Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats? – How to Freeze Rice Krispie Treats Without Losing Their Flavorful Appeal

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats: Rice Krispie treats are made up of Rice Krispies and is a classic cereal option made with crushed rice and lots of sugar, sometimes including marshmallows and butter as well. This is quite a loved snack enjoyed by both kids and adults.

They have several variations to it with delicious ingredients like chocolate, sprinkles, cookies, and crushed candies. Sometimes, when you buy a large batch of Rice Krispie treats for a party, most of the time you have dozens left over.

So if you are wondering how to deal with them, then you will have to store them properly because they have a smaller shelf life. Let’s see some of the best tips to freeze and store Rice Krispie treats below.

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats

Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

Yes, you can definitely freeze rice Krispie treats to keep them fresh and crunchy for the longest time. Even though they contain melted marshmallows, they will have no effect on the freezing process. We can freeze both store-bought rice Krispie treats as well as homemade ones.m

Best Way To Freeze Rice Krispie Treats

Freezing Rice Krispie Treats to save them for later is an amazing and economical idea to enjoy food for a long time, while keeping their safety and quality intact. To freeze your rice Krispie cookies efficiently, you need some quart or gallon-sized freezer bags, depending upon the size of your batches.

The three best ways to freeze them are, wrapping them up after cooling, flash freezing the pack, or freezing the whole pan. Now, let’s read about them in detail:

Wrapping them once cooled – Once you have cooled down your batch at room temperature, cut them into dice. Make sure your rice Krispie treats are completely cooled because once they are frozen, the excess heat will cause condensation that will make the treats get frostbite. Layer and wrap each treat in wax or parchment paper.

Alternatively, you can put your treat squares directly inside the freezer bag while placing a sheet of parchment paper between each square. Next, you must squeeze as much air as possible out of the bag in order to prevent exposure to air and then seal the zipper. Now, put the bag in your freezer along with a label mentioning the date of cooking.

Flash Freezing – Once your treats have cooled down and you have cut them into desired squares place them on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer while making sure they don’t touch each other. Leave them inside the freezer for an hour until they are frozen and then put them all in a bag together without wrapping.

Freezing the Whole Pan – Once your treats are ready and cooled place a lid or plastic cling wrap over the pan and place it in the freezer. This method is best if you need a large batch of treats all at once later.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats?

Moderately yes. You can freeze chocolate rice Krispie treats inside the freezer but, it will be better if your store them the other way around. The method we are talking about here is to freeze the rice Krispie treats first before adding a layer of melted chocolate on top of them.

To freeze them properly, first cool them down and remove them from the pan. Next, wrap them tightly with a plastic cling wrap, place them inside an air-tight container or a freezer-safe bag and then you can store them inside the freezer for up to 6 months straight. Later, when you are ready to thaw and eat them, simply spread the melted chocolate on the treats and serve them fresh.

How Long Do Rice Krispie Treats Last?

If you wonder How Long Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats? Let us tell you, it is not recommended to be frozen beyond 6 weeks. Still, if you are totally serious with your storage, you can make your rice Krispie treats last for 6 months inside the freezer. While storing store-bought rice Krispie treats, once you have opened the pack, make sure you remove them from the original packaging and wrap them individually with cling wraps, followed by a freezer bag or container.

On the other hand, homemade rice Krispie treats do not have any preservatives added and on top of that, they have butter which is a highly perishable ingredient that can go rancid if kept at room temperature for too long. Hence, homemade rice Krispie treats go bad at a faster rate.

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How To Defrost Rice Krispie Treats?

Defrosting frozen Rice Krispie treats is very simple. At the time of defrosting, take them out of your freezer and let them sit and thaw in the fridge overnight. Next, take them out from your fridge and let them sit at room temperature for about an hour. You can eat them, once they have defrosted and completely settled down to room temperature.

We don’t recommend microwaving or reheating here to fasten the process. Rice Krispie Treats are extremely delicate recipes. Reheating them to defrost will melt the butter and marshmallow inside making the treat melt and get soggy fully which will be inedible thereafter.

How To Tell If Rice Krispie Treats Have Gone Bad?

If rice Krispie treats have been stored in the freezer for a very long time and too improperly, then in most cases, they get highly susceptible to freezer burn. This may also deteriorate the texture and quality of your treats. The best way to understand whether your rice krispie treats have gone bad or not is to inspect them virtually closely. Here are some of the signs you can look for in a bad rice krispie treat:

  • Strangely soggy, too soft or wet outer texture instead of crumbly.
  • Furry growth of aging yeast or presence of mold on the outer surface.
  • Having a bitter taste or foul, putrid smell.
  • Discolored green or black dark spots on the surface.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats

1. Do homemade rice krispie treats freeze well?

Yes, homemade rice Krispie treats freeze really well and if stored properly, can be enjoyed for up to 2-3 days. Pack your Rice Krispie treats in an air-tight container or plastic bag and store them inside the freezer.

2. How long can you keep rice Krispie treats in the freezer?

Rice Krispie treats can be stored at room temperature for 3 days and in the freezer for up to 6 weeks. Cut your treats into squares before storing, them to make them easier to grab and eat.

3. What happens if you put too much butter in rice Krispie treats?

The perfect Rice Krispie Treat needs butter, marshmallow, and rice cereal in perfect ratios. If you add too much butter it can make your rice Krispie treat super sticky, wet, or soggy instead of crumbly one.

4. Why do people eat rice crispy treats before they lift?

Since rice Krispie treats are made up of puffed rice and marshmallows, they are easily digestible carbs that give you instant energy. Hence, they work as a fantastic pre-workout fuel meal while doing cardio or lifting weights.

5. How do you keep rice Krispie treats from getting hard?

Avoid making your rice krispie treats in super high heat because it can give you rock-hard rice krispie treats. Instead, take a few extra minutes to melt the butter and marshmallows over low heat to get delicious, soft, and chewy rice Krispie treats.

Final Thoughts

So if you have some leftover rice Krispie treats and want to enjoy them for a really long, make sure to freeze them properly by following all the instructions mentioned in this article. There are a bunch of ways to use leftover rice krispie treats.

You can enjoy them as your quick snack dessert, a garnishing ingredient in other recipes like brownies, layering on a cake with chocolate frosting, or just simply crumble them and spread them evenly on your ice cream. Well, that’s it for today, meet you at the next one. Stay tuned to our site to get the latest updates on Can Chocolate Go Bad and others in a matter of seconds.

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