 3-4 minutes.

Final Thoughts – Can you freeze fresh spring rolls?

Hopefully, this article explained to you everything you wished to know about freezing spring rolls. Apart from making them last longer, storing spring rolls in the freezer also preserves their texture and flavors. While figuring out the right way of storing spring rolls, always take into consideration the type of filling inside them.

It can greatly impact how they turn out to be 2 months into the freezer. Now, you know what to do when you have an upcoming party at your home and you bought a whole stack of spring rolls in anticipation. For more such fun and informative articles like Can you Freeze Bee Pollen and about your favorite food items and beverages, check out the website.

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