Can You Freeze Prune Juice? – Steps For Freezing Prune Juice – How Long Does Prune Juice Last?

Can You Freeze Prune Juice?: Prune juice is made up of palms and is a rich source of nutrients for the betterment of overall health. If you are a palm lover, you will love having prunes at any time. This juice is not only used for general drinking purposes but also for adding sweet flavors & color to desserts and other recipes.

In case you do not want to add sugar and add natural sweetness to recipes, please prefer using prune juice. To make it available all the time at home, just check whether it can be possible to freeze it or not. Let’s scroll down and get complete knowledge on the same.

Can You Freeze Prune Juice

Can You Freeze Prune Juice?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to freeze prune juice for months. You can freeze the juice for 8–12 months. This timeline suggests that freezing the juice once allows you to use it for the rest of the year.

Freezing prune juice will not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire process. The processes below are simple and inclined in structure. Check out the below section to learn more about the methods of freezing prune juice, along with the tips.

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How to Freeze Prune Juice?

At times, you buy a big juice can from the supermarket, and you end up using a little bit of it. In such cases, instead of wasting the leftover juice from the can, you can always think of an alternative. Yes, that alternative is freezing the juice for months.

You can use two preferred processes to freeze prune juice—either in large portions or in small cubes. Check out how! Here is the complete process to follow for freezing prune juice at home all on your own:

Freezing prune juice in larger potions:

  1. Collect containers: The prune juice freezing process requires good quality airtight containers. So buy a few medium size containers beforehand for the freezing process. Moreover, the lids of the containers should be tight enough to hold the juice in the freezer in good condition for months.
  2. Portion up: It is very important that you portion out prune juice into different containers before placing it in the freezer. Moreover, make sure that you do not fill up the containers completely because after the freezing process is completed, a significant portion will come up. If you fill it completely, liquids will come out of the containers.
  3. Seal it well: Once the portions are segregated, you can pre-freeze the juice of containers for half an hour. Once the juices are crystal, you can seal the containers inside the freezer bags. Now, you might be wondering why freezer bag sealing is required. It is required because in case any juice spills out, freezer bags will keep it safe. The entire freezer will remain clean due to this step.
  4. Put it in the freezer: Before putting the containers in the freezer, you can always label the freezer bags. The labeling helps in remembering the date when you have put the juices for freezing. Try to use up all the juice within the time period to get a good taste and texture.

These above-mentioned steps are applicable to the freezing process of prune juice in large portions. Now let us also check on how to do it for smaller portions.

Steps To Freeze Prune Juice In Small Cubes:

In case you do not have any plan to use up prune juice in larger portions for your dishes, freezing them in cubes is the best way to do so.

  1. Collect ice cube trays: Unlike larger portions, while freezing small portions, you require ice cube trays. Moreover, if you do not have enough ice cube trays, you can also choose to freeze them using cupcake silicone trays.
  2. Portion up: Put the prune juice in the ice cube trays one by one. Make sure you leave some space extra for the expansion of the juice once frozen.
  3. Freeze once: Make sure you put the juice-filled cubes tray in the freezer for some time before placing all the frozen juice cubes in the freezer bag. Let the cubes get frozen first, and then you can move to the next step.
  4. Put in the freezer bag: Once the prune juice cubes are frozen, you can place them in the freezer bags. Putting them in the freezer bags will make extra space for other items to be placed in the freezer.
  5. Freeze and label: Well, here comes the last step for the freezing process of small-sized prune juice. Put a label in the freezer bag, and make sure you use up the frozen cubes within the time period.

Tips & Tricks Regarding Prune Juice Freezing Process

While understanding the processes for the prune juice is not so tough, you still require to know some of the tips to bring the best results. Check out the below points to take note of the tips to be followed.

  • Most of the time, you will require small portions of prune juice for making dishes. Therefore, you should always prefer using ice cube trays for the freezing process. This tip also helps in the reduction of wastage.
  • For best results, you can use silicone cube trays. It is because it becomes easier to take out the cubes from the tray than to put them in the ice cube trays. Try this tip.
  • Always make sure that the containers you choose to put the prune juice in for the freezing process should be airtight well. There should not be any extra air passing through the containers.
  • Once you freeze the prune juice, the color of the juice changes; therefore, make sure the labeling is not well so that the write-up is visible even after the freezing.
  • Make sure you put the seal over the containers because one reason is that it will prevent spilling of the juices in the freezer. Secondly, the seal helps in preventing the juice from causing freezer burn issues.

Follow these tips for better results in the freezing process of prune juice. Most of the time, liquid-like food items cause freezer burn issues, and that changes the entire texture and shade of the food.

How Long Can You Freeze Prune Juice?

The maximum time period for freezing prune juice at home is up to 12 months. However, it is always recommendable to use up all the frozen portions within 8 months.

The duration for freezing prune juice depends upon how well you have frozen the juice. Use up all the frozen cubes of juices and containers before it causes freezer burn.

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How Do You Thaw Prune Juice?

Defrosting process is near zero for prune juice. It is because if you are using prune juice in juices or smoothies, you can directly add the frozen cubes to the juicer and make the dish. The cubes will add a nice smooth texture along with the color of the smoothies.

For any reason, if you want to defrost the prune juice, you can simply take out the container and then thaw it overnight. This thawing process is applicable to large portions of frozen prune juice.

Is it Possible to Refreeze Prune Juice?

No, for liquid consistency items, it is always a preferred choice to avoid refreezing. The refreezing process will disturb the food structure and texture. Therefore, prefer taking out small portions and avoiding the refreezing requirement.

There is always a chance that refreezing will spoil the juice, and it will no longer be applicable for eating. The tissues of the juice will break down and will eventually diminish the flavor profile of the prune juice.

Therefore, do not keep any possible way that will ask you to refreeze prune juice. Rather, follow the small portion freezing process for the best results.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Prune Juice?

1. How long can you keep prune juice good in the refrigerator?

After thawing the frozen prune juice, you can keep it in the fridge well for 5 to 6 days. However, keeping it long in the fridge will diminish the taste and texture of the juice.

2. Can you freeze prune juice for babies?

Yes, you can freeze prune juice for babies but it’s suggested to freeze it in ice cubes and use them whenever required in babies’ food dishes.

3. Which way is better—freezing small or large portions?

Well, it depends on how much you require. If you need prune juice for get-togethers and parties, you need to have large portions. However, preferably you choose to freeze in cubes for everyday usage.

4. Is there any drawback of frozen prune juice?

Yes, at times taking frozen prune juice for an unpreferable time can cause gas and bloating issues. However, prune juice is a great source of nutrients.


With this write-up, it’s all clear about whether can you freeze prune juice. We have also mentioned all the significant tips for getting the best results in the freezing process. Eventually, you will love to freeze items at home without wasting your time and money on buying preserved foods from the market.

Moreover, frozen prune juice also helps you to get its essence throughout the year for health benefits. If you need to collect other food-related freezing and thawing techniques like those explained above do visit our website and grab the required ones.

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