Can You Freeze Spinach Soup? – The Easy Method To Freeze and Store Spinach Soup

Can you Freeze Spinach Soup? : Spinach soup is gaining popularity because it can significantly increase your intake of folic acid and iron. It might be worthwhile to freeze spinach soup if you enjoy it but dislike the effort it takes to prepare it.

The flavor of freshly frozen spinach is leagues above most offerings in your favorite supermarket’s frozen section. Here we are giving the details about can you freeze spinach soup, methods to freeze fresh spinach soup, and how long can you freeze spinach soup.

Can you Freeze Spinach Soup

Can You Freeze Spinach Soup?

Yes, you can freeze spinach soup and when you start with freshly picked leaves, the outcome serves delicious flavour. Although frozen spinach cannot be used in fresh salads, it is very versatile in the kitchen. You can freeze spinach soup for 3 months.

How to Freeze Spinach Soup?

The method for freezing spinach soup is the same as for freezing most other soups. Simply follow these 5 easy steps if you need to know the entire procedure:

  • Cool: Making sure that any type of soup, not just spinach soup, is completely cool is the first step in freezing it. If the soup isn’t chilled, condensation will develop inside the container, which will cause ice to form and eventually cause freezer burn.
  • Set up the containers: After making sure the soup is chilled, gather as many containers as you anticipate being required. One portion of soup plus room for expansion should fit in each container.
  • Decant: After the freezer-safe containers are ready, fill them with the soup, making sure that none of them are more than four-fifths full. Keep in mind that every water-based liquid has the potential to expand by up to 20% when it freezes.
  • Seal: Put the lids on each container after you’ve added the soup, then completely seal each one. You’ll have a huge mess in your freezer if you don’t make sure that each of those lids is completely sealed!
  • Freeze: Place all the containers along the freezer’s walls after transferring them there. Liquids can be used to line your freezer regardless of how thick the soup is because they will effectively serve as a buffer, protecting other foods.

Best Tips to Freeze Spinach Soup

Now that you know how to freeze it, here are our top 3 recommendations for freezing spinach soup for the best outcomes:

  • Assure Tight Sealing of the Containers

To ensure that there is as little chance as possible of any spoilage occurring in your freezer, the containers must be completely sealed. Before putting the containers in the freezer, double-check the containers. Put them in a bag or a piece of cling film if you’re concerned.

  • Add dairy as little as possible

Dairy products with fat content freeze notoriously poorly. Because of this, we advise against adding cream or creme fraiche to your soup before freezing because it may split and ruin the flavor and consistency of your soup when it is thawed.

  • Line the freezer with the soup.

You can easily protect more food in your freezer that is susceptible to freezer burns, such as meat and vegetables, by lining the freezer with your soup.

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How Long Can Spinach Soup Be Frozen?

For about three months, spinach soup can be frozen. After that, it will still be safe to eat, but some of the flavoring agents will probably have broken down into the freezer’s frost, making for an underwhelming meal.

Additionally, you’ll notice that the texture gets progressively grainier with time. The texture of the soup can alter and stop being silky smooth.

How Can Spinach Soup Be Defrosted?

The simplest method for defrosting spinach soup is to create a vent in the lid of the container, open it slightly, and then microwave the soup for 30 seconds at a time until it is steaming hot all over. The soup can also be placed in the refrigerator to thaw gradually overnight.

Either choose the extremely quick method of reheating it from frozen or choose the extremely laborious method of thawing it in the refrigerator. You shouldn’t try to defrost it at room temperature by starting in the middle.

Can You Refreeze Spinach Soup?

Yes, you can refreeze spinach soup as it contains no meat or poultry and it will not be damaged by repeated freezing. It applied to spinach soup where spinach is the main ingredient.

Related FAQs on Can you Freeze Spinach Soup

1. Does all Spinach Soup freeze well?

No, Not all soup will freeze well, regrettably. When spinach soup is frozen, the texture can completely change if it contains quinoa, rice, pasta, or potatoes.

2. Can You Freeze Spinach Soup with cheese?

No, Although it can be frozen, spinach soup with cheese won’t freeze well because of the textures. When possible, add cheese after the cheese has been frozen and thawed.

3. How long will spinach soup keep in the refrigerator?

In an airtight Tupperware container or covered bowl, leftover spinach soup can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days.

4. Can you freeze cream of spinach Soup?

Yes, The texture of the cream of spinach soup will change slightly when thawed, but you can freeze it for up to three months in an airtight container or freezer-safe bag. Before reheating and serving, let the food defrost overnight in the refrigerator.


In the above article, you came to know about the process of freezing spinach soup. So, You don’t have to risk yourself and you can read and find all the answers to your doubts about freezing spinach soup.

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