Can You Freeze Gorgonzola Cheese? – A Guide to Freezing Gorgonzola Cheese Safely and Effectively

Can You Freeze Gorgonzola?: Gorgonzola cheese is one of the cult-favorite unique types of cheese which is white or pale yellow in color made from unpasteurized cow’s or goat’s milk and typically has a very unique taste worldwide. It is loved by so many people that bringing yourself home a large chunk of Gorgonzola cheese and wanting to preserve it is not much of a surprise.

You would never want your Gorgonzola cheese to go bad and show green mold patches on its surface. Hence, knowing how to properly preserve it is the key and this article will cover all the important facts for you that will help in freezing your Gorgonzola cheese for a definitely long amount of time. Now, let’s jump straight into the topic and learn does gorgonzola cheese freezes well and how to proceed with it.

Can You Freeze Gorgonzola

Does Gorgonzola Cheese Freeze Well?

Well contrary to most other dairy products Gorgonzola does freeze quite well and shows a very slow change in taste or texture over time. Fortunately, Gorgonzola barely degrades in taste and texture inside the freezer and even if it does, it will only after 6 months or more have passed.

Hence, Gorgonzola does freeze quite well and the best way to hold on to its taste and texture is to tightly wrap it in multiple layers of plastic film or baking paper and store it in an airtight container. The section below is going to cover in detail how to properly prepare your Gorgonzola for storage in the freezer, so make sure to read it minutely.

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Can You Freeze Gorgonzola Cream Sauce?

Yes, you can definitely freeze Gorgonzola cream sauce and the ice-cube tray technique serves the best in this scenario.

The steps to freeze your Gorgonzola cream sauce properly are mentioned below:

  1. To go on with this process, first, pour your Gorgonzola cream sauce in equal amounts into the sections of an ice cube tray.
  2. Next, put this tray inside the freezer and let the Gorgonzola cream sauce flash freeze there for a couple of hours.
  3. Once perfectly frozen solid, transfer your Gorgonzola cream sauce cubes to a freezer-burn-safe sealable bag, put a label with the current date, and put it inside the freezer for freezing further.

How To Freeze Gorgonzola Cheese Properly?

As mentioned above, Gorgonzola freezes quite well, hence before getting excited about that fact, you must do your part in learning how to properly store your Gorgonzola and keep it fresh inside the freezer. Below are the steps that you can follow to help you with the same:

  1. To start with, you need to remove any packaging from your Gorgonzola cheese because the tight plastic wrapping that comes originally leads to condensation that would dilute your cheese in the freezer once defrosted.
  2. If you see your cheese seems moist, then gently pat it dry with a clean kitchen towel or dish paper.
  3. Next, wrap your Gorgonzola in a primary layer of Butcher’s paper, commonly known as baking paper. This step is essential because these papers have core tenets that are needed for permeability.
  4. Next, add a second layer of cling film pressing it very gently to squeeze out any trapped air and seal.
  5. Once your double-layered package of Gorgonzola is ready, put it inside the freezer with a proper label containing the type name of the cheese and the exact opening date. That’s it and you are done!

Best Tips To Freeze Gorgonzola

Now you know how to freeze your Gorgonzola properly, it is time to know about the most effective tips to get the best results from your frozen Gorgonzola. The tips we are talking about are mentioned below:

  • Don’t worry about freezer burn. Since cheese is high protein and high fat, freezer burn isn’t the worst thing for your Gorgonzola. Yes, freezer burn does negatively affect foods that have water in them, but since cheese has very little content of water in it, the freezer will not be as impactful overall as it would be to other dishes.
  • Thaw your Gorgonzola long and slow. Gorgonzola is quite dense cheese and might have a few bubbles or holes through it. Hence thawing it inside the freezer for a little longer period of time is best to prevent bacterial invasion and spoilage.
  • Use multiple layers. While wrapping your cheese before placing it inside the freezer, it is always recommended to give as many layers of wrapping as possible after the first layer of permeable paper to make completely sealed from the freezer burn.

How Long Can You Freeze Gorgonzola?

As mentioned Gorgonzola is quite long-lasting. You can easily make it last for up to 6 months with no or slight change in texture. Remember that beyond 6 months the cheese will still remain safe to it but might show a slightly crumbly texture because the protein in it is going to denature over continuous exposure to freezer burn.

If you are planning to store your Gorgonzola inside the refrigerator then you can make it last for up to 3-5 weeks there provided you have wrapped it up properly in grease-proof baking papers and cling film.

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How To Defrost Gorgonzola?

Just like freezing, defrosting Gorgonzola is also very simple. For this, you get two options to choose from. Since Gorgonzola is quite dense, you must keep it at room temperature long enough to thaw, because after opening the outer layer, it will start to spoil and become food unsafe due to bacterial invasion.

Therefore transfer the cheese to your fridge from the freezer and let it thaw over there slowly for 3-4 days before you try to consume it. Even you can reheat your Gorgonzola and for that, warm up the sauce over low heat until it is completely melted, then use your spatula to whisk vigorously until the sauce becomes firm together.

Can You Refreeze Gorgonzola After Thawing?

In case you are wondering whether you can refreeze Gorgonzola or not, then yes, on contrary to other cheese types you can refreeze Gorgonzola. Other cheese types might show damage due to continuous pressure through water molecules sustained through freezing, but Gorgonzola has the least water content of all other cheese types, hence is perfectly fine to be refrozen quite a number of times without any visible damage.

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FAQs on Can I Freeze Gorgonzola Cheese?

1. Can you freeze Gorgonzola blue cheese?

Yes, freezing Gorgonzola blue cheese is a must for preservation but make sure you are using proper airtight containers and consuming it within the first 3 months.

2. How long does Gorgonzola cheese last in the fridge?

If stored properly covered, then a wedge of Gorgonzola cheese can be made to last for up to a maximum of 4-5 weeks.

3. Is it okay to freeze Gorgonzola?

Yes, you can definitely freeze Gorgonzola for up to 6 months but ensure you are using parchment paper under each slice of Gorgonzola before wrapping it up completely with a cling wrap.

4. Can you freeze soft Gorgonzola cheese?

Yes, technically you can freeze soft Gorgonzola cheese but not for too long. Since it is soft, it will have more water content that will solidify into ice crystals and disrupt the interiors of the cheese over time if frozen for too long.

Closing Line

Gorgonzola is meant to keep indefinitely if stored properly. You just need plastic cling wrap, freezer baking paper, and heavy-duty airtight containers to store your Gorgonzola properly, and the proper methods that you need to follow for the same are mentioned step by step in this Can You Freeze Gorgonzola Cheese article.

Make sure to follow them carefully to be able to enjoy your Gorgonzola for the longest time possible. With this we have encountered the end of today’s topic, make sure to follow us to get more of these.

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