Can You Freeze Cucumbers – Easy Ways To Freeze Cucumbers & Right Way To Do It

Can You Freeze Cucumbers: Rather than throw away leftover cucumbers have you ever thought about freezing them so as to prolong their shelf life? Freezing them is one of the best ways to preserve and enjoy them all year round.

Have a look and find out how to freeze cucumbers, how long frozen cucumbers last, how to thaw frozen cucumbers, how to use frozen cucumbers, how to refreeze them, etc.

Can You Freeze Cucumbers

Can You Freeze Cucumbers?

It’s a yes. You can freeze them to prolong their shelf life. Freezing cucumbers is one of the best ways to retain their freshness. If properly stored in the freezer you can extend its shelf life upto a year.

So if you have a heap of leftover cucumbers make sure to be familiar with the different methods to freeze and use them. And don’t worry, frozen cucumbers will retain the same freshness and crispiness as fresh cucumbers.

How To Freeze Cucumbers?

There are different methods you can use to freeze cucumbers. These include:

  • Brine Method: You have to cut the cucumbers into thin slices. Place these slices in a large bowl along with sliced onions and two tablespoons of salt; mix the ingredients well. Keep them for two hours, then wash them with cold water. Get rid of the water and transfer the cucumbers to another clean bowl. Now add oil, vinegar, and sugar. Place the cucumbers and brine in freezer bags or airtight containers. Freeze the cucumber slices. Wait at least one week before you defrost and consume them.
  • Cookie Sheet Method: Cut the cucumber pieces into round shapes or cucumber spears. Place the cucumber slices in a single layer on a baking sheet and place the sheet in the freezer for two to three hours. Remove the cucumbers from the freezer and keep them in plastic bags or plastic containers before placing them back in the freezer.
  • Ice Cube Method: Keep cucumbers in the compartments of an ice cube tray. Then place the trays in the freezer.
  • Purée Method: Mix some sliced cucumbers and a small amount of cold water in a food processor, then blend the cucumber pieces until the mixture is smooth. Place the trays in the freezer.

Do Cucumbers Freeze Well?

Regardless of the high water content, it can be assumed that cucumbers freeze well. Even though it may lose the water content, the veggie will still retain its freshness.

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How To Use Frozen Cucumbers?

Just like regular cucumbers, frozen cucumbers can be used in any recipe. Generally, frozen cucumbers are used for making drinks, such as smoothies.

Cucumbers also go perfectly in soup recipes. Pickled frozen cucumbers can also be used in soups and drinks. However, along with using them in drinks, dips, and soups, you can also have them raw.

Below are some other ways of using frozen cucumbers:

  • Facial mask
  • Cucumber soups
  • Eye Soother
  • Infused water etc.

How Long Do Frozen Cucumbers Last?

If stored properly, frozen cucumbers can last for up to a year. However, this depends, of course, on the health of your freezer. If your freezer does not function properly the food deteriorates faster.

If you find that the frozen cucumber bag has a layer of freezer burn on the top, scrape it off and use the rest. However, make sure that you don’t store any more cucumbers in the freezer.

How To Defrost Cucumbers?

Cucumbers being a veggie that has high water content, release a lot of liquid when thawed. Take the cucumbers out of the freezer and let them warm to room temperature. Once it gets warm, squeeze some liquid out of them, and then they are ready for use.

If you plan to use cucumbers in a smoothie, or soup, then you don’t have to remove the excess water as it can be used in the recipe as well. Alternatively, you can also place frozen cucumbers in a bowl and thaw them in the fridge. Beware! Never defrost the veggies in a microwave.

Can you Freeze Cucumbers

Can You Refreeze Cucumbers?

No, it is best if you don’t refreeze cucumbers. Once they defrost, they turn out to be mushy after losing the water content. Refreezing cucumbers can also affect their taste and texture.

Interesting Facts About Cucumbers

Below are some of the fascinating facts about cucumbers. They are listed as such

  • Because of their high water content, if you have cucumbers you will always stay hydrated.
  • Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamins such as vitamin C.

If you are having doubts on Can You Freeze Fresh Vegetables or not follow the article over here and clarify your concerns on freezing easily.

FAQs on Can You Freeze Cucumbers

1. Can cucumbers be frozen? 

You can freeze them to prolong their shelf life. Freezing cucumbers is one of the best ways to retain their freshness.

2. What are some of the ways to freeze cucumbers? 

You can freeze cucumbers using any of these methods: Brine method, cookie sheet method, ice cube method, and Purée method.

3. How long can cucumbers be kept if frozen? 

Frozen cucumbers can live up to 9 months.


Now that you are already familiar with the different methods of storing cucumbers, thinking of freezing cucumbers when you have extra on hand won’t be an issue anymore. In addition, having a great load of cucumbers is never going to overwhelm you again.

Freeze your cucumbers the right way to make sure that you enjoy them always! Bookmark us to avail latest updates on Blanching Vegetables and many more all in one place.

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