Can you Freeze Flatbreads? – Exploring the Viability of Freezing Flatbreads: What You Need to Know

Can you Freeze Flatbreads?: Flatbreads are famous throughout the world. Every country and culture has their own version of flatbreads. Some of them are naan from India, tortilla from Mexico, and pita from Italy. It’s a very versatile food item that can be eaten with curry, as a pizza base, with salads or even with different kinds of dips.

It will be easy if we can store them in quantities and use them as per the need. Now, how to store the flatbread for a longer time is the question to be asked. Here, in this article, we will explore whether we can freeze the flatbread or not.

Can you Freeze Flatbreads

Can you Freeze Flatbreads?

Yes. We can definitely store the flatbread in a freezer. Here any kind of flatbread you take is easier to freeze and also easier to defrost quickly. This process is so simple that it hardly takes a few minutes and we get fresh flatbread, as fresh as a freshly made flatbread. Flatbreads can be stored in a freezer for about a few months if properly packed.

How Long Does Flatbread Last In The Freezer?

Flatbreads can last for quite long periods in the freezer if properly stored. As the pieces of bread are thoroughly cooked, properly stored home-cooked bread can last for 3 months. Bread that is bought in the store already comes in the proper packing, so it can be stored in the freezer for 6 months.

Can You Freeze Flatbread Dough?

No, but we can store flatbread dough in a fridge for 2 – 3 days. It is customary to rest the dough after kneading. Generally, we can rest the dough overnight in a fridge and also, if needed, store it in the fridge until we make the flatbread.

How Do You Freeze Flatbread?

Let us now see the stepwise procedure to freeze the flatbread:

  1. Before freezing the flatbreads, make sure that the flatbreads are cooled off completely.
  2. After the bread are at room temperature, put paper sheets in between each flatbread, so that it will be easier to remove them later.
  3. Make some space in the freezer for flatbreads. and then store the flatbreads in the freezer.

Here, note that do not put anything on the flatbread while in the freezer, as it will break the bread or ruin its texture completely.

How Do You Defrost Flatbreads?

It is generally not necessary to defrost the flatbreads. Except for a few types, flatbreads are quite thin in size. So that we can directly pop them in an oven or heat them over a pan. If we try to defrost it by keeping it in the fridge overnight or at room temperature for a few minutes, the bread will lose its texture and become extremely chewy while eating.

How Do You Reheat Frozen Flatbread?

First, we remove the quantity of flatbread needed. Then individually wrap them in aluminium foil and keep them in the oven for 10 minutes. After that, carefully remove the flatbread from aluminum foil. Be aware of the hot steam in the foil.

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Does Refreezing Bread Ruin Its Taste?

Generally, yes, refreezing will ruin the taste of the bread. Because it will lose its texture and taste. But we can refreeze it again if we just use the required quantity of frozen bread. Then keep the remaining bread in the freezer quickly without defrosting them and keeping the packing intact.

FAQs on Can you Freeze Flatbreads

1. How do you store flatbreads?

You can store the flatbreads in an airtight container or Ziploc bags at room temperature for 2 days.

2. Can you freeze flatout flatbread?

Yes, we can freeze the flatout flatbread. It can be stored in a freezer for up to 6 months. But, if you want to use it in a day or two, it is advisable to keep the packing of flatout flatbread in room temperature only.

3. Does freezing bread ruin it?

No, freezing flatbread will not ruin it. We just need to wrap them properly before storing them in a freezer.

4. Does flatbread freeze well?

Yes, flatbread can freeze well and it can be wrapped and stored in a freezer for 4 – 6 months.

5. Does freezing bread dry it out?

No, if we wrap the bread properly before freezing then the bread will not dry out. Also, making sure that the bread is totally at room temperature before wrapping also keeps the bread in fresh condition.


In this article, we learn how to store flatbread for a longer duration in cold storage. While storing the flatbread, a few precautions should be taken. Flatbread should be at room temperature, also wrap the bread properly. If you want you can add a paper sheet between each piece of bread so that it will be easier to remove the bread later to eat. The great thing about the bread is that we can directly heat them in the oven or on a pan. No need to defrost them. And every time the bread will come out fresh after heating.

Here, we try to give all the relevant information on freezing flatbreads and answer the most popular questions on the topic. We hope that this article will be useful for all home cooks. You can always visit our site for more such insights topics and much more interesting stuff.

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