Can You Freeze Nut Butter: Here’s How To Freeze Nut Butter?

Can You Freeze Nut Butter: Yes, you can! Nut butter can be preserved in the freezer for six to twelve months after being frozen. Simply divide it into the necessary portions, ensure that the container is airtight, and give enough space to expand as it freezes.

There are a few instances where storing nut butter in the freezer is necessary. You may have purchased a jar of nuts in the past but could not consume them before they went bad. Alternatively, you can separate it and freeze it in individual portions for use in smoothies in the future.


Can You Freeze Nut Butter?

Yes, nut butter can be frozen without question. The freezing and thawing processes have no discernible effect on nut butter’s flavor, aroma, and consistency. However, because the shelf life of nut butter is rather long, regardless of whether it is stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator, it may be necessary to examine whether freezing the nut butter is necessary and whether it is desirable to do so.

How To Freeze Nut Butter?

The process for freezing nut butter is as follows. The process for General Freezing, Freezing In Bags and Original Container is given below

General Freezing

Mix thoroughly

If the texture isn’t uniform throughout, indicating that there is oil on top and a chunkier layer at the bottom, you should give the spread a vigorous stir to bring things into balance. Using this strategy, you can prevent having components that differ significantly in consistency from one another.

Portion it out into pieces

Your nut butter should be portioned appropriately based on how you use it. Or you must have the intent to do so. Ice cube trays and other airtight containers of comparable sizes are frequent options. Additionally, you could freeze nut butter by spreading it on a silicone mat or plastic wrap and placing it in the freezer.

If you intend to use containers, ensure minimal headroom but not too much. If there is considerable air in the container, the food is more likely to suffer from freezer burn during prolonged storage.

Freeze it

The portioned nut butter should be placed in the freezer. If you believe it will be helpful in the future, you can label the item with your name and the current date.

Repackage the item

If you are freezing nut butter in an ice cube tray or on a silicone mat, you must wait until the nut butter solidifies before transferring the frozen blocks to a freezer bag. This is true whether the nut butter is frozen in an ice cube tray or on a silicone mat.

Thanks to the bag, they will not suffer from freezer burn, and the container you previously utilized may now be used more. Before closing the bag, it is vital to ensure that all air has been removed.

Freezing In Bags

  • Distribute the nut butter in the right portions into several small, sealed freezer bags. To serve, divide the nut butter into serving portions (about the amount you will need each time) and pour the appropriate amount into many small, sealed freezer bags.
  • Do not fill the container; leave at least an inch of space for the plant to grow.
  • After removing as much air from the bags as possible, you can seal them and set them in the freezer. Then you must ensure that the bags are fully and thoroughly sealed.
  • Once the bags have been labeled, place them in the freezer. They can be securely frozen for up to three months without deteriorating quality.

Freezing In Original Container

  • Ensure the Jar or Container is OK.
  • If the nut butter you intend to freeze arrives in a glass jar or container, there is a chance that it will crack during the freezing process.
  • This is due to the possibility that nut butter can expand when frozen.
  • The seal must be removed before freezing if the jar is constructed of glass.
  • To bypass the previously described risk, the glass jar or container can be opened, and the seal can be removed.

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3 Must Read Tips When Freezing Nut Butter

Now that you know how to freeze nut butter, we strongly advise following these three guidelines for optimal results.

Don’t Freeze in Jars 

Do not succumb to the temptation to freeze your nut butter in its original container; it will not work. These usually are not designed to withstand the freezing temperatures of a freezer and will suffer damage if placed inside. If the nut butter is packaged in a glass container, handle it cautiously. These are hazardous since they have the potential to shatter and break.

Utilize a Straw to Draw Air 

Use a straw if you have problems collecting air from the freezer bags. After the bags have been nearly shut, place a straw inside each one. Remove all of the air from the bag before completely closing it.

Consider Portions

When freezing food, it is essential to carefully select the correct quantity sizes. If it is not consumed, you will not be able to refreeze any of it. Instead of freezing food in large quantities, choose to freeze it in smaller portions.

How Long Can You Freeze Nut Butter?

If you’re wondering how long nut butter takes to freeze, the answer varies entirely on how much you freeze and how you freeze it. Small blobs or an ice cube tray should freeze within three to four hours, but a container of medium size could take anywhere from six to ten hours to solidify.

How To Defrost Nut Butter?

The nut butter can be readily taken from the freezer the night before by placing it in the refrigerator. If it is a single glob or a little cube, place it in an airtight container to prevent it from absorbing odors from the refrigerator.

If you are defrosting a somewhat large container, it goes without saying that you should allocate at least ten to twelve hours to the task. This means that an early start is necessary.

And while we’re on the subject of the refrigerator, remember that almond butter gets solid at cooler temperatures, meaning that it will no longer be nice and spreadable once it thaws. For this to occur, it must be at room temperature for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Last but not least, it is not always necessary to defrost almond butter before using it. In certain situations, such as when making a smoothie, you can add frozen fruit (or partially thawed), and everything should be alright. One such situation is when it is added to a smoothie.

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FAQs On Freezing Nut Butter

1. Is it possible to freeze and use the nut butter in smoothies?

Yes, nut butter can be frozen into little cubes for smoothies. When preparing to add nut butter to a smoothie, simply remove a cube from the freezer and add it to the blender along with the other ingredients.

2. Can You freeze homemade almond butter?

Yes, Whether homemade or purchased, almond butter can be frozen for roughly six months without getting rancid.

3. Should we refreeze nut butter?

No, refreezing nut butter is not recommended. This is because refreezing affects the texture and flavor of the butter.


Who knew freezing and storing nut butter was so straightforward? If you want the freshest nut butter possible, you should follow the suggestions in this article. Remember that if you are at a loss and can’t figure out what to do with your extra almond butter, you shouldn’t be scared to store it in the freezer.

You should be able to consume it again after three to six months of storage, whenever you deem it acceptable. Continue reading our blogs for additional informative content like Can You Freeze Peanut Butter and others.

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