Can You Freeze Egg Yolks – Freezing & Defrosting Process

Can You Freeze Egg Yolks: When your recipe calls for just egg whites, so you stock your fridge with egg yolks, but by the time you figure out what to do with them, you may see them gone bad.

Egg yolks can be frozen if treated beforehand, but you can’t just throw the container in the freezer. Even though freezing whole intact eggs isn’t advised, you can freeze egg yolks if treated first.

Since eggs may be frozen whole or in pieces, freezing is the best option rather than throwing them away or taking a chance by keeping them in the refrigerator. So, look into our article and learn more information like whether can you freeze egg yolks or not, and how to freeze egg yolks below, to maximize your grocery budget and reduce food waste.

Can You Freeze Egg Yolks

Can You Freeze Egg Yolks?

Yes, egg yolks can be frozen. You may freeze egg yolks for around six months. Egg yolks become inedible if they aren’t properly prepared since they thicken when they are frozen. By freezing them in the correct process we can store them well. For the finest quality, freeze blended eggs, whites, or yolks for up to 12 months.

Eggs may be safely frozen after being taken out of their shells. Whites and yolks can be frozen individually or combined for a variety of recipes. It is less satisfying to freeze yolks since they become thick and syrupy and do not integrate as well with the white or other components as an unfrozen egg does.

How to Freeze Egg Yolks?

When egg yolks are not used in a specific recipe, freezing them is a great technique to ensure that this delectable component of the egg doesn’t go to waste. However, as previously said, freezing egg yolks as they are can cause them to thicken and take on a gelatinous texture in the freezer, rendering them worthless in a variety of recipes.

The steps for freezing leftover egg yolks are shown below.


Egg yolks should be placed in a basin and smoothed out. Divide the egg yolks into the muffin tray, one yolk in each cup, to freeze just the egg yolks. Once you’re satisfied that they are nice and runny, whip them for another minute or two.

Add salt

Add salt or sugar to the yolks after whisking them until smooth—12 teaspoons salt or 12 tablespoons sugar for every cup of yolks. When the yolk is lighter in color and feels smooth, you can tell it has been properly blended.

Add to a Freezer-Safe Bag

When the yolks are completely frozen, you can choose to move them to another freezer-safe container. Your egg yolks are now prepared to be transferred into a freezer-safe bag or container. You don’t want your bag of egg yolks to split in the freezer, so if you’re using a bag, make sure it’s quite solid.

Label Before Freezing

On the front of the freezer-safe bag or container, note the date you prepared the eggs. Making a note of the number of egg yolks in the bag is also useful since, once they’ve been beaten, it’s difficult to determine how many there are. The bag may then be sealed, and you can store it in the freezer for up to six months.

Tips for Freezing Egg Yolks

Now that you know how to freeze them, here are our top recommendations for getting the greatest results from freezing egg yolks:

  • Before putting the bag in the freezer, you may substitute a pinch of sugar or a little amount of corn syrup in place of adding more salt to your eggs. So that the egg yolks won’t thicken as a result of this.
  • You shouldn’t store eggs in the refrigerator for more than a few days after removing them from their shells since doing so will cause them to spoil. Eggs may be kept for an extended period in the freezer safely.
  • Eggs should first be freed from their shells if you intend to freeze them intact. The expansion of the yolk and white during freezing will result in cracks in the shells.

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How to Freeze Hard-Boiled Egg Yolks?

You can easily separate the egg whites from the yolks and cook the yolks if you wish to use the egg whites for another recipe. Cook and freeze the yolks to use as a topping for salads or other dishes. Look into the freezing process of hard-boiled egg yolks.

  • Carefully arrange the yolks in a single layer in a saucepan. Add water to cover the eggs by at least one inch.
  • Just bring the water to a boil while covering it.
  • The yolks should stand in boiling water with a cover on for 12 minutes after the pan has been taken from the heat.
  • With a slotted spoon, remove the yolks, thoroughly drain them, and package them for freezing.

How To Defrost Egg Yolks?

To defrost frozen yolks, remove them from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator until thawed. Follow the recipe’s instructions exactly. Egg yolks should be consumed within two to three days of thawing even though they can be kept for up to a year. Egg yolks that have been thawed shouldn’t ever be refrozen.

Can Egg Yolks Be Refrozen?

No, we do not recommend refreezing egg yolks as egg yolks should only be frozen once. Consider dividing your frozen egg yolks into smaller portions before freezing if you don’t believe you’ll use them all at once. This makes it so you can quickly and simply retrieve the necessary egg yolks whenever you need them and reduces waste concerns.

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In What Containers Should Egg Yolks Be Frozen?

You might like freezing eggs in muffin tins and ice cube trays. So that you may move them to freezer containers once they are frozen. But any appropriate container will do. Eggs may be stored in freezer bags, sealed, and laid flat if you are short on space. Lay flat in the freezer, then just stack once solid.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Egg Yolks

1. Can you freeze eggs in their shells?

Yes, you can freeze raw eggs, but never in their shells. The egg’s water content will force the shell to break! Before freezing eggs, some people choose to separate the whites from the yolks, giving them greater flexibility to be used alone or combined with other ingredients, depending on the recipe.

2. Can you freeze raw eggs?

Yes, you can freeze raw eggs. You won’t have any issues freezing raw eggs as long as you remove the shells. They should be mixed just enough to be stored in a freezer-safe container after being beaten. One fresh egg will be about equal to three teaspoons of thawed eggs.

3. Do cooked eggs freeze well?

Yes, cooked eggs may not only be frozen, but they also taste better when heated up than cooked eggs kept in the fridge. Although cooked eggs can be frozen for up to a year, we find that they taste their best three to six months after freezing.

In a Nutshell

We are just hoping that the article we have provided on Can you freeze egg yolks has given you some knowledge. Freezing eggs seems to be one of the simplest ways to preserve them if you have a freezer.

Egg yolks shouldn’t be frozen on their own. Freezing just makes the spongy nature of eggs worse. For more interesting articles like can you freeze dumplings, can freeze scrambled eggs, and for many more, check out our articles.

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