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Can You Freeze Fruits?: When fruits are in season, that is when they will be in good taste at least cost. But sometimes, every one of us will have some cravings when they are not in season too, and at that time we need to buy them at a high cost. So, many of them think of different ways to store the fruits for a long time.

In those ways, freezing is also one way. And by using this way, you can enjoy the fruit with the original taste compared with any other way and also you can have all the nutrients like fresh fruit. With this technique, you can enjoy the fruits throughout the year. But many of them will fail in using this freezing technique, because of some improper steps.

So, by following some tips & tricks you can enjoy fruit throughout the year along with all its nutritional values. Checkout, out our article, to see all the freezing steps, methods, defrosting, and many more. Study the article properly and enjoy!!!

Can You Freeze FruitsCan You Freeze Fruits

Can You Freeze Fruits? How Long Can You Freeze?

Yes, you can freeze fruits, most of the fruits will stay for around 6 months. In the freezer, some fruits will stay fresh with their nutritional values for upto one year. But there are some fruits which will not taste good after some months and even they will not e get after thawing. You need to use those fruits early.

Otherwise, you need to use them only in smoothies. And also there are some fruits that will not freeze well in the freezer. Avoid them freezing. Check out below to know about freezing tips, fruits that freeze well, and many more.

Preparing the Fruits For Freezing

Prepping the fruit before freezing is the critical step to preserving the natural flavors and texture of the fruit. Now, here we have shown three types of methods or techniques to use before freezing.

Flash Freezing

Flash freezing is nothing but shocking or uncovering the fruit to extremely low temperatures to lock its freshness. If you do not flash freeze the fruits like berries, melons, or grapes they will become mushy. To retain the texture and flavor of the fruit, after prepping the fruit, flash freezing is important. And we have some processes to follow to flash freeze the fruits.

  • Wash and trim the fruit then cut the fruit by peeling them. And then if there are any fruits with pits, remove them.
  • Now, you need to take a cookie tray and then place parchment paper.
  • After that, keep all the fruit slices on the tray in a single layer.
  • Stick the baking tray in a freezer for 1-2 hours.
  • And remove the fruits and place the fruits in a freezer bag to freeze.

Preserving in Sugar Syrup

You can flash freeze all the fruits because some fruits will tend to oxidation or become discolored after the cut. So flash freezing will not be useful for these fruits like pears, apples, bananas, and peaches. So, preserving them in sugar syrup is the best idea. By preserving sugar syrup, fruits will retain their natural color, flavor, and consistency.

So, if you want to preserve fruits in sugar syrup we have a specific process, so look into it below.

  • Just wash the fruits in cold water to remove the dirt and keep them aside.
  • Next, you need to prepare syrup because immediately after cutting the fruit you need to place them in the syrup.
  • To prepare syrup, take water in a bowl, boil the water till they were lukewarm and then place it aside.
  • Now, dissolve heaps of sugar in that water, and mix it continuously until the sugar dissolves in the water.
  • The thickness of syrup is based on your taste and preference. You can add one cup of sugar with three cups of water or two cups of water.
  • By mixing water and sugar in the same quantity you can get goopy syrup which is good.
  • Now keep it on the stove until the sugar syrup gets thick. Once it is thickened, the syrup is ready to use.
  • Now, trim the fruits, cut them, or decore the seeds, as you like.
  • Place all the fruits in the air-tight container which you like to keep in the freezer and then pour the syrup.
  • Make sure all the fruits are covered with syrup.
  • Leave the space on the top because after freezing it will expand.
  • Seal the jar tightly to freeze them.

Sugar Pack

This is a simple technique to use when you think of freezing fruits. This will be best to use on slices of peaches, strawberries, plums, cherries as well as de-seeded grapes. Just check out the process and use it if you like.

  • Start by washing, trimming the fruits, and then peeling the skin off and de-seed the fruits.
  • Then place all these fruit bits or slices on the pan.
  • Sprinkle sugar on the fruits that need to be covered every bit of the fruit.
  • Mix the fruits gently until the fruit juice comes out and sugar should be dissolved in it completely.
  • Then pack them in bags or containers to freeze.

How To Freeze Fruits?

Freezing fruit is pretty straightforward.  Here we have given how can you freeze every type of fruit without going bad. So that you can use them the way you want. Look into the steps and follow them for good freezing.

Clean your fruits: Firstly, sort the fruits by removing the damaged fruits. Then wash them in cold water by removing the dirt or place them under the running water to ensure that they are clean.

Prep the fruit: After cleaning just drain any excess water you have and then just place them on any paper towel and pat them, so that the fruits will become dry. Once the fruit is dry then prepare your fruit to freeze the way you needed. Peel the skin, remove seeds cut them into slices, dice, and so on.

Use the method You like: Now, after completion of your preparation, you can flash freeze the fruits or preserve the fruits in sugar syrup or use the sugar pack technique. As we have explained clearly about these techniques above you can use which method you like. Decide the method on the thought of how you like to use the frozen fruit.

Pack the fruits: This is the time to freeze all the fruits by placing them into freezer bags in portions, once after completion of any method you like to use. Always use air-tight containers, and freeze bags with resealable options. Add labels to the jars or bags by mentioning the name and date on them. If you are preserving fruit in sugar syrup, just cover the container with cling wrap and close the lid to not to get leaked. Squeeze the air from the bags and then seal the bags tightly.

Freeze the fruits: After completion of every above step, you can keep your freezer bags or containers in the freezer and enjoy them for a year.

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Guidelines For Freezing Some Specific Fruits

In fruits, there are some delicate fruits or fruits that do not freeze well. So, here we have provided you with some guidelines on how you need to take care of fruit to freeze well. Check out the guidelines carefully.

Berries: In berries, we have many types like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and many more. If the berries are small you can freeze them just by washing and drying them. If they are big you can prepare the fruit the way we have shown above. And you can freeze them well. Still, if you want to know clearly about berries like strawberries and all, check out our guide.

Bananas: When it comes to bananas you can freeze them whole and use them for bread and other baking goods. Otherwise, you can also use them by cutting the fruit and flash-freezing them for smoothies. Still, if would you like to know clearly about freezing bananas just you can check the guide.

Apples: Apples can be frozen by slicing, whole by peeling skin, unpeeling skin, and many more. One more thing is you should not freeze the apple like other fruits because this fruit will turn brown after cutting. So, steam the pieces for 2 minutes and then freeze them, or you can sprinkle the mixture (dissolve half spoon of ascorbic acid in 3 tablespoons of water) on the slices and then freeze it.

Citrus Fruits: If you freeze citrus fruits, as they have a high water content they will become soft and mushy after thawing. So, these frozen citrus fruits are used only for smoothies. And while freezing you do not freeze the fruit by cutting it in half, just peel the skin and then cut the fruit into slices and freeze them. Peeling is nothing but just grate the peel or you can zest the fruit.

Stone Fruits: When it comes to stone fruits like cherries, peaches, and plums, removing the pits before freezing is good. Because if you freeze the fruit whole without removing pits, they can impact the fruit with a bitter flavor. If you like remove the peel and pits, just blanch the fruit for 30 seconds and remove them.

Kiwi: As kiwi is a delicate fruit, it will bruises easily, so you need much care in freezing kiwi, so check out our guide and freeze it.

How To Defrost Frozen Fruits?

Defrosting the fruits is always an easy method. It doe not take much time to do. When you like to use frozen fruits, just take out the frozen bag from the freezer and then keep it in the fridge overnight. So that the fruits will defrost slowly without losing their texture and flavor. When the fruits are thawed completely, you can use them in baking goods, cooking, or smoothies and salads.

Can You Freeze Fruits

General Tips To Follow While Freezing Fruits

No matter which type of fruit you are freezing, follow the steps or tips that we are providing below that will set you on the right path to freeze fruit successfully.

  • Choose, fresh fruit without any damage. And freeze your fruit as soon as you buy it.
  • Always choose a ripened fruit, because if you keep half ripen fruit in the freezer, you cannot enjoy its taste, as freezing stops ripening the fruit.
  • After washing fruits always use a paper towel to dry them. If you want fruits to freeze for a long time, there should not be any water content.
  • Use high-quality freezer bags and also appropriate-sized bags for the amount of fruit you are freezing.
  • Squeeze the air as much as you can because air is the worst enemy to the fruits which leads to the formation of ice crystals.
  • Always write the date on the label and stick it to the bag, that will tell you when you need to use it up.
  • You can also freeze different types of fruits in one bag, especially if you are preparing ingredients for smoothies.
  • Always freezer should be in the same condition.

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Can You Refreeze Fruit?

No, refreezing fruit is not a good idea. Because if you refreeze the fruit the fruit will become mushy as it has high water content. We do not recommend refreezing when you think of eating the fruit as it is. If you would like to use the fruits for smoothies, as the texture doesn’t matter in those cases, you can refreeze the fruit.

Does Fruit Freeze Well? Which Fruits Freeze Well?

Yes, the majority of fruits freeze well, but if you have any citrus fruits or fruits with high water content they will become mushy after thawing. Freezing is the best option if you cannot eat them in use by the date. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, bananas, papaya, and melon will freeze well.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Fresh Fruits

1. How long does fruit take to freeze?

Freezing time totally depends on the size of the fruit that you have cut and the type of fruit. Normally, fruit freezes in 4 hours. Blueberries and blackcurrants will freeze in 2 hours.

2. Can you eat frozen fruit without defrosting it?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat frozen fruit directly. Some of them will be a little hard, so let them cool down a bit and then eat them. For smoothies, you can use the frozen fruit directly.

3. Does freezing damage the fruit?

No, freezing fruits destroy the microorganisms that you have on the fruits which damage the fruit. So frozen fruit will not get destroyed.

Final Outcomes

As you have seen many methods and processes to consider for freezing the fruits. Follow them carefully and enjoy the frozen fruit with nutritional value. And we hope this article on how can you freeze fruits is helpful to you. If you would like to comment on any suggestions, doubts, or anything you have, comment to us in the below section. If you are interested to know more articles, check out them at the website.

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