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Can You Freeze Quiche Lorraine?: Quiche is an egg-based pie, which makes for a popular treat all around the world. Quiche can be made extremely healthily as it can include just about any vegetable you can imagine. Because quiche is a rather versatile dish, it’s cooked in large quantities. This leaves many people wondering if you can freeze quiche for use at a later date.

What about preparing Quiche Lorraine in advance and freezing it? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, keep reading. For now, the good news is that you can freeze your leftover quiche, and you can even freeze a freshly made, uncut, and uncooked quiche if you really want to! If you are looking for a way to keep quiche fresh for longer, follow the freezing tips mentioned in this article.

Can You Freeze Quiche Lorraine

Can You Freeze Quiche?

Yes, Contrary to popular belief, quiche Lorraine can in fact be frozen. The reason many people think it cannot be frozen is that it is made primarily from eggs. We know eggs do not have the best reputation for freezing well. This is because eggs have a tendency to go a little rubbery after being frozen, and when thawed, they can get weepy and don’t hold their shape very well. However, eggs within a recipe are a different story, which is why foods like cake and quiche do so well in the freezer.

There’s good news for those food preppers who like to make a huge vat of quiche at the weekend and pop it in the freezer for lunches and snacks throughout the week. You can freeze quiche Lorraine for up to 3 months in your freezer. Whether your quiche is homemade, store-bought, crustless, already cooked, or made with lashings of cream, there are multiple ways to save it for another day in your freezer.

How To Freeze Quiche Lorraine?

Freezing quiche Lorraine is straightforward and doesn’t require a great deal of forward planning. You can freeze quiche before or after cooking it, so it’s a perfect recipe to make ahead of time before preserving the leftovers for future use. The below-given steps are pretty much identical for each freezing method:

Cool: If you’re freezing quiche Lorraine leftovers, you will need to wait until your quiche has completely cooled before freezing it. However, you can skip this step if you’re freezing quiche Lorraine which is uncooked. This is because if you freeze a quiche that is still warm, the pastry will soften and the quiche itself will spoil, so it’s very important that you give it sufficient time. Place the quiche on the countertop at room temperature for an hour or so to cool.

Choose a Suitable Container: You should choose a suitable freezer-safe container for freezing your quiche. If you’re freezing quiche Lorraine whole, you can freeze it in its baking tray to save portioning it up. However, if you’re freezing your quiche in portions, you can use a freezer-safe Tupperware container lined with greaseproof paper.

Seal, Label, and Freeze: Tightly seal the freezer container and write the freezing date and the use-by date on top before placing it in the freezer. This way, you can freeze quiche Lorraine for around three months.

How Long Can You Freeze Quiche Lorraine?

You can freeze quiche Lorraine for about 3 months. If you have wrapped the freezer container tightly and protected it from freezer burn, both homemade and store-bought, quiche will freeze well.

Leftovers of the cooked quiche should be good in the fridge for a couple of days, but freezing them will save your leftovers for several months. Therefore, if you don’t plan on using your quiche Lorraine leftovers in a couple of days, freezing them is the best option. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and freeze your quiche Lorraine.

Quiche Lorraine  Shelf Life 
In the freezer 3 months

Can You Freeze the Quiche Lorraine Crust And Filling Together?

Although freezing the crust and filling separately will yield the best results, it is no secret that it can be a little more time-consuming. This way, it takes up more space in your freezer and requires you to freeze them both uncooked. However, if you freeze a whole quiche, you can do it cooked or uncooked—whatever you prefer is fine. In this section, we will be exploring the freezing of the crust and filling together.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, although the quiche will safely keep for 3 months in the freezer because the filling is touching the pastry, the pastry will not be as crisp or flaky. Therefore, for this reason, you should keep it frozen for a few weeks for the best results. All you need to do is follow your quiche freezing steps like in the previous section, but instead of keeping them separate, you put the filling into the pie crust.

It’s recommended to put the pie crust onto a sheet of baking paper or greaseproof paper before preparing it for the freezer to ensure that you can safely remove it at a later date. You can also try freezing the whole quiche in a pie crust dish. In this, you will be freezing it twice, – sort of! Whilst it is on the baking paper or in the pie dish, flash freeze it, as it is until the filling, is firm to the touch. This will take a few hours.

Check it regularly, and when it is firm enough, take it out and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, avoiding any air entry. Turn it into a large freezer bag and label it with the date. You can use foil wrap, as this will protect it from freezer burn. As said earlier, it can be kept for up to 3 months, but for best results, use it within 1 month.

Can You Freeze Quiche With Cream In It?

Adding cream to a quiche that needs to be frozen is not ideal, but many quiche recipes call for cream, and luckily, you can get away with freezing the quiche with cream. It would be better, in this case, to cook the quiche beforehand, because if the cream is left uncooked, there is a chance that it can separate while frozen, and it can be quite difficult to get the ingredients to reincorporate before baking again.

Remember that quiches, if made right, have the right balance of cream to egg to prevent them from weeping and separating when frozen and then thawed.

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How To Thaw Quiche Lorraine?

The safest way to thaw a quiche requires patience. Many inpatient cooks will use the defrost setting on their microwave to speed up the defrosting process of leftovers. For thawing quiche, we highly recommend that you leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours before you eat it. This will ensure that your quiche is safe to eat, keeps its shape, and remains crisp and tasty.

The good news is that most of the freezing methods allow you to bake the quiches straight from the freezer without the need for a long defrosting time. However, they’re an exception if you are planning to eat your uncooked quiches that have been frozen in separate parts.

If the filling of the quiche was frozen separately from the crust, then you should defrost them both for 24 hours first, before putting the defrosted filling into the crust before baking. Likewise, an uncooked crustless quiche, like a quiche filling, should be defrosted thoroughly before baking to ensure that it gets a more even and firm bake

How Do You Reheat A Frozen Quiche?

Reheating any frozen food always brings up the debate of using a microwave versus an oven. However, in the case of reheating quiche, there is always one clear winner: the oven. As tempting as the microwave may seem, reheating quiche is the one time when you should let convenience go and be patient instead.

You should always reheat quiche in the oven. Always remember, your quiche is full of eggs and sometimes cream! These two ingredients are prone to curdling and need to be carefully reheated to make them safe for consumption. Whether crustless or otherwise, quiche is notorious for losing its shape.

Putting your quiche in the microwave is a good way to make a puddle of eggy,  soft pastry. If you reheat it properly in an oven as per our instructions, you will have a far firmer and crisper quiche that will taste as good as freshly made ones.

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FAQs on Freezing Quiche Lorraine

1. Can You Refreeze Quiche Lorraine?

No, you should not refreeze quiche Lorraine. It’s advised to freeze quiche Lorraine only once, because the crust and filling are delicate, and the ice crystals that form during the freezing process can affect its overall texture.

2. Does Quiche Lorraine Freeze Well?

Yes, quiche Lorraine freezes well, provided you allow it sufficient time to cool and protect it from freezer burn. This is the same as many other quiche recipes, making this eggy treat a great recipe to cook in large batches.

3. Is it better to make quiche the night before?

Yes, you can prepare quiche the night before and it will taste better if you let it cool completely.


I hope this article helps you properly freeze your quiche Lorraine. Wondering what else you can stock up on and freeze for longer shelf life? Drop us a comment below sharing your quiche Lorraine freezing experience. Check out our latest articles like Can You Freeze Pinwheels that might help you out!

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