Can You Freeze Daikon? – An Ultimate Guide To Freeze Delicious Daikon?

Can You Freeze Daikon?: Wondering how to store the leftover Daikons? Don’t worry. Freezing Daikons are one of the easiest ways to extend their storage life. Daikons are a type of red radish that is similar in flavour to the usual red radish you are familiar with.

However, it tastes milder when compared to normal radish. Have a look and find out how to freeze Daikon, how long frozen Daikon lasts, how to thaw frozen Daikon, to use frozen Daikon, how to refreeze them etc.

Can You Freeze Daikon

Can You Freeze Daikon?

Yes absolutely, you can freeze Daikon but only for up to 3 weeks. This isn’t a long time and you should always blanch them before freezing to make sure that they don’t spoil in the freezer. It might not be worth the effort that you put in but this is still the best way of storing leftover Daikons.

How To Freeze Daikons?

Follow these steps to freeze Daikon:

  • Wash the Daikon radishes to make sure that any dirt is removed from them. Get rid of the Daikon that is showing signs of spoiling or damage.
  • Next, you have to blanch the Daikon radishes.
  • Boil a bowl of water and put the chopped-up Daikon into it and boil for about three to four minutes. This partially cooks the Daikon and makes sure that it does not get spoiled in the freezer.
  • Soon after you boil them, place the Daikon in cool water to prevent it from overcooking. Leave the Daikon in cold water for a few minutes.
  • Next, you can leave the Daikon to dry.
  • Now you can place the Daikon on baking paper and freeze it for a few hours.
  • Once the Daikon is frozen you can take it out and place it in a freezer bag.
  • Place the freezer bag in your freezer.

3 Tips For Freezing Daikon

Given below are three steps that will help you easily freeze Daikon

  • Even though Daikon freezes easily, it requires a lot of preparation to freeze it. Instead of freezing Daikon, you can make several dishes using what is left. So consider freezing Daikon only as a secondary option.
  • To make sure that the Daikon stays properly, use an airtight container, as this will save you from freezer burn. Squeeze a lot of air out of the bag before you place it in the freezer.
  • It is necessary that you blanch Daikon before you freeze them. Without balancing Daikon may turn out to be inedible.

How Long Can You Freeze Daikon?

You can freeze Daikon radish only for a maximum of three weeks which is not a long time. After this time, Daikon starts to degrade, and it might even spoil and become inedible.

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How Do You Defrost Daikon?

You can defrost Daikon in different methods. You can place it into the fridge to defrost slowly overnight. Another method is to cook them right from frozen. It’s not recommended that you eat them raw, but they are perfect to cook and add some delicious flavour and texture.

Can You Refreeze Daikon?

No, it’s not recommended that you refreeze the Daikon once it has been defrosted. The Daikon can degrade, and it may turn inedible.

Does Daikon Freeze Well?

If you follow the blanching and freezing process properly, Daikon will freeze very well. However, the major difference you will notice between fresh and frozen is that they are a little cooked rather than raw. This in turn means that it is more suitable for stir-frying and cooking rather than for salads. This won’t be a problem as Daikon is a tasty addition to any stir fry meal.

How To Use Frozen Daikon?

Frozen Daikon can be used to prepare various dishes, like:

  • Daikon Salad
  • Soups
  • Pickles

Interesting Facts On Daikon

Given below are some lesser-known interesting facts on Daikon:

  • Daikon is a variety of radishes found in China and Japan.
  • Daikon resembles the carrot vegetable
  • Daikon is an excellent source of various nutrients like calcium, magnesium etc.
  • Daikon means “big roots” in Japanese.

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FAQs on Can You Freeze Daikon?

1. Is it possible to freeze Daikon?

Yes absolutely, you can freeze Daikon but only for up to 3 weeks. Even Though this is not a long period, freezing Daikon is a way to extend its storage life.

2. Can you refreeze Daikon?

No, it’s not recommended that you refreeze the Daikon once it has been defrosted. Refreezing Daikon can change its texture and flavour.

3. How long does Frozen Daikon stay?

You can freeze Daikon for up to 3 weeks.


You are already familiar with the right way of storing Daikon, thinking of freezing Daikon when you have extra on hand won’t be an issue anymore. In addition, having a great number of leftovers of Daikon is never going to overwhelm you again. Freeze your Daikon the right way to make sure that you enjoy them always! For more articles like Can You Freeze Collard Greens and others bookmark our site.

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